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[Article} Jang Keun Suk Named Honorary Ambassador for PyeongChang 2018 Olympics - 2018-12-08

Jang Keun-suk named honorary ambassador for PyeongChang Olympics

     SEOUL, Dec. 7 (Yonhap) -- Star actor-singer Jang Keun-suk has been named honorary ambassador for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics and the host province of Gangwon, his agency said Thursday.

   "We have high expectations from Jang Geun-suk as he has played a role bridging cultures in Asia," Gangwon Province Gov. Choi Moon-soon was quoted as saying by Tree J Company.

   Jang will promote the Winter Olympics and the ensuing Paralympics at his Japanese concerts in Osaka and Tokyo in January.

   He also promised to buy 2,018 tickets to watch the Olympics together with fans at PyeongChang.

   "He plans to watch an ice hockey event together with his fans to relay his thanks and contribute to the success of PyeongChang," a Tree J representative said.

   The Winter Olympics will be held in three cities -- PyeongChang, Gangneung and Jeongseon -- from Feb. 9-25. The Paralympics will be held in PyeongChang from March 9-18.

   Since his debut as a child actor in 1997 with the sitcom "Selling Happiness," Jang has established himself as one of the most popular South Korean singer-actors across Asia. Some of his hit dramas include "Lovers in Prague" in 2005, "Beethoven Virus" in 2008, "You're Beautiful" in 2009 and last year's "Royal Gambler."

A publicity photo of actor-singer Jang Keun-suk provided by Tree J Company (Yonhap)
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In reports from the Korean media, Jang Keun Suk was appointed as the public relations ambassador for the entire Gangwon Province rather than just the Olympic cities. While the Olympic Committee Celebrity Ambassadors have previously been chosen, his job, as stated by the Gangwon Province Committee, will be to promote the entire Province, rather than just the Olympic cities and Games. He will be promoting the entire Province and the Special Olympics not only Koreans but more specifically to foreign tourists in countries throughout Asia and the world who will be attending the Olympics. 
What caused him to be a prime candidate for this position was his enormous popularity in Japan as Japanese tourists have replaced the Chinese tourists as the major foreign tourist group driving the tourist trade in Korea. The Committee hopes that his popularity in Japan will translate into a major increase in tourist spending from Japan for the Province,  for they Olympics, and the Special Olympics.

In commemoration of his appointment as well as the 2018 Olympics and Special Olympics in Gangwon Province, JKS has promised to purchase 2018 tickets which he said he will distribute to his fans. In addition, he will promote the Games during his forthcoming Cri Show IV performances in Japan. 

[Personally speaking (even though I not supposed to give my own opinions here!), I hope he ultimately chooses to distribute the 2,018 tickets to underprivileged Korean children and Namsangwon orphans instead. Those children would get so much more out of the Olympics than his Eels; they'd see how much they can accomplish if they work hard and believe in themselves plus they'd see that even disabilities need not hold them back from accomplishing their dreams.]

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