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[SWITCH drama recap] - Episode 12

AIR DATE: Thursday, April 12, 2018 10:35pm KST
Writer: Erika Zhang
Editor: Jill Fuller
Photo Credit: SBS, Rossi Yan, Karen Delos Santos and Jezreel Jang

Oh Ha-Ra, hot in pursuit of the the orange truck, gets closer to her target. At an intersection she can see that it was pulled over by two police officers. The driver of the truck explains to the driver of the second vehicle that the truck has been reported stolen. Ha-Ra arrives and gets out of her car. While the two drivers are distracted, the two police officers hijack the orange truck. Ha-Ra recognizes Jeon In-Tae and immdediately gives chase. The men from the second vehicle attempt to follow, but their tires are punctured by road spikes.

Madly chasing the orange truck, Ha-Ra tries to call Do-Chan, but his phone is switched off. Nor is he with Investigator Go at Hwang’s vacation house. She mutters to herself that if this is another one of Do-Chan’s scams, she won’t let him off this time. At the same time back at the office, Chief Yang is on the phone to his wife, trying to atone for his sins by asking her to buy tiles at the temple.

Meanwhile as Ha-Ra drives on a long narrow stretch of road, she suddenly loses sight of the orange truck. She frantically tries to fathom where it could have gone. The only other vehicle on the road is a commercial heavy vehicle. She stops the car in the middle of the road, furious but frantic. How could this have happened?

Unbeknown to Ha-Ra, Do-Chan prepared all of this in advance. After Ha-Ra left Hwang’s vacation house to chase down the orange truck, Do-Chan left to board a transportation truck, waiting for him, with an empty freight container. After Jeon In-Tae and So-Eun-Ji hijacked the orange truck, all they had to do was to drive their truck up the ramps and into the empty cargo container. Once inside, Do-Chan simply closed the doors, allowing Ha-Ra to believe it was just another ordinary truck that needed to pull over. As Do-Chan drives the truck past Ha-Ra, he, almost sadistically, pulls twice on the truck’s horn.

A devastated Ha-Ra frantically calls Baek Joon-Soo with the news, furious to realize that Do-Chan was only after the drugs for himself. Baek, calm but intensely focused, tells Ha-Ra to pull herself together and focus on her surroundings. Is there anything around? Anything! Tears rolling down her cheeks, Ha-Ra recalls her mothers words that morning, "All men will stab you in the back the moment you trust them."

Still furious with him, Ha Ra searches but fails to find Do-Chan. She eventually goes to his apartment and confides in Joon-Soo. The whereabouts of Do-Chan’s whole team are unknown, leading the two prosecutors to sadly wonder if Do-Chan’s ulterior motive was to steal the drugs and disappear.

Meanwhile at the Dong Young Mill, Director Bong, In-Tae and Eun-Ji arrive with the orange truck to a warehouse. After opening the truck doors, they all express surprise to see so many containers full of drugs. However, Director Bong reminds them they have a job to do.

The next morning, Geum Tae-Woong arrives at Dong Young Mills and meets with Hwang Bum-Do. Geum scolds Hwang for his carelessness. Geum had ordered Hwang to move the drugs in plenty of time. How could he be so reckless? Hwang explains to Geum that they had moved the drugs before the prosecutors arrived, but the whole truck was stolen. Upon hearing this explanation, Geum jumps out his chair and angrily kicks Hwang's shin, demanding, "You want me to believe that nonsense?" Hwang strikes back, laying the blame for the prosecutors' sniffing around on Cho Sung-Doo. Cho was the one who stirred things up when he tried to sell the drugs on his own.

Hwang’s secretary interrupts the tense meeting, announcing that it is time for him to attend the senior citizen event. He rebukes her, but she reminds him that reporters are place. Even asHwang attempts to back out of the event, Geum tells him to handle the situation as best he can and not make any mistakes in front of the reporters, especially since his candidacy for city council is at stake.

Back in her office, Ha-Ra continues trying to locate Do-Chan. She seeks help from an officer to help track Do-Chan’s phone location...and finally locates him.

