Sunday, November 19, 2017

[Twitter] Jang Keun Suk's Tree J & the JOFC's final tweets from Kanazawa - 2017-11-19

After the Kanazawa performances ended and just as JKS was leaving for Seoul,Tree J and the JOFC tweeted their goodbye to Eels.

treeJ_company Voyage 中 ねぇ僕らは旅するように  있잖아, 우리들은 여행하는 것처럼 そっとお互いの心持ち寄れば 가만히 서로의 마음을 모으면 負けないよ  지지않아 向かい風が吹いても 역풍이 불어와도 キミとなら信じてみたい  너와 함께라면 믿을 수 있어 永遠に続くstory 영원히 계속되는 스토리 
English translation:You know we like traveling. If we keep our hearts together, even if the wind blows I can trust you will be with me. An everlasting story.
[Note: The Hanguel and Japanese texts are slightly different although similar; this translation is of the Hangeul text]

tjksjapan金沢公演を終えて出国しました! 悪天候の中、ご参加ありがとうございました^^ つぎは札幌でお会いしましょう~~♫ 
English translation (cr: Marchenko): JKS left Japan after finishing Kanazawa stages successfully! Thank you very much for joining us in spite of the bad weather. ^^ See you next in Sapporo ~~ . ♫


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