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[SWITCH drama recap] - Episode 13

AIR DATE: Wednesday, April 18, 2018 
Writer: Gracie A. Pascual
Editor: Jill Fuller
Photo Credit: SBS, Rossi Yan, Karen Delos Santos

Ready or Not Here I Come

After causing so much trouble trying to sell his remaining supply of drugs, Jo Sung-Doo remains locked inside Room 7, in the Chunji Motel. Sa Do-Chan, following given instructions, finds the Motel in Chinatown. Inside the motel, he rounds the corner of the corridor and encounters some fierce looking men who demand to know who he is. Unprepared, Do-Chan does not reply, acutely aware how dangerous the situation is. The thugs charge towards Do-Chan, hands ready to fight while Do-Chan searches frantically for anything he can use to defend himself with. Finding nothing, Do-Chan attempts to trigger the fire alarm but to no avail. Instead he opens the fuse box and pulls at the wires, turning off the lights. Jo Sung-Doo, hearing all the noise, arms himself with his own belt, not giving up his life without a fight.

Fighting his way through the group of burly men, Do-Chan manages to make his way through to the other end of the corridor and locks himself that sectioned part of the corridor. The men, realizing the only way to get Do-Chan, go outside and through another entrance. Once the men left, Sa Do-Chan looks at the numbers above the door. He enters the room, but finds it empty, except for a leather belt which is lying on the floor.

Do-Chan quickly exits the motel and heads into the street where he witnesses a man being led into a car. As the car drives off, Do-Chan lets out an almighty yell of frustration. He was so close! During the struggle to pass the thugs in the motel corridor, he had received some heavy blows, which were now beginning to hurt. Do-Chan bends over, struggling to catch his breathe and holds his shoulder in pain. Just at this moment, Oh Ha-Ra and her team pull up behind Do-Chan.

As the team jump out of the van, Ha-Ra instructs them to search the area. She walks quickly to Do-Chan asking if he is okay and where the informant is. Trying to catch his breath, he tells her they took him away. Ha-Ra, desperate for something, asks if he saw the number plate. Do-Chan shakes his head, stands up and breathes heavily trying to regain his breath. Ha-Ra looks at Do-Chan while pondering the question of Do-Chan’s true motives. She tells Do-Chan to ‘come with me’. He turns to look at her still out of breathe, the cold air stinging at his eyes making them water.

After having been man-handled into the car, Jo Sung-Doo is taken to a secluded part of a forest by Manager Kim and his men. Jo, with his hands tied behind his back, is forced to stand on a container. One of the men tries to hold Jo steady, while the other man desperately tries to place a noose over Jo’s head, but Jo struggles continuously make their job very difficult. As Jo tries to prevent the men from hanging him, Manager Kim receives a phone call from Geum Tae-Woong, who tells Kim to bring Jo to his office as he needs to confirm something.

During this time, Oh Ha-Ra takes Sa Do-Chan to Hwang Bum-Do’s vacation house. He asks Ha-Ra why she’s brought him there, and Ha-Ra replies with a rhetorical question: this is not the first time you’ve been here is it? Ha-Ra clarifies that she is referring to being inside the house, not the swimming pool, and that he had been here before they had both met. Ha-Ra sits down on the sofa and tells Do-Chan that she had noticed his interest in Grizzly since he was in the hospital. When she had mentioned Grizzly’s name something had flickered in his eyes. Since then, he has placed himself in dangerous positions in order to find clues to the location and identity of Grizzly. He had also resisted the urge to take the drugs for himself, rather he used them to catch Hwang Bum-Do. And right now, despite being hurt and bleeding, he is more upset at loosing the informant who could lead him to Grizzly.

Ha-Ra demands to know his reasons for wanting Grizzly so badly. When Do-Chan does not provide an immediate answer, Ha-Ra deducts that he had seen Grizzly here...before. Reflecting on what he had witnessed as a child, Do-Chan replies truthfully that he had not seen Grizzly before. He had only seen the back of Grizzly, not the man’s face. Do-Chan, with a very serious look on his face, warns Ha-Ra not to probe too deeply into his life. Without hesitating, Ha-Ra immediately stands up and firmly warns Do-Chan not to continue with his plans based on his personal feelings. Do-Chan tells Ha-Ra that he sets the rules for the game. With a questioning expression on her face, Do-Chan continues reminding Ha-Ra that they are playing a game of Hide-and-Seek. Who can find Grizzly first.

Walking slowly along the street, with the slightest of limp and rubbing his pained shoulder, Do-Chan recalls the events that happened twenty years ago. In 1998, he and his father had driven to a group of homes that also happens to have a swimming pool. Knowing that his son would be thinking this had something to do with a con, he tells his son he is clean now. A young Do-Chan is ecstatic to learn that his dad is now the caretaker of the house and that they are allowed to live there. Do-Chan runs onto the sofa and jumps in happiness. He points out a control panel on the wall above the fireplace which reads 4444. The time 4:04 and the date April 4, 1984. Do-Chan, then, begins to lay the wood for the fire while his father explores the house, only to find a bloodied hand print just below the door handle that leads to the bathroom.