The Sharing Love with Dong Young Mills is Hwang Bum-Do’s promotional donation event to help those in need. He says he personally donated 100 sacks of flour for the gathered senior citizens. After addressing the crowd, Hwang, then, hands one of its' members a sign. While Hwang continues speaking to the crowd, the elder begins to inspect the bags of flour. He warily confronts Hwang, saying that the flour must be expired or something. Hwang laughs, saying the flour was milled that morning. He, then, tells the elder that when he tastes the it he will know it is of very good quality.

Leaning up against a pole nearby Do-Chan stands, cynically watching Hwang’s event unfold. The elder gentleman is no other then Director Bong.

Perfectly timed, Do-Chan turns his phone on, allowing Ha-Ra to trace its location. He is at Hwang’s event. After stepping out of her car, at the event, she stands aghast looking at Do-Chan. Furious, she grabs hold of a nearby broom and takes aim at Do-Chan. As she attempts to swat him, he dodges her aim and grabs hold of the broom. He looks directly at her ‘Hey, relax. Your heart is racing again as usual.’ His expression shows he is touched when Ha-Ra reveals she is cross with herself for trusting him even a little bit.

Do-Chan grabs the broom from Ha-Ra’s grasp and pulls her beside him, his hand on her shoulder. Grinning broadly, he tells her he prepared an event just for her. If she still wants to hit him with the broom afterwards, she can.

As they watch, the elder, Director Bong, slices open one of the flour sacks and tastes it. He announces that it is not flour but high quality drugs. Hwang does not believe him and so he tries some for himself. Waiting for his tastebuds to recognize the flavor, Hwang’s eyes suddenly widen and his face fills with sheer horror. This is not flour, but his own stash of drugs.

As Director Bong wanders along the piles of flour, fiddling with each sack, he puts his purposedly trips Hwang, causing him to fall to the ground. Then, cutting the sacks directly above Hwang’s head, Bong creates a cascade of drugs, falling on top of a very devastated Hwang, who is at the mercy of the attending reporters.

As the arresting officers attend to Hwang, Ha-Ra asks Do-Chan how he achieved this event. Do-Chan does not answer her question; instead he mimics the sound of the trucks horn. Ha-Ra mentally retraces that day. Sudden realization cross her face: Do-Chan drove the large truck! Do-Chan, always the con-artist, replies, "People always see what they want to see. You're facial was quite a sight."

She becomes so upset at fooled every time that she wraps her arm around Do-Chan’s neck, pulling him into a choke hold and telling him he will cause her to die young. Do-Chan complains she's hurting him, but his constant laughter reveals otherwise. Having vented some of her frustration, she eventually lets Do-Chan go. After pointedly straightening his glasses and suit, he says "let's go" to which she, shaking her head and regaining her composure, repeats, "Let's go."

The incident surrounding Hwang’s donation of sacks containing drugs instead of flour becomes breaking news. Oh So-Ra rushes into press room eager to be the first to report it. Hwang Bum-Do, president of Dong Young Mills, was arrested for being in possession of illegal drugs. As the news breaks, it reaches Geum Tae- Woong and Choi Jung-Pil, who are having tea, and prosecutors Jung Do-Young and Jin Kyung-Hee. Geum, Choi and Jung are all in a state of stupor while Prosecutor Jin quietly observes Jung’s startled reaction. Chief Yang, on the other hand, is ecstatic, crying, Yes! Yes!, Yes!

As Ha-Ra drives Do-Chan back to their office, she asks him why he did not take the drugs for himself. Apart from not doing drugs, all Do-Chan reveals to Ha-Ra is that he will not tell her the truth. Ha-Ra concludes that his goal is far away, and they should go together.

While the police escort Hwang into the prosecutors' building, Do-Chan and Ha-Ra loiter for a while until they hear a child call out “Mister”. Approaching them is a little boy and his mother: the woman who was used as a drug mule and miscarried because of the drugs rupturing in her stomach. They came to thank the prosecutors for catching the ones responsible.

