Wednesday, November 15, 2017

[video] Jang Keun Suk on ShowBiz Korea - 2017-11-15

Showbiz Korea picked up the story about JKS visiting the set of Temperature of Love. His segment begins at 0:32 seconds into the video.

Unfortunately, they got the story slightly wrong. JKS sent the food truck & visited the set because of the PD Nam Gun with whom he worked on Jackpot., also known as The Royal Gambler.

The Royal Gambler or Jackpot (both titles were used for the drama) was PD Nam Gun's first drama. During filming they bonded so well and so comfortably that Nam Gun flew to Japan to attend one of JKS' concerts. JKS has given PD Nam Gun due credit for his winning the SBS Best Actor Award in 2016.

Nevertheless, it was a happy coincidence that JKS and Kim Jae-Wook were able to meet again. They both co-starred in Marry Me, Mary in 2010 and their shared charisma is unforgettable.


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