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[video] Jang Keun Suk's Swtich 3rd Teaser released - 2018-03-16

SBS released the 3rd Switch teaser, which JKS posted to his IG account and to his LINE accounts. This drama appears more and more exciting and entertaining with each teaser release.

_asia_prince_jks 28.3.2018. #switch 

A Korean eel, Micri, managed to capture part of the dialogue and tweeted it along with the two corresponding sections of the teaser. Thank you,@micri. The Hanguel text has been machine translated with Google's S3 Tranalator...with a couple of edits for clarity.

스위치 & 3차 티저 1
여검사 : 어디
좋은데 가시나 봐요?
남자: 네~ 몰디브 갑니다~
사도찬 : 헉!!
여검사 : 니가 검사 뒤통수를 쳐!?
눈물나게 만나서 반갑다. 사도찬!
사도찬(장) : 진짜 검사를 흉내내라는 거야? 그것도 검찰청 안에서?

English translation:
 Switch and 3rd teaser Part #1
Female inspector: Where do you want to go?
Man: Yes ~ I'm going to the Maldives ~
Sa Do Chan: Huck!!
Female: You hit the back of the test1?
Nice to meet you. Sa Do Chan!
Sa Do Chan (Jang): I'm supposed to imitate the real test
It's also in the Prosecutor's Office

스위치> 3차 티저 2
사도찬(장) : 대체 당신이 수사하는 게 뭐야?
여검사 : 마약!!

여검사 : 우리가 아는 건 딱 하나. 마약풍이야!! (이 부분 잘 모르겠어요 ㅠ)
금태웅 ; 백준수가 살아있다!??
여검사 : 검찰 외교부까지 움직이는 힘 있는 놈들이야.

English translation:
Switch and 3rd Teaser Part #2
Sa Do Chan (Jang):  What the hell are you investigating?
Female inspector: Drugs!!

Female inspector: We only know one thing. It's a drug! (I do not know this part yet ㅠ)
Geum Tae Ung: Baek Jin Su is alive?
Female inspector: They are powerful guys moving to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

<스위치> 3차 티저 3
사도찬 : 크라임씬 거길 범행 현장으로 만들면 되는 거야
금태웅 : 백준수 검사. 진짜 맞습니까?
여검사 : 야! 사도찬?
사도찬 : 큰일 났어. 일이 이상하게 됐어!

English translation:
Switch 3rd teaser Part#3
Sa Do Chan: Can you make a crime scene?
Geum Tae Ung: Inspector Baek Jun Su. Is it really true?
Woman Inspector: Yay! Sa Do Chan?
Sa Do Chan: It's a big deal. Things got weird.


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