Thursday, April 26, 2018

[SWITCH drama recap] - Episode 15

AIR DATE: Thursday, April 19, 2018
Writer: Liana Yus
Editor: Jill Fuller
Photo Credit: SBS, Rossi Yan, Karen Delos Santos

Betrayal Eats Up the Soul

With the light shining in his eyes, Jo Sun-Doo’s vision is dazzled. As his eyes readjust to the light, he sees a particular figure, menacingly descending down the stairs slowly, followed by two other men. More men gather behind him, each of them holding long wooden pieces of wood or lead. Realizing he will not be able to defeat them, he drops his own weapon and crouches down below the height of Sa Do-Chan. Jo, then, realizes that the man seems familiar. It is the man from the island casino, Prosecutor Baek Joon-Soo.

Moving Jo to an open area of the building, the thugs surround a kneeling Jo while Do-Chan sits in a chair. Do-Chan proceeds to confess to Jo that he is the con artist who switched places with the real Baek Joon-Soo as he had been hurt in a car accident near Sokcho. Jo recalls the argument he had with Manager Kim and, piecing together the information, realizes that Do-Chan is telling the truth. Do-Chan confides in Jo that he is a con man pretending to be a prosecutor...a prosecutor who is in fact a con artist. He tells Jo that since the beginning he has something big planned, involving Geum Tae-Woong, and now that he has access to the privileges of a prosecutor nothing can stand in his way. Do-Chan discloses that the job is worth 300 million dollars which sparks Jo Sung-Doo’s interest.

Deliberately revealing this information, Do-Chan entraps Jo into a situation where he either has to die or change his allegiance to the prosecutor. Previously Do-Chan received a phone call from Oh Ha-Ra regarding the fingerprint identity of the belt. It was not a coincidence that Director Bong and Jo had bumped into each other in the alley near the diner.

Back at the warehouse, Jo Sung-Doo informs Do-Chan that he has a grudge against Geum Tae-Woong for trying to kill him, and he agrees to co-operate with them, for a small portion of the amount of money the job earns. Protecting themselves, Eun-Ji leans out of the darkness of the adjacent stairs, revealing that she's video recorded everything as a precaution against Jo in case of he tries to betray them.

Meanwhile in Geum’s office, Manager Kim remains convinced something fishy is going on with Jo Sung-Doo. He tells Geum of his concerns, alerting Geum that he should be careful of Sung-Doo. He informs Geum that when they collected Sung-Doo from the Chinatown motel, the prosecutors had followed. If Sung-Doo happens to ask the prosecutors for their help, he may betray them. Geum assures Kim that the only way people can betray you is if you trust them, and he does not trust Jo Sung-Doo.

With the task set, Jo Sung-Doo arrives at a church. He enters the confessional booth and passes a large envelope to the priest, Director Bong, in disguise. Jo reveals to Bong that when Geum receives money from K Savings Bank, he writes them a receipt; then, his men take the money and distribute it.

Director Bong takes the information and presents his findings to the rest of the team. Choi Jung-Pil uses K Savings Bank as his own personal banking account. The president of the bank, Gye Choon-Shik, is president only on paper. Choi has ultimate control over this massive slush fund. The team recognize this is a huge break for them.

While Jo Sung-Doo and his subordinates enjoying pizza in their office, Investigator Go, from the prosecutors office, enters. After introducing himself, the others immediately become alert. Investigator Go notices the pizza, asking them if it’s a super supreme pizza.

When Go returns to his office, the others are also eating pizzas. He reports to Do-Chan and Ha-Ra that Sung-Doo adamantly insists the belt does not belong to him. Nonchalantly, Do-Chan and Ha-Ra continue eating, inviting Investigator Go to join them.

Meanwhile in his office, Geum reads through the latest edition of Smart Economy magazine which features a photo of Viktor Jang on the cover. He closes the publication when Manager Kim enters the room, followed by K Savings Bank’s President Gye Choon-Shik. Geum wants to know why Choi Jung-Pil had requested Gye visit him secretly late at night. Gye Choon-Shik reluctantly informs Geum that Choi had requested 100 million dollars be transferred to his slush fund. Thinking quickly, Geum demands Gye to give it to him.

