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[ SWITCH PD Notes] Jang Keun Suk's Switch 1st PD Notebook entry - 2018-03-17

SBS' Switch PD Notebook has been started, but with a different style than in Daebak, at least thus far. During the broadcast of Daebak, the PD Notebook was one of most favorite parts of SBS' Deabak website pages. Let's hope the Switch PD Notebook is as equally entertaining.

Because I'm a native English speaker, the SBS website automatically translates into English. Nevertheless, the translation is far from perfect as you'll see. I have edited some words and lines for correct English grammar and understanding of a few Korean cultural words, such as the word "beopkku" which you'll see and hear over and over again throughout the drama. The word derives from the name of a corrupt former prosecutor and politician who was eventually prosecuted, and now the term popularly refers to any corrupt prosecutor and politician. However, basically, what you see below is taken directly from SBS' own English translation of the PD Notebook.

Eternal Asia Prince '  Jang                                                                    

Jang Geun Suk's right!
Best debut "Japan at the Tokyo Dome '
Who held a concert a success
Authorized truly oneself and others
Prince of Asia  Jang!

One of his success is directly communicating!
One person, for one person
The look that you want to communicate to the best
Fans had been impressed!

The Paralympics have Pyeongchang
He is actively promoting as well as being ambassador,
The Republic of Korea to Japan Paralympic Ice Hockey Qualification
Purchasing tickets for 2018
And domestic and non-fans with him watched the game.
Too authentic for the fans,
I have a hard time communicating!

Became a boon to the family as their situation was poor
As himself, who from an early age began working
[Sports] Fan one person, more than anyone the importance people
Not know not he ?!

Acting and singing, to proceed
While working in various fields
That is always losing the original intention,
Jang uniform '25 cars actor!

Actor with Han Ye-ri
Followed by the return of a new SBS drama 
' - UPDATE world switch " to

Coming March 28 22:00

I'm looking for an audience

I support his moves!

Wait here!
' - UPDATE world switch " is
You want to know what it is? 

Real and fake collaboration!
From a scammer to the prosecutor
In an emergency in a roller coaster  Sa Do Chan's Apostles
They are hot to catch the large legal and political crooks
Poignant  " Fraud Fables pole ' this is ~


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