Friday, March 30, 2018

[SWITCH - Twitter] Jang Keun Suk's Tree-J Recommends Switch PD Notebook Post - 2018-03-30

Tree J pointed us to an SBS PD Notebook post written about the press conference and the number of rice wreaths that JKS fan clubs donated. You must see it. Go to this link.
[PD노트] 스위치 제작발표회 현장 급습!! (출처 : SBS드라마 PD노트 | 네이버 포스트)

treeJ_company [PD노트] 스위치 제작발표회 현장 급습!! (출처 : SBS드라마 PD노트 | 네이버 포스트) 
English translation: [PD Note] Switch production presentation raids on the spot!! (source: SBSDrama PDNote | Naver Post)


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