Friday, December 22, 2017

[Twitter] Jang Keun Suk Organizations' official tweets from Day 2 Fukuoka - 2017-12-22

Tree J and JOFC tweeted on Day 2 Fukouka Cri Show 2, beginning early in the day with his stroll on the beach where he saw what Eels had written a message of love in the sand for him.

treeJ_company171214 CRISHOW IV FUKUOKA 2day 2017년, 올해 마지막 공연을 앞두고-
Eng Trans: Ahead of the final performance in 2017

treeJ_company171214 CRISHOW IV FUKUOKA 2day 2017 Voyage_last day 같은 하늘 아래 살아가는 모든 장어님들의 응원, 장배우에게 늘 힘이 됩니다 언제나 감사합니다
Eng Trans: Cheers and support from all eels who live under the same sky,
they always become a strength for Actor Hang
Thank you very much for everything as always

treeJ_company집에 있는 장어도 집을 떠난 장어도 오늘은 함께 건배! 우리들의 여행은 Endless-라고 했거든요! 
Eng Trans: Both eels at home and those away from home, let’s have a toast together today! As I told you earlier, our journey is endless!

tjksjapanVoyage tour ホール公演、最後の都市、福岡での公演を終え、出国しました!! ご声援頂き、本当に有難うございました 次はアリーナ公演でお会いしましょう♩♩ 
Eng Trans: The final city of Voyage tour hall stages, Fukuoka
He just left for home as he completed the performance!!
We really appreciate your cheers and support 🙂
See you next time through the arena stages!!


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