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[SWITCH drama recap] - Episode 11

AIR DATE: Thursday, April 12, 2018 10:00pm KST
Writer: Erika Zhang on behalf of Kristina Chen
Editor: Jill Fuller
Photo Credit: SBS, Rossi Yan, Karen Delos Santos and Jezreel Jang

A Person’s Attention Is Directed To That Which He Is Curious

With the fear of being linked in any way to Choi Sung-Hyun, Geum Tae-Woong orders his men to deliver to him all Choi’s belongings from the detention center. As Choi’s possessions are laid out on Geum’s desk, Manager Kim reveals they found nothing suspicious. Geum picks up a Thai Bible and flicks through it. Manager Kim informs Geum that Choi used to work at the embassy in Thailand.

A little surprised, Geum continues flipping through the Bible. He notices some passages are highlighted. Initially not thinking anything of it, Geum dismisses them until he discovers some words circled in red. Three words within the highlighted passages. Now suspicious, Geum and Manager Kim translate the text, ‘In my path…I have sent lions…. They will save you.’ Geum now understands that Choi’s escape had been planned.

After discovering the identity of Grizzly, Do-Chan and Ha-Ra review surveillance photos of the man believe to be Grizzly. Ha-Ra looks across to Do-Chan, pondering if he really does have an ulterior motive.

Returning to Do-Chan's apartment, Prosecutor Oh Ha-Ra and Sa Do-Chan excitedly inform Baek Joon-Soo that they found the identity of Grizzly. Joon-Soo, turning his wheelchair around to get a better look at them, continues looking serious while Do-Chan smirks about their success.

As all of these events occur, Director Bong, Jeon In-Tae and So-Eun-Ji enjoy a pizza at Pizza Maru, thinking their mission complete. Thinking their mission is nearly complete, In-Tae asks Bong for specifics about they'll do next. Director Bong scolds they need to ask Do-Chan directly. Eun-Ji interrupts the two men, saying that for a supreme pizza it has a lot of shrimp. In-Tae mocks her, saying it is shrimp pizza. Flabbergasted by Eun-Ji's ignorance, Director Bong becomes totally confused at what he had ordered so he simply asks for another one.

Back in the apartment, Baek expresses his anger about their committing another crime: assisting a criminal to escape. He argues Ha-Ra should have stopped Do-Chan. Letting his anger show, Baek continues to reprimand them both, raising the tension in the room. He warns Do-Chan that if he continues to cheat he will "end up getting attacked by the enemy." They will lose their chance to win, to stand inside the ring. Baek taking the hard road and keeping everything legal and within boundaries. Do-Chan takes the easy road, using whatever means to reach his goal whether it legal or not. He has street sense; Baek does not.

Sa Do-Chan denies Baek’s words and retorts back that Baek keeps losing because he always follows the rules of the game, while those outside the ring are throwing chairs and doing whatever they want. Beak explains that those people to that because they want to get things the easy way. In response, Do-Chan mocks Beak as Mr. Ethics Teacher and asks him if he can even catch Grizzly like that before he dies? Do-Chan's question hits a nerve, clearly causing Joon-Soo distress. He is at loss as to what to say next. Thankfully, Ha-Ra interrupts the awkward silence, quietly demanding they stop arguing.

After Ha Ra and Do Chan leave, Baek Joon-Soo, sitting in alone in his room, reflects on what he is losing. His job, his integrity and his belief in the judicial system. All the work he had accomplished to get to this point, to have it now in the hands of a con artist. Baek suddenly grabs the left side of his chest, wincing in excruciating pain.

At the same time, Do-Chan sits on the rooftop patio, spinning his fidget spinner and desperately trying to fathom the identity of the man who had saved him in the warehouse. The man with the prosthetic hand.

Prosecutor Oh-Ha-Ra, on the other hand, feeling conflicted by her feeling towards the two identical looking men with such different personalities, sits at a bar with her sister. Ha-Ra, already looking incredibly drunk, drowns her frustrations in a mixture of beer and soju. Pointing at the bottles of liquor, she drunkenly says one is very strong and stiff and the other too bland. Can’t they just combine? So-Ra, thinking Ha-Ra refers to the alcohol, prepares her another mixed drink. Ha-Ra, though, in fact  pines for the personality combination of Joon-Soo and Do-Chan.

A little later, a still very drunk Ha-Ra visits Baek Joon-Soo who rests in his bed. Rather than approaching the bed through the normal fashion, Ha-Ra walks in between a space in the shelving, just managing to fit through. Standing at the foot of his bed, hands on her hips, she ask him why he is so stiff and stuffy. When he asks how much she drank, she drops onto Baek’s bed,  replying, "Are you some kind of ethics teacher?" She, then, flops onto her back, waving her arm around, and questions, "What is the use of living by a textbook by yourself."

