Friday, November 10, 2017

[twitter] Jang Keun Suk tweets Cri J recruitment status - 2017-11-10

Cri-J will begin membership recruitment soon. But right now, Cri-J is busily working on their computer system to get it ready before the recruitment period opens. Stay tuned so you don't miss it. And if you're so inclined, join TEF and we'll help sign up to become a member of Cri-J.

treeJ_company 금주 프린스닷컴은 2018 CriJ 9기의 원활한 가입을 위한 시스템 점검 중에 있습니다 정회원 가입과 관련된 항목이 오픈될 수 있는 점 양해 부탁드립니다 (여행을 준비하던 장배우 모습) 
English translation: This week, is in the process of a system check for smooth subscription for 2018 Cri J 9th. Please understand that items related to joining as regular members can not be opened. (The actor is prepared for this voyage) is undergoing a system security check to recruit new members for 2017 CRI J 9th this week. Please do not register even when some of the icons related to the new registration are activated before the recruiting announcement.


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