Friday, November 10, 2017

[twitter] Jang Keun Suk's Tree J tweets on Day 2 Osaka Cri Show IV - 2017-11-10

Tree J sent out a couple of meaningful tweets at the end of the second day of the Osaka Cri Show IV. What they meant is still something of a mystery, except for JKS thanking every Eel for following him and being with him throughout all his 25 years in the entertainment industry. Let's hope the next 25 years is even more spectacular than the previous 25.

treeJ_company 171107 CRISHOW IV

OSAKA 2day

반성회가 없었습니다!!
다음 Voyage 전까지
각자 노력합니다... 
English translation: Today!! There was no reflection meeting!!
p.s. Until the next Voyage, we will try our best...

After the Osaka performances were over, Tree J tweeted a message from JKS to all the Eels who attended the shows in Osaka...and to all Eels everywhere.

treeJ_company두 번째 여행지 오사카에서
보내는 마음으로 드립니다

(오늘 공연, 마지막 모습)

“인생이라는 여행에

함께 해줘서 고맙다”

오늘 장배우가 한 말을 전합니다

늘 함께 응원해주시는 

모든 장어님들 감사합니다 
English translation: From the 2nd destination for our trip, Osaka,
we send his message as if we sent a postcard.
(His last appearance in today’s show)
“Thank you for joining my journey of life together.”
This is what Actor Jang said today.
We appreciate all of eels who always support him.


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