Friday, February 23, 2018

[News] jang Keun Suk joins Others Entertainers with "Christmas in March" - 2018-02-23

#PyeongChang2018 #Paralympics has stepped up their publicity for the Christmas in March events. The Christmas Festival in March will be held in conjunction with the Paralympic games to provide tourists with a special Christmas experience, by offering unique cultural tourism resources in Gangwon Province. According to published reports in the Korean media, the events are broken into four segments - or themes and colors.

The first theme and color is Jang Keun Suk's We are one with 2018 with Jang Geun Suk, on March 10, Along with 2018 Eels, of whom over 70% are expected to be Japanese, at 2 pm JKS will watch the ice hockey game between Korea and Japan at the Gangneung Hockey Center. Prior to the Gangneung event, on May 9, 2018 fans will be invited to the signing ceremony at the Gangwon Hall of Chuncheon Gangwon University.

The second theme and color belongs to Lee Dong-Wook of Goblin fame on March 13. LDW will hold a GO Pyeongchang With Dongwook fan meeting event (3 ~ 5 pm) with 1000 domestic and foreign fans at at the Gangneung Art Center Same-dang Hal. KTX Gyeonggang Line will depart from Cheongryangri at 9:00 AM for Gangneung with 410 foreigners on board. The event will be joined by other fans in Gangneung, and 1000 people will watch in Gangneung Jumunjin and Pyeongchang Jungwoo Woljeongsa and then watch ice hockey games from 3:30 pm. Lee Dong-wook, an Olympic PR team member, bought tickets directly.

The third takes place on March 15 at 5 pm. The leading group of K-pop, B1A4, Bisoubi, Samuel, and Girl Kind will decorate the March Christmas, which is presented by K-pop stars. 1000 people are invited at the Hallym Cultural Center in Wonju, Gangneung.

The fourth and final theme and color occurs on March 11th, 14th, and 17th presents an EDM Ski Festival. Popular DJs (Hanmin, Soda, and Glory) will have prepared exciting EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and Chi Meat Party (3 days, 8 ~ 10 pm every day) in the evening for tourists who enjoy the Paralympic Games and skiing. Foreign reporters, athletes, and executives who participated in the paralympics are invited on a first-come-first-served basis for an exciting dance. They will also have a chewing gum party with chicken and beverages.

Beginning this year, the "Christmas Festival in March" will be held for 10 days from March 9 to 18, during the Paralympic competition, and will be held every year with different themes for overseas tourists, especially those tourists from countries where snow does not exist.

Yoo Jin-ho, director of the Korea Tourism Organization's Overseas Marketing Department, said, "If the Christmas festival response in March is good, it will be held regularly in March, which is a tourist off-season every year.

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