Later that night while Gye Choo-Shik is in the process of transferring the money to Choi’s slush fund, Geum Tae-Woong and Manager Kim enter his office. Telling Gye to transfer the money instead into a different account, Manager Kim hands Gye a piece of paper with details of the destined account. Realizing this new account does not belong to Choi, Gye hesitates to enter in the account number. Threatened by Geum, Gye nerveously types in the details, then clicks on the transfer button, denying Choi of his money. Breaking the tension in the room for Gye’s benefit and announcing to Manager Kim their intentions, Geum admits it’s a great view tonight while looking outside the window.

Minutes later on the rooftop, Manager Kim has Gye Choon-Shik dangling over the edge of the railing. While Gye is pleading for his life, Geum informs him that anyone who knows his secrets either has to die or commit suicide. Without further ado, Kim releases his grip on Gye, causing him to fall to his death. Back inside the office, Geum types and prints out a suicide note, placing it on Gye's desk. During their time in the bank, manager Kim had ensured the security cameras were all turned off.

The following morning, Jung Do-Young finishes reading of Gye Choon-Shik’s death in the paper and looks cantankerously towards Jin Kyung-Hee. She recognizes his appeal and prepares for the next meeting with the other prosecutors.

Meanwhile at his home, Choi Jung-Pil can not comprehend the news he hears regarding Gye's apparent suicide. Gye Choon-Shik was not allowed to die without his permission! Choi is distraught beyond belief. This is bad news for him...very bad news indeed.

After the prosecutors gather in the conference room, Jin Kyung-Hee delegates the suicide of the bank President Gye to Gil Dae-Ro. Mentioning they have the suicide note and motive, she expects him to tie up any loose ends of the embezzlement as well. Chief Yang, Ha-Ra and Do-Chan look bewildered.

As they leave the meeting, Ha-Ra discusses with Do-Chan the oddity that Jin had already concluded that Gye had killed himself. Instead of following usual protocol and asking Gil to investigate the crime to determine if it was in actual fact a suicide and not murder, she had already ruled the case as suicide. Jin also asked Gil to tie the embezzlement to this case……something is off. Do-Chan repeats again that the prosecutors are the problem. Rather than going back to the office, Do-Chan heads to the elevator, telling a curious Ha-Ra that he is off to play janggi at the Feel Gallery. ‘Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer’.

Sitting down in Geum’s office, Do-Chan empties his new white janggi tiles onto the board. Despite Geum telling him that an artist isn’t fussy about what he uses and that is will not change the outcome of the game, Do-Chan obviously has something up his sleeve, hinting to Geum that the demon is in the details. Revealing his knowledge of Geum’s strategy of keeping his horses together, Do-Chan smoothly introduces the topic of Geum’s wife. Placing the topic of his wife as bait, Do-Chan can observe Geum’s response to this otherwise tender topic.

While Do-Chan is at the Feel Gallery, Ha-Ra peers into Gil Dae-Ro’s office pondering how they can access the files on Gye Choon-Shik. A co-worker of Gil’s exits the room, startling her.

Gil Dae-Ro is leaving the office to attend an Alumni meeting when Oh So-Ra rushes up to him, asking his destination. She questions why he isn’t investigating the bank president's death. seeing as she has discovered that he was not a gambling man. Gil can not be bothered as he was told it was a suicide.

On the day of Gye Choon-Shik’s funeral Choi Jung-Pil meets Geum Tae-Woong who is accompanied by Gil Dae-Ro. Choi wants Gil to complete a thorough investigation into Gye’s death, the opposite of what Gil planned to do. Geum then directs Choi to the viewing room to pay their respects.

