Sunday, November 19, 2017

[Twitter] Jang Keun Suk's Restaurant IG gets Response - 2017-11-19

The restaurant in Kanazawa that JKS posted to his IG about and mentioned during his first day of the Kanazawa Cri Show IV replied to him.

The owner of the tempura restaurant said, “Thanks to JKS we’re having so many customers. How I wish I could thank JKS in person! Please say hello and thank you for us.”

The restaurant owners to an eel that at first they didn't recognize JKS because he was wearing a mask. The wife thought he looked like JKS but couldn't be sure until he took off the mask to eat. The wife recognized JKS but didn't say anything to him or talk to him even she want to because JKS was enjoying his meal. She thought it would be impolite to disturb him. She added that JKS had an aura and was very cool.

They said JKS first drank a beer and then switched to cola. He drank so much cola the owner thought they would run out of cola.

After JKS' visit, the owner of Temmura, the tempura restaurant put up this sign: “Sorry but we are full today.”

Tree J replied:
[English translation: Eel power]


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  1. It was a memorable day for Kanazawa! The eel's footprints also increased!


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