Wednesday, March 28, 2018

[SWITCH - Twitter] Jang Keun Suk's Switch supported by TEF, European & Russian Eels - 2018-03-28

We, at TEF, are so proud to be able to support Actor Jang and the entire cast and crew of Switch with a coffee and tea truck. And being able to join with our European and Russian Eel sisters absolutely makes this support even better!!! #Eels will always support Jang Keun Suk. #Switch ON!

JKS_cri_j[장근석의 든든한 빽! 장어들의 스위치 응원 이벤트] 오늘 저녁부터는 'TEF&European eels&Russian eels'에서 커피차를 서포트하였습니다! 장배우님! 전세계 장어들이 응원하고 있습니다! 화이팅요!
English translation: [Jang Keun Suk reassuring eels! Eels Switch supporting event] This evening 'TEF and European eels and Russian eels' supported with coffee and tea. Actor Jang! Eels are cheering around the world! Fighting!

mrkim (the coffee and tea truck company) and some Eels also posted a number of photos of the TEF/European Eels/Russian Eels coffee and tea truck. These are the posted photos.

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