Cautiously opening the door, Do-Chan’s father is met with an horrific site. He quickly enters the bathroom and closes the door behind him, preventing his son from seeing this frightful scene. He quickly exits the bathroom and just as he is about to tap his son on his shoulder, they can hear a car approaching. Going to the window, Do-Chan’s father peers out and sees a car pass by the house. Sensing they may be in danger, Sa Do-Chan’s father tells his son they are going to play a game of Hide-and-Seek and that he must not come out until his dad tells him to. If Do-Chan wins, his dad promises that he will go clean for good. After making a pinky promise, Do-Chan runs upstairs and hides underneath the bed covers, peeping out from the end of the bed and watching the goings on down below.

Meanwhile in Geum Tae-Woong’s office, the painting of ‘Saturn devouring his son’ was moved from the gallery and hangs behind Geum’s desk. Jo Sung-Doo, still covered in blood, kneels on the floor waiting to be reprimanded. Instead Geum shows him a photo of the priest (Director Bong) who had visited the diplomat in the detention center, asking Jo if he recognizes him. Thinking very hard, Jo suddenly remembers where he had seen the man. He was the gambler who wore the lucky red underwear at the island casino.

Geum, Jo and Manager Kim, then, have a meal together, with Jo commenting proudly that this is the first time he has ever eaten with Geum. Geum instructs them both to treat each other like family from now on. Ensuring Kim understands that he doesn’t take orders from Choi Jung-Pil anymore, he highlights the fact that his role is to protect his family. Geum wants Kim and Jo to work together and find this man. Jo Sung-Doo’s life depends on whether they can locate the man or not.

The following day, the Ministry of Justice van delivers Hwang Bum-Do to the prosecutors office. The media present report updates on Hwang’s smuggling and the distribution of large quantities of drugs, claiming that the President’s involvement has been found to be false and that the special prosecution unit is expected to disband.

In the interrogation room, Oh Ha-Ra and Sa Do-Chan sit across the table from Hwang. Leading the interrogation, Ha-Ra tells Hwang that they have enough evidence to prosecute him. Hwang, still claiming to be Grizzly, recalls the threat Geum had made against his daughter. Ha-Ra, directing questions as to the location of all the money gained from drug selling, suggests to Hwang that he had been threatened to say he is Grizzly. At the mention of this, while Hwang slightly turns his head, his right eye twitches ever so slightly. Suggesting that the one who convinced Hwang to act as Grizzly is, in fact, Grizzly, Hwang snipes back that Ha-Ra doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Behind the one way mirror, a frustrated Chief Yang and Prosecutor Jin watch.

Meanwhile Geum Tae-Woong, Choi Jung-Pil and Jung Do-Young talk over some drinks at Namsan Club. Former Prime Minister Choi tells Jung Do-Young to put all the blame on Hwang Bum-Do and to terminate or transfer Oh Ha-Ra and Baek Joon-Soo from their jobs. Jung informs Choi that this may backfire as the President himself handpicked Oh and Baek for this case. Choi ends the conversation with a discontented growl and sips at his drink.

The next day, Chief Yang, Ha-Ra and Do-Chan are in Yang’s office discussing Hwang’s case. They have a partial fingerprint on the belt found in Chinatown, but it will take a while to match the print. They need to find the informant as soon as possible. A phone call interrupts them, and they all rush to the media room.

District Prosecutor Jung Do-Young and his deputies make a formidable image while walking along the corridor and into the media room. Jung stands on the podium ready to make an announcement. As a surprised Yang, Oh and Sa enter the room, Jung shares with the reporters what they know so far about the drug smuggling through the diplomatic bags. He then informs them that they have decided to transfer the case to the Violent Crimes Unit, so they can launch a more thorough investigation. As the stunned prosecutors walk back to their offices, Do-Chan mutters that the prosecutors are always the problem.

Jin Kyung-Hee barges into Jung’s office questioning why he had made such an announcement when the case had not been resolved yet. Jin even asks Jung if someone from the outside had threatened him. Jung tells her that opportunities do not come often, so grab them when you can, luring her with the position of District Prosecutor.

Choi Jung-Pil manages to meet with Viktor Jang from Kiev limited. Viktor presents Choi with a power point proposal inviting Choi to invest in the Turkmenistan Gas Mines. Choi Jung-Pil agrees to invest under the one condition that he meets with the Royal Family in person. Viktor is happy to oblige. As Choi and his keepers exit the building, Manager Kim lurks in the background watching every move Choi makes.

Later that night, Choi meets with his bank’s President Gye and asks him to put together 100 million dollars for a slush fund. Choi becomes angry when Gye questions the large amount, telling him that he is only a puppet.

Meanwhile Manager Kim reports to Geum about Choi’s meeting with Viktor, believing they may be establishing a new business venture. He also informs Geum of the secret meeting between Choi and Gye, the president of Choi’s bank.

