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[SWITCH drama recap] - Episode 14

AIR DATE: Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Writer: Gracie A. Pascual
Editor: Jill Fuller
Photo Credit: SBS, Rossi Yan, Karen Delos Santos

Another day at the office sees Do-Chan walking happily into the foyer greeting the office receptionist and looking very whimsical at the sound of his ID beeping. He cheerfully enters their office to find everyone already at their desks, waiting silently for Oh Ha-Ra to complete her artwork. She is focusing on painting her own portrait.

Not wanting to have his head bitten off as Ha-Ra looks as though she is concentrating very hard, Do-Chan asks Investigator Go to ask Ha-Ra what is she doing. Ha-Ra tells Go to relay to Do-Chan that ‘do not disturb me as I’m busy creating art now’. As Go relays Ha-Ra’s message to Do-Chan in an imitating voice, Do-Chan’s expression shows his quandry. Just then Prosecutor Gil walks into their office and is about to approach Ha-Ra when Go stops him and tells him not to disturb her.

As soon as Ha-Ra finishes her work, she wraps it in brown paper, and carrying it under her arm, heads towards the elevator. Sa Do-Chan follows her and presumptuously suggests that she obtain medication from a pharmacy rather than expressing emotions on canvas. Not everyone can paint. Ha-Ra, looking very forlorn, ignores his comments and gets in the lift. As the doors close, Do-Chan tells her that ‘Bad guys should deal with bad guys’. She finally looks directly at him. As the elevator descends, Do-Chan confesses to himself, ‘You might get hurt Ha-Ra’.

However, Ha-Ra has a plan for her self portrait. She meets with Geum Tae-Woong at Feel Gallery and introduces herself, offering him her calling card. Geum is curious why a prosecutor would want to meet with him. Ha-Ra unwraps her painting and asks Geum if he could sell it for her, in his gallery, for a large amount of money. Geum laughs politely, but then Ha-Ra begins to converse about Hwang Bum-Do’s drug transactions and says that all his drug money was used to buy paintings at cheap prices, then Feel Gallery would raise the selling price and make a huge profit.

As she reveals to Geum that she is aware of various tax evasions, money laundering, bribing officials through artworks, Geum defends himself by assuring Ha-Ra that the case has been transferred to the Violent Crimes Unit and she no longer has jurisdiction on the case, and as an ex-police officer he knows how the office operates.

Back at the office, Ha-Ra throws her painting on a pile of files and sits on her chair. Investigator Go laughs at her artwork, but quickly shuts up when Ha-Ra reveals that Feel Gallery would buy it for $500,000. Then Go realizes Ha-Ra is referring to Geum Tae-Woong and mentions that Do-Chan had asked him to investigate a case to find any evidence to prove if his father's death was suicide or homicide. Do-Chan and Go were having a lovely bonding time when Do-Chan had asked him to keep it a secret from Ha-Ra. Then the pennies drop. Investigator Go suddenly realizes he said too much.

Not at all impressed with the betrayal, Ha-Ra and Go enter the interrogation room, Ha-Ra demands Go hands over the paperwork.

As she reads through the paperwork, Ha-Ra discovers that during his life, Sa Ma-Chun had been charged with fraud and robbery and had committed suicide on April 22, 1998. She closes the file and thinks back to when she bought Do-Chan lunch. His secret to being such a successful con artist? The power of early education. She realizes that Sa Ma-Chun could be Do-Chan’s father.

Oh Ha-Ra visits Baek Joon-Soo and shows him the files. Baek is surprised to hear Ma-Chun had killed himself. As she draws Baek a diagram, Ha-Ra tells him that she’s certain that Ma-Chun is Do-Chan’s father and that Do-Chan had possibly witnessed something as a child. Do-Chan believed that his father, Ma-Chun, had most likely been murdered by Grizzly.

Recongnizing the connections between Sa Do-Chan, Sa Mu-Chun and Grizzly, they also discover that Geum Tae-Woong was the detective on Mu-Chan case at the time. Baek Joon-Soo suggests the possibility of Grizzly and Geum being the same person.

After having installed a tracking device underneath Choi Jung-Pil’s car, Director Bong follows Choi to where they suspect he is heading: Chuncheon, to pay respects to his deceased daughter. Confusing the team, Choi’s car heads in the opposite direction. As Do-Chan tries to figure out Choi’s move, Bong continues to follow them. They eventually arrive at a Buddhist Temple where Bong quickly hides his van at the site. Dressed as a hiker, Bong follows Choi but is denied access to the Prayer Room for the Deceased, which is where Choi had gone. Bong then descends the stairs and hides from site, ensuring he can still observe the goings on.

However, there is another hiker spying on those inside the Prayer room, Old Man Bbeong. Soon Geum Tae-Woong steps outside the prayer room holding a photo of his wife, Choi Min-Ah. Following behind Geum is Choi. While the procession heads towards another section of the temple, Director Bong makes his way to the van where the rest of the team awaits. Unbeknown to them, Old Man Bbeong is watching with binoculars and sees Do-Chan open the door for Bong.

After the memorial service, the men head to the car. Choi tells Geum that they should stop holding a memorial service for her twice a year now, since it has been twenty years since her death. Geum thanks Choi for everything so far and bids Choi farewell, addressing Choi Jung-Pil as Mr Choi, not sir or father. Choi is both perplexed and irritated. Meanwhile, Do-Chan watches from the van.

