Friday, November 17, 2017

[Instagram] Jang Keun Suk plays tourist in Kanazawa -2017-11-17

After JKS arrived in Kanazawa (his first trip to Kanazawa since 2011), he went sight seeing, mainly to the Ishikawa and Nagamachi areas (northeast of the castle) of the city. After visiting the Kenroku-en Garden, he went to the Nagamachi district, also known as the Samurai district, of the city.

[Note: Because Kanazawa is well to the northwest of Tokyo, bordering on the sea that separates Japan from Korea, it was spared the bombing and physical devastation that affected Tokyo, Nagasaki, and Osaka during WWII. As a result, the historic sites, dating back to the Edo era (1603 to 1868) remain largely intact and offer both a historical and cultural glimpse into Japan of over a century ago. In addition, Kanazawa also offers some of the best fresh sea food dishes to be found in Japan as a result of the city's bordering on the sea and offers the very best saki from both Kanazawa and Kyoto.]

The Samurai District is particularly interesting since the buildings have remained as part of the cultural heritage of the city. Moreover, they exhibit both the architecture and the life-style that existed prior to the end of Edo period. This district was well known during the Edo period as the home of many geisha houses, cafes, hostels, and various other spots of entertainment throughout the Edo period.Today, you can find many people still walking around in the traditional clothes of that era.

[Note: Remember when JKS told the three SMAP members to use visual effects to make their Instagram photos more interesting? Well....]

In JKS' photo, he and his manager are standing outside the Morihachi Confectionary Cafe and Museum. The Morihachi Candy Shop and Cafe dates back to 1625 when the shop was founded, mainly as a way to avoid taxes. The attached museum contains over a thousand wooden sweets molds on display, grouped into several time periods starting from Edo and finishing with the Showa period.

_asia_prince_jks #Asiaprince with #zoomfly in #Kanazawa 
[Note: #zoomfly refers to JKS' shoes. They are a branded product of Nike.]

At some point, either after JKS' first Instagram post or his second, Tree J replied with a tweet: 역시.. 옷이 날개가 아니었습니다 어떤 사람이 입느냐가 중요하네요..
English translation: Also... Your clothes are not wings. It's about who wears them.

However, what Eels find more interesting is the ice cream JKS is eating in his photo. It's a special soft ice cream covered with a gold leaf.

Meanwhile, Kanazawa Eels discovered him wandering around and took some photos of the places he stopped in the old section of the city, including where he stopped to enjoy fresh orange juice.

While JKS was playing tourist after changing his clothes, the JOFC (Japanese Official Fan Club) tweeted their own photo of JKS in Kanazawa and a message:

jksjapan はじめまして金沢~~~~!!!!! 明日と明後日の公演一緒に盛り上がりましょう^^* 
English translation (cr: Marchneko): Nice to meet you, Kanazawa ~~~~!!!!! Let’s have a blast at the shows together tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. ^^*


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