Friday, November 10, 2017

[twitter] Jang Keun Suk JOFC Day 2 Osaka Cri Show IV - 2017-11-10

The Japanese Official Fan Club sent two twitter messages following the end of the Osaka performances of Cri Show IV Voyage. Next week is Kanazawa! The sea and the trees will be beautiful when he arrives; I hope he gets a chance to see them as well as enjoy some of the best fresh fish imaginable.

jksjapan 2都市目の大阪!!おわり! 今日もとっても盛り上がりましたね! 次は金沢で会いましょう^^* 
English translation: The 2nd city Osaka!!
The stages ended successfully!
We had a very good time today, too!
See you again in Kanazawa next time ^^*

jksjapan 大阪でつかの間のオフタイムを満喫して無事帰国しました^^* また来週お会いしましょう♩ 
English translation: After enjoying a short free time in Osaka, JKS left Japan for South Korea. ^^* See you again next week.


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