In other words, knowing the rules and taking the hard road is not everything, especially if you end up alone. Baek tells her to go home as she is drunk, but Ha-Ra continues undeterred. "Because you two aren't mixing together, that's why I'm drinking a mixed drink." Then she sees sense. The two doppelgängers are the same. She stands up, grabs her coat, gives Baek a drunken smile, and tells him he is good looking. Ha-Ra gathers her pride and walks out of the room, leaving through the shelving gap, once again just squeezing through.

The next day at the Feel Gallery, Manager Kim shows Geum Tae-Woong a photo of the person who gave Diplomat Choi the Thai Bible. The CCTV camera captured a priest in the foyer, but they do not yet know his identity or the whereabouts of Choi. Geum recalls the conversation he had with Do-Chan while playing chess. Do-Chan had commented that he will have to remove Geum's knights one by one as he uses them a lot. Geum instructs Manager Kim to investigate the people around Baek Joon-Soo.

Meanwhile, Director Bong and Do-Chan discuss Hwang Bum-Do’s assets and the likelihood of him being the man they are really after. There appears to be no suspicious activity. Do-Chan suggests he may have used borrowed accounts so the paper trail will be spotless. But Do-Chan has questions about Hwang’s vacation house and wonders if Hwang really is Grizzly. Relying on his memory, Do-Chan sketches the property he remembers visiting as a child. He wants to be sure Hwang is really Grizzly. The swimming pool is his most vivid image.

While Do-Chan is busy at the prosecutors office, his team follows Hwang Bum-Do. Jeon In-Tae and So-Eun-Ji follow Hwang to the Dong Young Mills, a warehouse, a wharf and finally to his vacation house. As they tail Hwang’s car to his vacation house, they quickly realize the road ends with two guards. Jeon parks the car outside the fence, and he and Eun-Ji try to figure out their next move. When the guards approach their car, Eun-Ji reclines her passenger seat and yanks Jeon over onto herself, planting a kiss on his mouth. The two guards believe their ruse as lovers and tell them to do that somewhere else.

Unable to enter the guarded vacation villa compound, the two accomplices use a drone to fly over the property and take recordings of the area. They inform Do-Chan that they completed the mission and send him a photo of the swimming pool. Receiving this update at work, Do-Chan tries desperately not to arouse suspicion in Ha-Ra. As soon as he sees the photo of the swimming pool though, he recognizes it as the same one from his childhood and makes the excuse he needs to go to the sauna...because he's been working so hard!

Meanwhile, Ha-Ra’s mother and Old Man Bbeong, in her Chicken and Beer store, discuss the best methods of frying and making the perfect fried chicken. Flattering her with all sorts of compliments, Bbeong eventually reveals to her that he wants her to sell his kettle corn with the chicken and beer.

Despite announcing he was to go to a sauna, Do-Chan sneaks away to join his team at their secret rendezvous. Here they review the surveillance footage and discuss the tight security of the vacation house and the fact their is only one entrance and exit route. This is a high security house for them to break into. The safest way is to ask for a warrant, but in order to have a warrant granted there needs to be a very good reason.

In comical fashion Director Bong plays out Hamlet, displaying their options. If they get a warrant Ha-Ra will find out, so to let her know or to keep it a secret. ‘To be or not to be’. Suddenly Prosecutor Oh Ha-Ra appears out of the darkness. They all look at her with stunned expressions. Asked how she found them, Ha-Ra explains that for her to be able to work with Do-Chan, she has to take preventative measures.

Elsewhere, in a private casino, Supreme Prosecutor Jung Do-Young, Choi Jung-Pil and some other gentlemen play a game of poker. During the game, Choi Jung-Pil gives Jung some advice, telling him that it is important to win the first round so that other players won’t be able to tell when you are bluffing later on. Surprisingly, Jung wins. Happy with his victory, Jung feels more confident among the powerful presence of Choi. However, Choi quickly reminds Jung that nothing in life is free.

During the game, Geum Tae-Woong walks into the room and, after congratulating Jung, proceeds to inform them that Choi was re-captured after his escape from the Ministry of Justice transfer van. Choi had called Hwang, and Geum now worries that Hwang will lead the prosecutors to them. Choi Jung-Pil makes it very clear to Jung that nothing must happen to Hwang, and Geum demands that Jung call him if he suspects Baek Joon-Soo will go after Hwang. Still remaining in a precarious position, Jung does not reply with a definitive answer, rather he will ‘keep that in mind’.