On his way from the memorial service, Geum Tae-Woong recalls the events that occurred twenty years ago. While Choi was Prime Minister at the time, Geum had been a detective. At their house, Choi Min-Ah somehow sustained a head injury. Geum, then, carried her into the bathroom where he stabbed her with a knife and left. Later on, when Sa Mu-Chun and Do-Chan arrive at the premises, Geum returned to the house and attempted to kill Mu-Chun, framing him for the murder of Min-Ah. Mu-Chun managed to stab Geum in his upper right arm. Geum, then, staged the house to look as though it was a burglary. Geum, then, informed Prime Minister Choi that the infamous con artist, Sa Mu-Chun, had killed his daughter and fled.

Although distraught, Choi Jung-Pil did not want to take the chance of losing the upcoming elections by disclosing his daughter’s death to the media. Choi asked Geum to bury the incident and to kill Sa Ma-Chun.

Hiding his ability to stand from anyone, Baek Joon-Soo manages to drive to the scene of his accident. Standing on the edge of the cliff he recalls the incident; the impact of the dump truck; Ha-Ra telling him to wake up; bearing the scar on his back in front of his colleagues; listening to Ha-Ra vent her frustrations over the judicial system; the moment when Do-Chan knocked the stone head statue off the truck, revealing the concealed drugs; Hwang’s arrest; and Do-Chan’s ability to always succeed despite his disregard for the law. Finally, he recalls Ha-Ra’s evening visit and the words of his doctor. Holding his ID badge, Baek Joon-Soo contemplates.

Somewhere Old Man Bbeong sits in his parked van. Remembering his past, he removes his prosthetic hand, unraveling the mystery of Do-Chan’s savior. Determined to get his revenge on Geum, Bbeong recalls how he came to losing his hand. Having survived Geum’s attack at the house, Ma-Chun had been on the run. Finally catching up with him, Geum stands on the side of a cliff looking down at Ma-Chun who desperately holds onto a small root to prevent himself from falling onto the rocks below. Begging Geum Tae-Woong to save him, Ma-Chun promises to admit to the murder of his wife in exchange for a peaceful life for him and his son. However, Geum does not believe the words of a con man, rather believing that the best silence is death. Geum Tae Woong stabs Mu-Chan’s hand that is holding on to the shrub. Laughing, he then digs and twists the knife further into Mu-Chun’s hand, causing Mu-Chun to lose his hold on the shrub and fall into the waters below, presumably dead.

Meanwhile, Sa Do-Chan is at their hideout and pulls off a cover to reveal a storyboard containing interested individuals and data. Grizzly’s identity has a question mark, to which Do-Chan moves a photo of Geum and places it over the question mark.

Later that night while Oh Ha-Ra’s mother walks through the market, she sees Old Man Bbeong slumped in his chair, looking very downcast. She tells him he does not look well and adds that his son must be worried. Hearing her voice, Bbeong’s mood changes, and he is momentarily chirpy again. Mrs Oh, then, thought out loud that maybe he doesn’t have a son. To protect his own identity and that of Do-Chan, he tells her he does not.

Ha-Ra is also walking home. She calls Sa Do-Chan and tells him that they have found a fingerprint on the belt which was found in the motel room in Chinatown. It belongs to Jo Sung-Doo.

Later that night, Director Bong is eating alone and consuming a lot of alcohol. As he stands to leave the diner, he drunkenly starts shouting that he used to be a promising film director in the past, then immediately apologizes to the remaining patrons and bows. In a hurry to relieve himself, Bong turns down an alley way to were Jo Sung-Doo is already responding to his call of nature. Bong asks himself why his red underwear has stretched, allowing Jo the chance to also see the red garment. Thinking Bong is either someone with particular taste or a pervert, he ignores Bong, too drunk to really care. However, as Bong continues to explain that his underwear are his lucky ones, Jo then remembers the island casino. It’s the same man!

With that realization, Jo chases Bong down the street and into an abandoned building. Arming himself with a piece of wood, Jo ventures cautiously through the unlit premises, jumping at the slightest of noise and demanding Bong to show himself.

Suddenly a spot light shines on Jo, forcing him to cover his face. As his eyes soon adjust to the bright light, Jo looks around to find who is responsible.

Meanwhile, Manager Kim speaks with Geum who asks Kim to investigate Oh Ha-Ra as Baek Joon-Soo is creating a headache for Geum.

After finishing her phone call with Do-Chan, Ha-Ra continues on her way home when a silver tabby cat runs straight in front of her path. Not sure if this is an ominous sign or not, she cautiously continues on her way.

Back in the abounded building, Jo still cowers under the glare of the spot light. Suddenly a figure walks slowly down the stairs and stands directly in the light. As the figure proceeds down the steps towards Jo, other men appear from behind, surrounding Jo. As the figure walks closer to Jo, he suddenly recognizes the man; the prosecutor from the island casino. Not yet sure of his future, Jo drops his weapon and tries to make sense of the situation, while the figure, Sa Do-Chan, smirks at Jo.

Did that smirk make your hearts flutter, Jang Keun Suk fans?


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