Friday, February 9, 2018

[Instagram] Jang Keun Suk Updates his IG with music video - 2018-02-09

No matter how much JKS teasingly says he only listens to his music, we all know better. Every once in a while, he'll find some song he likes and post a clip to his Twitter or - more recently - his Instagram account. The video clip below is the most recent of his music postings. You gotta admit JKS' musical tastes are very eclectic. He likes everything from Classical to Jazz, Rap, Latin, EDM, and J-POP to Classical Rock to the K-POP sounds of some of Korea's finest well as everything in between. This wide appreciation of musical genres is what JKS a uniquely special musical artiste. He's never afraid to try something new that sparks his imagination and intrigues his musical curiosity.

For the full video with English subs:

[Note: Several of their other songs and albums are also on YouTube. Close your eyes and listen to this song and a couple others. You'll hear why JKS posted the clip. BTW, they have one song that in English. The singer songwriter duo are now based in Seoul, South Korea, but Nick is originally from Austin, Texas, and Sammy is from Adelaide, Australia, which accounts for their perfect English.  Want to know a bit more about this young duo? Click on this link. ]


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