Friday, December 8, 2017

[Instagram] Jang Keun Suk Updates his IG with humorous posts - 2017-12-07

_asia_prince_jks #숙취 #ふつかよい #hangover 
English translation in three languages: hangover

[Note: This photo was taken while he was in Sapporo for the Cri Show IV. See the bunny hate behind the toast? Also, some people believe that eating charred bread helps with hangovers.]

_asia_prince_jks 다섯명이서 여섯시간째 
English translation: With five people, the sixth hour

[Note: What a mess! JKS must have been cleaning out his closet...or closets. Wonder what he plans to do with that huge knee deep mound of clothes? Charity?]

As a result of the above IG post, BB and JKS exchanged comments.

English translation [It's difficult to translate what BB means with his question, but here's the best guess]:
BB: Ha.... If not for the timing I should have gone [to help do it]? 

JKS: Go to the Zikzin shop


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