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[SWITCH drama recap] - Episode 7

Writer: Mychi Enriquez
Editor: Jill Fuller
Photos cr: SBS, Korean Media
Photo assemblers: Rossi Yan, Karen Oliveros, Delos Santos, Manelle Jezreel Jang

You Can’t Shake Hands While Making A Fist

After a brief summation of what has occurred since the beginning of this series, episode seven continues in the restaurant where the colleagues gathered to celebrate Supreme Prosecutor Jung Do-Young’s birthday. Fellow prosecutor, Gil Dae-Ro, continues to arrogantly slander Baek Joon-Soo in front of the others, arguing that Baek is, in fact, an impostor and those assisting him are equally guilty of fraud. Introducing Shin Jang-Hoon as Baek Joon-Soo’s high school classmate, Gil assures the assembled prosecutors that Shin can authenticate Baek’s true identity.

Gil Dae-Ro relays to the group that Jang-Hoon and Joon-Soo were burned while playing with fire when they were in high school. Jang-Hoon confirms this by rolling up his sleeve, revealing the burn on his forearm. Jang-Hoon adds that Joon-Soo acquired a burn mark on his left shoulder in the shape of a lightening bolt. The prosecutors exchange glances of surprise at this accusation. Oh Ha-Ra and Chief Yang are speechless. Yang squirms in his seat like a little boy who is about to be caught. However, Do-Chan remains poised, calm, and does not move.

Despite protests from Ha-Ra and Prosecutor Jin Kyung-Hee that Gil is out of line, Gil grabs Baek’s arm, trying to force Baek to stand up. Baek forcefully shrugs off Gil’s hand. Jung Do-Young demands Baek to show his scar to avoid suspicion. Slowly Baek Joon-Soo stands up, apologizes for what he is about to do. He proceeds to remove his tie and unbutton his shirt. As he turns his back towards his colleagues, they see the scar on his left shoulder, in the shape of a lightening bolt. Gasps of astonishment and murmurs fill the room.

During the fiasco at the restaurant, Jo Sung-Doo and his men raid the restricted area of the hospital in hopes of finding a comatose Baek Joon-Soo. As they scour the restricted area, they come upon a private room. Veiled by a hospital curtain, a patient lies sleeping in the bed. Without knowing what they will find but calling out for Baek, Jo cautiously moves across the floor, opens the curtains and pulls back the bed covers, revealing not a body but pillows. Panic sets in as they discover there is no Baek, just an empty bed. Jo quickly reports to Geum Tae-Woong that Baek is not there.

Back at the dinner party while Baek continues to get dressed, he explains the events that occurred during his teens with his friend Shin Jang-Hoon. Baek recalls the date, the time and location of the barn where the fire took place. Shin, Baek says, brought potatoes from home, and they were trying to cook them when the fire broke out. While trying to douse the flames, they received  the burns. Baek adds that before the fire, Shin had gone on a date with a girl from Daesung Girls High School. He reveals that Shin asked him to write a love letter to her on his behalf. Shin declares to the group that only Baek knew these details; consequently, the man before them is the true Baek.

With this, Chief Yang Ji-Soong yells at the group, highlighting the mistake, trouble and humiliation Gil Dae-Ro caused. To relinquish himself from arousing any suspicion, Supreme Prosecutor Jung reprimands Gil Dae-Ro and promptly orders him to apologize to Baek Joon-Soo.

A Twist upon A Twist

Once all the guests leave, Ha-Ra grabs Do-Chan’s hand and leads him back inside the restaurant to an empty room. Ha-Ra exuberantly expresses total awe at how Do-Chan managed to pull off the con, of how he knew about the scar and all the details, even when she didn’t know of his scar. Realizing she's thinking aloud, she immediately recants her statements, uttering, “No, I guess it’s only natural that I didn’t know.” Ha-Ra continues to ask Do-Chan questions, even slapping him on the arm and telling him he is a genius. As Ha-Ra collapses in a chair, she sings his praises with utter amazement, telling him again what a genius he is. Letting herself relax in front of Do-Chan, she leans back in the chair, playfully expressing her elation at Do-Chan's total success.

His expression much more serious than his alter ego, the real Baek Joon-Soo turns to face Ha-Ra. After calling out her name, Ha-Ra jerks her head up, a little surprised. Joon-Soo inquires whether she started this switch, knowing of its danger, and how she plans to fix it. Oh Ha-Ra, still clueless and thinking she is still talking with Do-Chan, responds that Dae-Ro started it and that Do-Chan, as a con artist, fixed it. Keeping his serious demeanor, Baek continues to stare at Ha-Ra. Then the pennies drop. Realization registers on her face as she recognizes his stare. This person is not Do-Chan, but the real Baek Joon-Soo!

