Monday, January 8, 2018

[instagram] Jang Keyun Suk IG updates - 2018-01-08

Rather than posting each JKS IG update separately, here are all seven his IG updates during the time we've been absent.

credit: original art credit to eel

Note: JKS promoted the album, 'I am a Dreamer", by Park Hyo Shin, an outstanding Korean songwriter and singer. I happily admit I'm more than happy JKS chose to promote this amazing talent via his IG. His songs are among some of the most beautiful, both lyrically and composition-wise, I've ever heard.



[Note: Why JKS chose to post this photo again remains an enigma. He originally posted this photo back on his Cyworld on 05.05.2008. The text reads: "Geun Suk hyunga! (a word little kids use to call 'older brother')
My mom told me to be great like you.
You're cool!"]

_asia_prince_jksStill working. @bigbrother_brothersrecords 

_asia_prince_jksHappy new year!! 

Note:  photo translation: Jang Chen (40) / a vicious criminal from Harbin Why won’t you receive this (happiness)? (You don’t want it?)


[Note: A photo of the Korean commemorative 2000 won of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olymics]

_asia_prince_jks Season starts!🀜 


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