On their way out of the room, they come across Sa Do-Chan, who has come to pay his respects on behalf of the prosecutors' office. Choi is pleasantly surprised when Do-Chan recognizes him and compliments Choi with courteous respect. Impressed with this young man's behavior, he is immediately disgusted to discover that this young man is in fact the Baek Joon-Soo.

In an adjacent room, the three men sit down together continuing to pay their respects to the deceased and the family by having refreshments provided for them.

Aware of the situation, Do-Chan begins to drive a wedge between Choi and Geum by sharing his thoughts about the case, revealing that something does not add up. He confides to them that as there is no evidence of Gye being a gambling man, they need to discover who benefits from his death. Hardly able to contain his excitement, Choi agrees marveling at Do-Chan’s intellect and requesting that they meet again.

Sitting next to Choi however, is Geum Tae-Woong. With a blasé expression, Geum is being very careful not to reveal any reaction to Do-Chan’s comments. He knows the prosecutor is watching his every move. Baek Joon-Soo is getting too close.

Choi Jung-Pil now knows that Geum has been lying to him. He gives instructions to his assistant to assemble the Namsan Club and not to invite Geum Tae-Woong.

In another car, Geum Tae-Woong directs Manager Kim to bring their timeline forward as Choi is catching on too quickly. They need to succeed before Choi can act.

Meeting on the rooftop of their building, Do-Chan fills Ha-Ra in on the details of his meeting.

It is now her turn to role play. Ha-Ra proceeds to take a selfie for which she animates her avatar. Looking on, Do-Chan makes some peculiar expressions. Then sending a message to Gil Dae-Ro to meet her on the roof, she waits while Do-Chan attempts to enter Gil’s office. While Ha-Ra distracts Gil with her verbal rantings on how to investigate a case thoroughly, Do-Chan enters Gil’s office explaining to the co-workers that he was instructed to check the spelling throughout the file. Quickly flicking through the paperwork, Do-Chan finds what he is after and proceeds back up to the roof top. Ha-Ra is running out of ways to distract Gil when she suddenly sees Do-Chan’s head pop up from the stairway and he gives her the okay signal. Ha-Ra quickly bows and apologies for her insubordination towards Gil Dae-Ro.

In the interrogation room, Do-Chan tells Ha-Ra of his discovery. Not a single finger print was found on the suicide note, not even Gye Choon-Shik’s own fingerprint. Referring to the crime scene photos, Ha-Ra questions why there are no prints on the paper, the printer nearby, or even on the desk that all belong to Gye. She concludes solemnly that this is definitely a murder case.

Jo Sung-Doo and Manager Kim visit the church, trying to locate a Father Thomas, but there is no sign of him at this particular church. Jo, playing his role of appearing upset, joins Kim in the car as they head to Geum’s office. Later on in front of Geum and without Kim’s knowledge, Jo smugly produces a photo of the priest they have been looking for, claiming he is a con man by the name of Bong Man-Ho. Geum is rather taken aback that Jo managed to find this man on his own, and Manager Kim is very skeptical. Thanks to Do-Chan who gave instructions to Jo, Sung-Doo was finally able to prove himself, as well as providing bait for both Geum and Kim. Geum wants them to find what connection there is between Bong and Baek Joon-Soo.

That evening, Choi Jung-Pil reminisces about the golden days and the significance of his stature with the Namsan Club, with an associate. Of how his influence in the underground administration has influenced current Korea. His associate advices that he should not trust Geum Tae-Woong, to which Choi agrees.

Due to Geum bringing his event forward, Choi Jung-Pil is the last person to arrive at the Namsan Club, apart from Geum Tae-Woong himself. Grumbling that Geum is not even there to greet him, he proceeds down the stairs to the group seated at a table below. Mystified why the group does not stand up as he approaches, nor answer him, Choi suddenly stands still.

The group of men are now standing up. Choi can not understand what is going on. Geum Tae-Woong appears at the top of the staircase, looking down on them all wearing a bold red coloured suit. As Choi looks up at Geum, he realizes that the sudden change in the men's behaviour and Geum’s attitude that he is under threat!


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