Tuesday, November 14, 2017

[instagram] Jang Keun Suk shares his love of Cri-J - 2017-11-14

Namsanwon dedicated it's new building:the Jang Keun Suk Hall. JKS posted it to his IG. He can be very proud of the charitable attitude he's fostered among his Eels and all they've given in both time and money to support his giving. Now, he has a new building at the Namsanwon Orphaage named after him because of all he and Cri-J have given to the establishment.

_asia_prince_jks#남산원 #크리제이 사랑한다 
English translation: #Namsangwon #Cri-J Love
[Note: "Love" as in "I love you".

Dedication of the new building:



Thank you for sharing with us, Cri!