Joon-Soo glances at Ha-Ra’s necklace, “I guess you broke that woman after all, seeing how only the scales remain.” While Ha-Ra tries to comprehend who confronts her, Baek remembers a year earlier when he was packing his belongings to leave Seoul. Additionally, he recalls Ha-Ra's monologue while he was still in a coma. Ha-Ra finally grasps that he is indeed the real Baek Joon-Soo. The tension in the room increases as Baek’s composure causes Ha-Ra to reevaluate her own behavior and question the status of their friendship. What has she done?

Suddenly, the doors open and, with a huge smile on his face, Sa Do-Chan bellows ‘Surprise!”

Do-Chan, still grinning at their success, congratulates Baek on his great acting skills, saying, “Cons are all about timing.” Do-Chan explains to the surprised Ha-Ra that what happened is called a “twist upon a twist.” Do-Chan reveals his team groomed Baek Joon-Soo to appear as Do-Chan. Then, when Do-Chan left to go to the restroom during the party, the real Baek Joon-Soo returned in his place. Feeling very proud of his accomplishment Do-Chan smirks and grins madly, while Ha-Ra thanks Baek for returning. She, then, rushes to Baek, giving him a hug. As Do-Chan turns away, feeling awkward at Ha-Ra’s show of emotions towards Baek, Joon-Soo collapses to the floor.

One his way home from his dinner party, Prosecutor Jung informs Geum Tae-Woong over the phone that Baek Joon-Soo actually did have a scar. There is no imposter.

Meanwhile, the still unconscious Baek Joon-Soo lies in bed at Do-Chan’s house. All three cohorts express amazement at the resemblance of Do-Chan and Joon-Soo. Despite their opposition, nevertheless, the team must deal with Joon Soo's presence the time being, since Joon-Soo had saved Do-Chan. In the upper studio, Ha-Ra and Do-Chan discuss the details of the operation while having coffee. Ha-Ra expresses amazement that Do-Chan had thought of all probable possibilities. Sa Do-Chan retraces the events that occurred to Ha-Ra.

He tells her he came across Dae-Ro making a scene with a civil servant in the General Affairs Office. He, then, charmed the lady into telling him that Dae-Ro demanded Joon-Soo’s personnel file. Afterwards, Do-Chan called his team to investigate.

They discovered Gil talking with Baek’s old school classmate, Shin Jang-Hoon. Do-Chan also concluded Baek's life might be in danger. So, he next contacted the ambulance officer and asked to be notified if anyone came looking for Baek Joon-Soo. On receiving a call from the ambulance officer, Sa Do-Chan and his team hurriedly removed Baek from the hospital. Luckily, Baek woke up during transit which afforded Do-Chan the opportunity to inform Baek of the whole situation. The two of them, Baek and Do-Chan, ironically saved each other.

Ha-Ra once again is really amazed with Sa Do-Chan's ingenuity and foresight. Sa Do-Chan grins mischievously, bragging about his charms being flawless. He lets Ha-Ra in on a con artist's secret: scams are 99% deliberate planning...and just a spoonful of luck. When they both retreat back down to the living room, the team questions how long Joon-Soo will be staying with them. They feel uncomfortable having Baek there. Do-Chan tries to reassure them that there is no need to feel that way because only the guilty are frightened of a prosecutor. He asks them, “Did we commit a crime?”

Appearing suddenly into the room, a very serious looking Baek Joon-Soo answers them, “Of course you did.” Baek goes on to recite Penal Code Section 118: Impersonating a civil servant.

In Geum Tae-Woong’s office, a despondent Manager Kim and Jo Sung-Doo report their progress to Geum. Jo explains that Baek Joon-Soo was not in the hospital. The man they suspected of being Baek was discharged a few days ago, but his name was Hwang Dong-Chul. It seems as though Baek had never been at that hospital at all. Manager Kim interjects that it definitely was Baek Joon-Soo. Manager Kim and Jo argue, trying to win Geum’s favor, but Geum points his finger at Jo and, with a fierce look on his face, warns Jo Sung-Doo not to touch Baek Joon-Soo.

Back at Do-Chan's house, a frustrated Ha-Ra tries to reason with Joon-Soo about why they needed to switch identities. Baek Joon-Soo clearly states that Do-Chan committed the crime of impersonating a civil servant, while he and Ha-Ra are his accomplices and must pay the penalty. Sa Do-Chan, in response, angrily announces he's bailing out. He challenges the prosecutor to press charges against himself but to leave his team alone. They were forced to participate in the game.

The next day at the Prosecutors Office, Ha-Ra informs Chief Yang that Baek wants to press charges. Charges against Do-Chan, Ha-Ra, and himself, Baek Joon-Soo. They are in a quandary as to what to do. Baek Joon-Soo is renowned for following the letter of the law.