While Do-Chan’s team are replenishing their hunger with noodles, they chat idly about Ha-Ra getting too close to their team. Director Bong reassures their faith in Do-Chan. They, then, disclose how each of them came to know Do-Chan. Jeon’s company had been conned and went under, while Eun-Ji used to be a nurse until her mother took all her savings and lost it all in a scam. Both were rescued by Do-Chan. Director Bong, however, avoids directly answering their questions by replying that he was close to Do-Chan when they were younger.

Early in the morning, Ha-Ra sits at the kitchen table, eating her toast while solving some math problems. as Ha-Ra’s mother happily exclaims that she's glad Ha-Ra and Baek are not working on the case any more. She suggests there is no reason for her to want to date Joon-Soo anymore. Distracted, Ha-Ra replies that she she will not date a swindler. As soon as she uttered those words she realizes what she said and quickly adds, “You always said all men are con artists.” To avoid further questions, Ha-Ra leaves for work.

Building a Better Mouse Trap....

In the Proscutors' Office, Do-Chan begins briefing the others on their next operation. He shows the team a recent photo of Hwang Bum-Do and one of his vacation house, in particular the pool. He, then, shows them a photo of the same pool three years ago, next to the most recent photo, and asks the team if they notice any difference between the two. Not sure what they are looking for, everyone in the room remains silent. Do-Chan points out to them that the shadow cast in the pool of the recent photo is shorter that the shadow in the photo taken three years ago, but why? Using geometric equations, Do-Chan presents to the team how to work out what has changed in the recent photo compared to the older photo.

Not understanding any of Do-Chan’s gibberish, Chief Yang admits that he is math illiterate. Ha-Ra, on the other hand, remembers the equations she was doing during breakfast and clues in on what Do-Chan is explaining. Ding dong dang! The length of the shadow in the pool has changed because there is something on the bottom of the pool, possibly the drugs. The team can not ask for a warrant to search the property for drugs as The President’s Illegal Campaign Fund team will discover that Do-Chan’s team are still indirectly investigating the drug case. They also need to be careful to not arouse suspicion among the higher ranks. While all ponder how to obtain the surreptitiously obtain a search warrant, Chief Yang lights upon a idea. Get a warrant to search the premises for any illegal renovations. The team, relieved that they now have a cause for the warrant, feel invigorated.

Ha-Ra’s mother strolls through the market, nibbling on a bungeoppang [a fish shaped pastry], when she walks up to the kettle corn stall. No one is there. Old Man Bbeong had written on a cardboard box that he was at a World Kettle Corn Conference and will be closed for a few days. Rather confused, as he had already asked to join her business, Ha-Ra’s mother continues with her shopping.

Meanwhile, Old Man Bbeong is not what he appears to be. As he steps out of a taxi he has transformed into a well dressed gentleman, wearing polished shoes, black suit and a bow tie. Despite his appearance, there is something odd about his left hand. There is obviously much more to know about Bbeong. Presumably, the function being held is to welcome the visitors from Russia. Bbeong quietly observes Choi Jung-Pil’s secretary talk with Viktor Jang from Kiev Limited, while he sips on white wine. Choi’s secretary informs Viktor Jang that Choi would like to meet with him.

Back at the Prosecutors' Department, Chief Yang is waiting for Prosecutor Jin Kyung-Hee to sign the search warrant. In another room, Oh Ha-Ra and Sa Do-Chan wait anxiously for Yang's return. Chief Yang finally arrives, throws the door open which causes Ha-Ra and Do-Chan to immediately stand up. With a defeated look on his face that quickly turns into a broad smile, he presents Do-Chan and Ha-Ra with the signed piece of paper. They have the search warrant!

After Yang instructs them to go and investigate, the team en masse exit the building in a hurry, passing a bewildered Gil Dae-Ro who has no idea what is going on. Up in the office of Jung Do-Young, Jin Kyung-Hee walks in and sees Jung looking out his window. She is not sure how to interpret Jung’s expression. Why should he look so worried and angry, when Do-Chan and his team are on a simple search warrant? It does not make sense to her.

As Do-Chan and his team arrive near Hwang’s vacation house, they pass an orange truck with the Dong Young Mill logo on its side. Disembarking from their cars, the team head straight to the pool. But they're too late: it's empty! All that remained of the drugs are shovels, plastic, and empty foam and metal containers.

Ha-Ra immediately remembers the orange truck they had passed and orders the team to search the premises, while she goes after the truck, leaving a puzzled Do-Chan behind.

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