Tuesday, December 12, 2017

[announcement] Jang Keun Suk's Olympics "Invitation to Peace" Instructions - 2017-12-12

Tree J tweeted instructions to join JKS' "Invitation to Peace"and apply for to win a free ticket from JKS.


장배우의 “평화의 초대장” 다 함께 보러 LEZ GO~
1) 헬로우 평창 홈페이지로 고고!
2) 평화의 초대장 이벤트 click!
3) 응모한 초대장 보기 click!
하트도 누르고
이벤트 참여도 해봐요 : )

English translation:
Actor Jang's "Invitation to Peace" to see together. LEZ GO~
1) Hello Pyeongchang home page Go Go!
2) Invitation to Peace Event click!
3) View Invitation Example click!
Click on the heart [under JKS' name]
Join the Event :)

[Note: The site is only in Hanguel - look for the text that matches Tree J's tweeted instructions. You must join & log into the site with an SNS account and password to vote for JKS or to apply for an e-ticket from JKS. See * at bottom]

Note: To register, click on the gray bar and fill in the required information: SNS name, emai. real name, mobil phone number, etc 

Here is what to look for to sign up:


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