Friday, February 16, 2018

[Intagram] Jang Keun Suk recieved gifts for his 25th year anniversary - 2018-02-16

When JKS was in Tokyo, he received a cake and plaque celebrating the 25th year since his debut in the entertainment business. He was so proud of that tribute to him that he just posted photos of them to his IG account.

Yes, he's been in the entertainment business for 25 years, starting as a child model when he was 6 years old. From there he went on to roles in various dramas and series as a child and young adult actor. However, he only gained mass recognition as an actor for his portrayal of Kim Eun-Ho in Hwang Jin-hi. While other child actors fizzled out upon reaching maturity, Jang Keun Suk showed he had the talent - and wisdom in choosing that specific role - to make that all important and difficult transition from child actor to adult actor. Although he failed to win an award for his performance in that highly rated drama, he continues to pursue diverse acting roles. In 2009, he accepted the role of accused murderer Robert Pearson in the film, Where the Truth Lies, also known as The Case of the Itaewon Murder. That role, which he actively sought, won him The Most Popular Actor (Best Actor} at the 2010 (46th) BaekSang Arts Awards (something the Academy Awards in Korea). Now, 25 years later he's become an enormously popular singer in Japan and around the world as well has having accepted two very challenging new acting role, first in Kim Ki Duk's Human, Time, Space, and Human film which will be previewed next month at the Berlin International Film Festival and now in the new SBS drama, Switch - Change the World. Both the film and drama again challenge Keun Suk's heretofore stereotypical image of the "pretty boy" and show him to be a master actor, able to change his persona to fit the character he portrays.

So, yes, let's all of us celebrate Keun Suk's 25th anniversary and bid him much success in the next 25 years.

_asia_prince_jks from HANASATO and Team JKS❤️🤜 


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