The mother also wishes to thank Do-Chan personally for paying her hospital bills. Ha-Ra glances at Do-Chan. She knew nothing of this. Do-Chan quickly replies, “My right hand tends to quickly forget what my left hand does.” The boy tells Do-Chan the he wants to become a great prosecutor like him when he is older. Do-Chan, smirking as usual, squats down to the boys height and firmly tells the boy ‘No don’t. Being a prosecutor is so boring.” Oh Ha-Ra gives Do-Chan a hard slap on his shoulder and encourages the boy to become a great prosecutor.

After the boy and his mother leave, Ha-Ra says thank you to Do-Chan. He replies that he didn't do it to hear thanks. After a bit more of their usual verbal sparing, Do-Chan shrugs slightly and walks away.

In the interrogation room, Ha-Ra and Do-Chan interview Hwang about how the drugs came to be in the flour bags. They show Hwang evidence of the drug’s components and a photo of Diplomat Choi meeting with Hwang. Before he answers, Hwang thinks carefully about what to say.

Before the event and his arrest, Hwang was told by Manager Kim what he is to do if caught by the prosecutors. Instructed by Geum, if caught Hwang is to claim he is Grizzly. Manager Kim ensures Hwang understands his daughter’s safety is in doubt unless he does as he is told.

Hwang Bum-Do admits to Do-Chan and Ha-Ra that he was the one who instructed the diplomats to smuggle the drugs in their diplomatic pouches, and that he was the one who gave the orders to assault Baek Joon-Soo, Park Young-Jin, and Nam Seung-Tae. Ha-Ra asks Hwang what his nickname is and he replies Grizzly, being given the name due to his body size.

Do-Chan, remembering what he witnessed as a child, recalls the man responsible for murdering his father was not overly large. Hwang is lying. Ha-Ra asks him what he did with the video file. Hwang stammers, not knowing what file she is referring to. Before Ha-Ra can reply, Do-Chan interrupts her telling Hwang the file is from the Czech Republic Cultural Center. Hwang replies he got rid of it. Both Do-Chan and Ha-Ra know Hwang has been coerced into lying to them. It was the Spanish Cultural Center, not the Czech Republic.

At the former president’s house Choi attends to his plants. Geum has been summoned, and Choi is furious about all their losses. As he cleans his plants, he explains to Geum the order of the plants, from first position to last. Geum’s gift was in the first position. As Choi discloses his displeasure, he moves the plant that was in first place to third position, making it clear to Geum that he had lost face and rank. Choi demands Geum to take care of Cho Sung-Doo.

Fuming Geum returns to his office. He is torn between finishing Cho for good and going against Choi’s orders.

Somewhere in Chinatown, Cho Sung-Doo’s friend, Moon-Sik, manages to bribe the guard who allows him to briefly visit Cho who remains in a locked room. Moon-Sik tells Cho that his life is now in danger. Relieving Cho of his despair, Moon-Sik tells Cho 'how about this.’

Back at the office, Do-Chan and Ha-Ra enter the foyer. Do-Chan has a moment of deja vu, greeting the women in the front reception and hearing his ID badge beep again. That wonderful sound.

Happily whistling while they wait for the elevator, Do-Chan gets a text message containing an address. Not sure what it is about, Do-Chan dismisses it, until the phone rings revealing the same phone number. The caller tells Do-Chan that a man is in danger and Do-Chan must save him. Thinking this caller must be a con artist, Do-Chan tries to confuse him by talking about insurance and money transfers. The caller, Moon-Sik, then calls Do-Chan by his name, Baek Joon-Soo. Moon-Sik tells Do-Chan that if he wants to catch Grizzly, he must save this man. Ha-Ra notices a change in Do-Chan and knows something is up.

After dark, Do-Chan maneuvers his motorcycle to the address in Chinatown while Ha-Ra and the investigation team follow in pursuit. Manager Kim and his men are also en route to the same address. Having arrived at the noted Chinese Restaurant, Do-Chan follows the instructions given to him, making his way through the kitchen and out the back door into an alley way. Climbing the stairs, Do-Chan sees the motel in sight.

Inside the locked room Cho hears noises outside. Preparing to fight for his life, he removes his belt and readies himself.

Do-Chan enters the motel, but as he rounds a corner he confronts a group of surly looking men. A trap?

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