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[SWITCH - Article] Jang Keun Suk's Switch creates more curiosity - 2018-03-21

Another Switch article has been published in the Korean media. But all the teaser stories have made us more and more curious. We just gotta see this comedy spoof on legal dramas!

[Oh! Sinccut] 'Switch' cheat Jang Geun-suk vs test Han-ri, eyes of rage confrontation 


Excerpt from the article 

"Jang Geun Suk and Han Ye-ri are involved in a nervous battle. Sado-chan, wearing the patient's uniform as his clothes, is staring at Oh Ha-ra with his eyes full of shock, and Oh Ha-ra responds to the attack of Sa Do-chan with her arms in a relatively calm manner. But Oh Ha-ra, who kept a cool and chic attitude, turned to Sa Do-chan as determined and decided to hold on to Sa Do-chan's arm as if to be embarrassed. It is unknown why the genius cheater Sa Do Chan was admitted to hospital wearing the hospital uniform and why Sa Do Chan and Oh Ha-ra faced each other face to face.

Jang Geun Suk and Han Ye-ri's 'Face-to-face' look of anger' was filmed in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi Province on the 25th of last month. The two of them were rehearsing before the filming, and they were always smiling and laughing. The two actors held the script in their hands and stretched their acting ambitions and pulled up the heat of the scene by watching the performance match.

Moreover, the shooting scene of this day had to be filled with a sharp battle of Sa d]Do Chan and Oh Ha-ra who faced an unexpected crisis. At the same time as 'Kyosin' [??], Jang Geun Suk had a unique playful smile and facial expression. In addition, Han Ye-ri talked dryly, and suddenly stopped Sa Do-chan and naturally spread Oh Ha-ra's line of emotions.

The production team said, "Sa Do Chan and Oh Ha-ra are unexpectedly in confrontational scenes." Both actors are more serious than ever before, as Sa Do Chan and Oh Ha-ra cooperate and become an important motif to solve the case. "I hope you will look at how this drama will draw the sum of the two people who emanated from the first shot."

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