Thursday, December 14, 2017

[Instagram] Jang Keun Suk exhibits his many charms in new photo for Woozo Clothing - 2017-12-14

This is probably the most attractive photo of JKS taken during the entire Cri Show IV performances, in my humble opinion. The photo is unbelievably beautiful and completely natural. No posing for the camera; just JKS being himself on stage and yet maintaining aura of physical perfection.

The photo, posted below, was uploaded by the designer of the scarf JKS is wearing, Woozo, to its IG page. The company is a Korean clothing company with an obvious avant-garde design style and image. 

It's always great to see JKS wearing fashions from Korean designers and manufacturers. In recent years, Korean clothing designers have begun to challenge the staid older brands with new styles and ideas. The styles of these designers are now being shown in Paris, London, and New York alongside world renowned brands. So, it's only natural that JKS, a fashionista trend setter, would sport clothing from yet another Korean designer. 


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