In Japanese that is freely challenged, "How lonely is it, let's leave it to me today" to make me laugh with the king character talk or "I think that it is the last ... ..., Wow," and how many times. Even made the venue excitement.
"The emotion of life" is the theme of performance. They played 21 songs, composed mainly of recorded songs from the album "Voyage" released last August, for about 3 hours.
When singing the hit song 'Tomorrow', about 10,000 people surprised Gun with a surprise, all together holding message cards that said "25th Anniversary Congratulations!" After that "Thank you" and then "I can not do it, I am 25 years old even though I am 30. I will do the live here in 25 years."
Even in the performance the other day, if he declared "I will do live in 25 years," he said that he was murmured by Twitter "It might not be the case ..." from the fans. "Please watch from the sky." He asked for a burst of laughter at the venue with a joke.
He also looked back at the time when he debuted as a singer with the single "Let me cry" in Japan 11 years ago. "In the pre-debut fan meeting, there were times when only half of the venue's seat was filled, thanks to everyone so far. Thank you. Will continue to go with Voyage (voyage) together."
The last song was "Let's go home". He repeated the lyrics of "I'm waiting for you anytime" in a big chorus with 10,000 fans many times. We heard a message from Gun to the fans.

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