Loitering in the department’s corridors, Ha-Ra’s sister, So-Ra, awaits, presumably for her sister. While she waits, she gleefully toys with Prosecutor Gil about his behavior at the dinner party. As a journalist, So-Ra teases Gil about what suitable headline should she write. Alone, Gil bangs his head on the wall, knowing he cannot escape the damage to his reputation.

While the rest of the world is working, former Prime Minister Choi Jung-Pil attends to his beloved plants. Geum watches patiently. At last, they sit down over a cup of tea as Choi continues to express his disappointment and remarks that he's losing his patience over Geum's failure to finish the job concerning Baek Joon-Soo. However, Geum assures Choi that the target is set and all he has to do is focus.

Later, Investigator Go pays Geum a visit at Geum’s gallery, at the instruction of Do-Chan. Go discovered that Geum was previously a detective and was in charge of the case Baek-cum-Do-Chan asked him to investigate. The suicide of a famous con artist, Sa Ma-Chun. Although the case was ruled as suicide, Do-Chan knows otherwise. Go inquires further, asking Geum if he can recall anything more about the case that might suggest it was homicide and not suicide. Geum does not answer, instead he sips his tea. As Investigator Go leaves the gallery, Geum, deep in thought, contemplates why Baek Joon-Soo is digging up a case from 20 years ago.

In the marketplace, the man selling kettle corn, who also bears an uncanny resemblance to DoChan’s father, talks seriously to a another man wearing a baseball cap. ”I didn’t know what happened. Okay, just keep an eye on it." As man wearing the cap leaves, Ha-Ra’s mother approaches him to buy more popcorn. The seller, instantly back to his jolly and charming self, again flatters her by calling her Audrey Hepburn. While they talk casually, the man jokes that his son is a prosecutor. His name is Baek Joon-Soo. However, he rebuts it as joke since she does not believe him. Nevertheless, he learns that her daughter is Oh Ha-Ra.

Back at the apartment, Director Bong questions Sa Do-Chan’s methods of appealing to Baek for his help. Bong expresses concern Do-Chan will push Baek away. Do-Chan assures Bong that in the end, Joon-Soo will ask for his help. But before Baek's health fully returns, they must discover the identity of Grizzly.

Meanwhile, in Do-Chan’s room, Ha-Ra sits at a desk while Baek recuperates in a wheelchair. Ha-Ra confesses that she became a prosecutor because of him. In school when she was framed for being a thief, no one believed her. Only Joon-Soo did, and he cleared her name. She adds that when Joon-Soo was accepted into law school at Seoul National University, she also decided she to become a prosecutor. Although the university she attended was not as prestigious as his university, she studied hard.

Conventional Baek insists that it does not matter what your motives are. If you do not abide by the law, your motives cannot justify your actions. Ha-Ra becomes completely aghast at Baek’s lack of willingness to understand her point of view. She knows the law, but she also knows that Baek’s life was at risk. Ha-Ra, too, is very aware of the condition of their country's judicial system. A hurt, frustrated and emotional Ha-Ra tearfully questions why can’t they pay for their crimes after they have caught Grizzly.

Later that evening, Ha-Ra and Do-Chan talk on the rooftop while drinking beer. Do-Chan wonders how a man as handsome as Joon-Soo can be so narrow minded. In his opinion, good looking people, like himself, usually are very open minded.

Using his own premise, Ha-Ra asks Do-Chan to be more understanding of Joon-Soo and help them again. If they stop investigating this case, they will not be able to prosecute. But Do-Chan worries that he may be attacked once more. Ha-Ra reminds Do-Chan that he promised to protect her. Changing the mood, he playfully asks her if she really believed him.

Not being fooled by his diversion, Ha-Ra tells Do-Chan that she feels responsible for putting his life in danger and, for this reason, they need to catch the criminals. Do-Chan stands up and takes a couple paces away, then, turns around to face Ha-Ra. He agrees they need to catch those responsible. As they are about to fist-bump, Do-Chan suddenly pulls his fist away, adding that he has three conditions. Ha-Ra grumbles that he always has conditions, but she agrees to hear them.

First, she must treat him with respect as her senior prosecutor. Agreed. Secondly, she has to stop calling Do-Chan a con artist. She agrees, but when he begins to list the last one, she balks, half whispering, "Con artist." He promptly says, "Goodbye," which causes her to agree to listen politely. Third, he says, when she looks at Joon-Soo, don’t make it look like she is so in love. Ha-Ra denies it and, then, realizes that Do-Chan might actually be jealous. Do-Chan quickly denies it, explaining it’s the mirror effect. He explains when Ha-Ra looks at Baek, Do-Chan feels she is looking at him, and it confuses him. Do-Chan trying to cover up how he really feels?


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