Wednesday, November 8, 2017

[twitter] Jamg Keun Suk reviewed Osaka Day 1 Cri show IV with staff - 2017-11-08

Following he show, Tree J tweeted...

treeJ_company171107 Voyage osaka 1day 171107 CRISHOW IV OSAKA 1day 오늘 공연 전 장배우! 공연을 마치고는 연출팀과 함께 돌아보며(반) 살펴보는(성) 모임 (회) “그 부분에서 왜 웃었을까”로 심각했습니다.. 
English translation: 171107 Voyage osaka 1day

171107 CRISHOW IV OSAKA 1day

This is today’s Actor Jang before the stage!

After the performance, we had a review meeting with the production team, looking back, and reflecting on what we did today there.

“What made eels laugh at that part?”
He looked serious..

Edited for close up view:


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  1. He is looking good in the dress and looks like he rocked the event there. It would have been more great if you could have shared more of the pics from the event.


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