In the media room, Oh Sa Ra scolds her sunbae for posting the news about the drug money used for the presidential campaign, before he had he checked the supporting facts. Her sunbae told her that it was true before, but now it is not and that today’s scoop is more important than tomorrow’s truth.

Later, Sa Do Chan and Director Bong look through title properties that are associated with Geum Tae- Woong. They cannot find anything on Geum, but they do find out that in 1998 those properties were formerly owned by Choi Jung-Pil.

At the same time, Jo Sung-Doo and Manager Kim visit the detention center, asking the guard if he recognizes the priest in the photo. The guard brings out a photo from the security camera outside. A photo of the priest getting into a car, nothing of significance.

Returning to his own office, Jo is greeted by his team, asking them about finding the man with the red underwear. The gang remind Jo he can not give up as his life depends on him finding this man. Jo angrily tells them that when he has enough power he will kill Manager Kim and Geum Tae-Woong.

Oh Ha-Ra is at a loss because her unit no longer has the power to conduct a search and seize operation of Hwang Bum-Do’s house. She meets with Do-Chan’s team secretly, quoting them Penal Code 337 section for fraud and its implications. She then shows them two photos of Hwang’s house and plays on how frustrated she is as she can not get a warrant to search the premises. Director Bong suggests that to end her frustration maybe they could bend the law ever so slightly and help her. She stands up, not wanting to know any further details and requests that Do-Chan not be told of their meeting.

Director Bong, Jeon In-Tae and So Eun-Ji disguise themselves as workers from the Center of Disease Control to gain access to Hwang’s house. They say they are searching for a Level 1 poisonous insect that has been discovered in the area, and they need to search and fumigate the house. Managing to pass a security guard inside, Bong and Eun-Ji gain access to the basement. Finding only a desk and numerous painting, they initially think that they are at a loss. Eun-Ji, then, opens a top drawer of the desk and finds a laptop. She downloads all the files to In-Tae, who is outside in the back of their truck.

Outside the Prosecutors Building, Oh Ha-Ra is having a work break. Or at least that’s what she wants people to think. A man jogs past Ha-Ra, brushing roughly against her, and continues on. Appearing to think nothing of it, Ha-Ra heads back inside. In her hand, though, she holds on tightly to the flash drive that the man had slipped into her hand.

In the team’s secret meeting place, Do-Chan is alone arms folded, one hand on his chin. Pacing back and forth, he tries to remember what he saw twenty years ago when his father had been murdered. What had Grizzly said? Then he remembers, “I have no choice if you refuse to take the deal. You killed my wife and then committed suicide. Okay?” Do-Chan recollects the information he and Director Bong read in the property titles. Geum had married Choi’s daughter. Geum had killed her. Because Do-Chan’s father had not taken the deal, he had to die, taking with him the blame for Choi’s daughter and then staging his death as a suicide. Do-Chan, then, remembers the control panel above the fire place. The forth day of the forth month at four minutes past four.

Just then, Do-Chan’s team arrives and tells him that Ha-Ra has the USB. Once they have the information off the USB, they can begin to trace the funds to the individual behind it.

In-Tae and Eun-Ji question Do-Chan as to why he is so dedicated to this case. Eun-Ji is concerned Do-Chan is getting too involved in his role, while In-Tae thought they were going to take the drugs and run. Director Bong tries to calm In-Tae down, but he threatens to leave the group if they do not tell them what the real goal is. Do-Chan admits that Grizzly is his main target and tells them why. Mixed with feelings of disappointment that Do-Chan had withheld a secret from them and sadness for what he had endured as a child, the team reaffirms their friendship.

In the library, Sa Do-Chan and Director Bong search for old news reports on the death of Cho Jung-Pil’s daughter. As they scan through one of the papers, they come across an article with a photo of Choi and his daughter. His daughter had been on her way home from helping at her father’s fundraising event when she was involved in a car accident and had died at the scene. Her name was Choi Min-Ah. However, the date the paper reported the article is 10 June 1998, not April.

Director Bong tells Do-Chan that every 9 June, Choi goes with his driver to a columbarium in Chuncheon for a memorial service. Geum does not attend. Bong suggests that maybe this time Do-Chan is wrong. Trying to wrack his brain, Do-Chan is not convinced. The pieces of the puzzle do not fit. He puts his fist to his head, desperately thinking that when he can work out this piece, the game of Hide-and-Seek will be over.

At her desk, Oh Ha-Ra reveiws the contents of the flash drive, wondering where Hwang Bum-Do has hidden the money. All the paper trails appear clean. She then browses though the photos that Director Bong had taken and has a startling revelation. She asks her co-worker Lim to investigate the paintings found in Hwang’s basement.

Before Sa Do-Chan leaves for work, he pops into Baek Joon-Soo’s room asking him if he needs anything before going to work. Baek, gesturing that nothing was needed, stares at Do-Chan’s ID badge seeing only his photo and his name. Once Do-Chan has left, Baek looks at his graduation photo in the hope it will give him strength. Touching the frame as if to remind him that he is real.


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