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[News Article] Jang Keun Suk joins festivities for Pyeongchang Cultural Olympics - 2018-02-04

One of several Yonhap News articles published on Feb 3. The text was translated with Google Translation and minor edits were made for clarity. The original article, click the link:

[Olympic Games] Cultural Olympics opening spectacular

450 days in all Gangwon provinces for 44 days until paralympics closure date

Opening of the Cultural Olympics

(Gangneung = Yonhap News) Tangjae reporter = Pyeongchang Cultural Olympics opened spectacularly on the 3rd.

Gangwon Province and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced the start of the Olympic Games by opening the "Olympic Festival" at the opening ceremony of the Cultural Olympics at the Gangneung Campus Sports Field of Gangneung Wonju University from 2 pm on the same day.

The opening ceremony, the pre-event, opened the door of the festival.

The opening festival is a form of Korean feast, so the audience can freely move around and enjoy the culture and taste of Gangwon Province.

In the Puryu-yard, music, dancing and artistic performances were held to add joy.

B-Boy Dance, North Korean Performance, Brass Band, and Media Percussion, etc., were added to the festival.

As the cold weather caused the night of the event, which was somewhat lingering, the audience increased so much that the festival was enriched.

The official ceremony began in earnest at 6 pm, when darkness comes.

The opening ceremony of the opening festival that opened the way of peace and harmony and prayed for the success of the Olympic Games was held.

Gilnyeong, where visitors - as well as cultural artists, Gangwon-do residents and foreigners, together with a large-scale folkloric delegation - set up the festival hall atmosphere.

The opening ceremony, in which Gangwon provincial governor Choi Moon-soon, Kang Myung-hee, and entertainer Jang Keun-seok,  participated,

The spectacular fire performance reminiscent of the festival's sun rising was at its peak.

Cultural Olympics opening spectacular

In the adjacent Nuri-mardang, together with the stage of Wang Ki-cheol Myungchang, a composite art performance was held in which culture and arts were spreading on the ground and in the air.

A K-pop concert followed by the opening of the Festival of Cultural Olympics.

Lee Seung - Chul and girl group, Girlfriend, have forgotten the chilly cold for a moment.

During the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, a variety of programs were held for 6 hours until the end of the party with the DJ and the audience enjoying the party together.

The festival was a cultural festival that escaped the opening ceremony. It attracted attention by organizing the people of Gangwon-do and the people of the world to harmonize with each other.

Kim Tae-wook, the head of the Culture Olympiad, said in a press conference, "The Culture Olympics has provided many programs such as performances, exhibitions, exchanges and events," he said. "I can feel the smell of culture everywhere that various cultural events are held in Gangneung, Pyeongchang. "

On the day of the ceremony, the Hanam Cultural Center in Gangneung Wonju University held a theme performance "Millennium Scene" that included the message of "Inspiration", the theme of the Cultural Olympics.

It is a creative stage that informs the whole world about Korea and Gangwon-do through the non-verbal drama that contains the messages of the four seasons of Gangneung Danoje and Gangwon Province, peace and harmony.

It was the first time on this day, the light art show 'Moonlight Lake' will be exhibited at Gangneung Gyeongpoho Water, the Gangneung International Biennale 2018 at Gangneung Green City Experience Center, and the media art show 'Cheongsan Gagok', utilizing the beautiful natural environment of Gangwondo

Meanwhile, the PyeongChang Culture Olympics will be held 450 times across Gangwon Province for 44 days until March 18, when the Paralympics will be closed.

Culture Olympics Opening Ali Performance Fire Performance

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