Thursday, April 26, 2018

[SWITCH drama recap] - Episode16

AIR DATE: Thursday, April 19, 2018
Writer: Liana Yus
Editor: Jill Fuller
Photo Credit: SBS, Rossi Yan, Karen Delos Santos

In the Namsan Club, Geum Tae-Woong descends the staircase, as an enraged Choi Jung-Pil glares at him. Ignoring Choi, Geum strides past him and proceeds to sit in Choi’s chair. With a look of utter contempt, Choi yells at Geum, demanding to know why he sits in his chair. Geum informs Choi that the club is in need of a new leader. A real leader!

Choi orders the other members to throw Geum out, but they do not obey. Instead, they are in agreement with Geum. Infuriated even more, Choi cannot believe Geum has the audacity to devise a coup and realizes Geum was the one who killed Gye Choon-Shik in order to pay for the members vote.

Geum tells Choi that if they want a new king, they need a new kingmaker as well. As Choi searches the room for any signs of support, none of the other members can look Choi in the eye. Throwing some final words at Choi, just to show how much he despises him, Geum quotes the words Choi had once said to him. ‘ A flower is pretty only when it has bloomed. It looks pitiful once it withers.’

Feeling dejected, Choi Jung-Pil leaves the meeting, ensuring he maintains his pride. Once inside his car, Choi tells himself he will make Tae-Woong regret betraying him.

Investigators Go and Lim discover that the security systems at K Saving Bank were turned off before the incident then turned back on afterwards. Informing Do-Chan and Ha-Ra, they conclude that this indicates premeditated murder and that someone very powerful is behind it.

In the meantime, Manager Kim reports to Geum that prosecutors Baek and Oh sent investigators to the bank, infuriating Geum. He summons District Prosecutor Jung to come to his office. Familiar with the legal system, Geum know something needs to be done about those two.

Jung Do-Young grumbles to himself as he walks to his car. Allowing his status to boost his own confidence, he believes he is in a more superior position than Geum. How dare Geum order him around!

Tae-Woong informs Jung that he is aware Baek and Oh are digging into the case, but Jung responds that he cannot do anything without a justifiable reason. At this Geum savagely kicks Jung in the shin, forcing him to buckle to his knees. Jung suddenly realizes that status position is now not the currency. Violence is. Tae-Woong shows Jung who is in charge and that he had better follow instructions without questioning.

At K Saving Bank, the senior manager of finance, Han Ji-Young, reads media reports about the suicide of their president. She verbally lashes out at her juniors when she hears them gossiping. Feeling dejected with her surroundings, she leaves the office. Not too far away she goes into a public phone booth and dials the office of Baek Joon-Soo. Investigator Go answers the phone where she tells him she wishes to express her suspicions but insists her call be kept confidential. Repeating what the caller is saying, Go alerts Do-Chan and Ha-Ra to pick up their phones, enabling them to listen in on the conversation. Ji-Young continues that she wants to report an embezzlement crime within K Savings Bank. She tells them that Gye did not gamble the money away, rather he was ordered to have it transferred.

Realizing the risk, Ji-Young quickly apologise and hangs up. Investigator Go, instructed to trace the call, manages to located the phone booth. Go notices a sweet melon van nearby that has a camera installed on the windshield. From the camera, they are able to obtain a photo of the caller, identifying her as Han Ji-Young. Oh Ha-Ra attempts to talk with her as Ji-Young leaves the office, but Ji-Young denies any knowledge.

At the prosecutors regular briefing session, Dae-Ro reports that the Gye case has been ruled a suicide due to the guilt felt by Gye from gambling the money. Case closed. However, Do-Chan and Ha-Ra are not at all satisfied, but their hands are tied. Jin Kyung-Hee does not question the case either. Heading out of the room, Do-Chan loosens his tie and announces again that the prosecutors are the problem. Time for his team to set up another scheme. If you cannot follow the rule, then you find an alternative.

The team manages to find out from a dating agency that Han Ji-Young’s ideal man is a doctor. They know she has an appointment to see her dermatologist at 2:00 pm tomorrow. Spinning his fidget spinner, Do-Chan ponders for a moment then stops the spinner. Plan is in motion.

The next afternoon, Han Ji-Young holds a take-away coffee cup as she sits in the outpatient waiting area of the hospital. In the row of seats in front of her sits a man in patient clothing, holding onto a single crutch with one hand, the other hand holding the handle of an intravenous pole. One leg bandaged, his head also bandaged and wearing a neck collar, this man, Director Bong, does not look at all comfortable. While she sips on her beverage, she hears two nurses behind her talking, one being Eun-Ji. Eun-Ji tells the other nurse all about the new psychiatrist, Dr Brian Kim. Attempting to lure JiYoung’s interest Eun-Ji continues to talk about this handsome, capable, well travelled, well educated, and single man. The nurses suddenly become excited as they can see Dr Kim approaching. As Eun-Ji stands up to greet him, Ji-young takes the opportunity to sneak a glance at him.

Although completely unethical, Dr Kim and Eun-Ji talk about the welfare of a patient who may have a form of self-inflicted eye injury, oedipism. In case Ji-Young is listening to their conversation, Do-Chan rattles off the name of an antidepressant, Lexapro, and is about to mention another, Abilify, an anti psychotic drug. However, he forgets its name! Desperate for help, he makes facial expressions, hinting to Eun-Ji to help him out.

Just then, Ji-Young’s number is called and, as she attempts to walk past Dr Kim, a very bandaged Bong holds his crutch out, causing Ji-Young to trip. Like in a slow motion romantic scenario, she falls into the arms of Dr Kim, spilling her coffee on his white jacket.

While Eun-Ji and another nurse attend to Director Bong, Ji-Young attempts to wipe the coffee of Dr Kim’s jacket, apologizing profusely.

Ji-Young buys them both a drink, and they sit outside while she continues to apologize and offers to pay his laundry fees. As they chat, Do-Chan notices that she looks troubled and suggests to her that stress can cause skin issues. Encouraging her to disclose her stress or reveal any secrets she may have, Do-Chan explains how the nervous system works and its response to stress. Seeing how confused she is becoming as he continues using medical terminology, he tells Ji-Young that it would be beneficial for her to share her troubles.

While Han Ji-Young was in with her dermatologist, Do-Chan, or rather Dr Kim, is upstairs ready for his cue to approach her once again. To appear as though he had been a part of a doctors round, Do-Chan joins a group of doctors who are descending on the escalator. On the way, Dr Kim sees Ji-Young and waves at her. She waits at the bottom of the escalator for him and agrees to meet at a cafe. Unaware they were spotted, Oh So-Ra curiously watches Baek Joon-Soo dressed as a doctor talking to a woman...or are her eyes deceiving her.

At the cafe, Doctor Kim and Ji-Young sit at a table, drinking chamomile tea which helps people relax, according to Dr Kim. However, Ji-Young still does not trust him enough to share her troubles. As they depart, they try to establish another day to meet at the cafe again. Knowing how urgent it is to retrieve any information form her, Do-Chan makes up some fabrication that he has to travel the day after next so he only has tomorrow available. Once they agree on a time to meet, they go their separate ways, but not before Ji-Young hands Do-Chan a container of kimchi. Do-Chan places the parcel, wrapped in yellow material. in the book of his car, oblivious to the fact that someone is watching them and taking photos.

In Ha-Ra’s mother’s chicken and beer restaurant, Old Man Bbeong comes for a visit. Mrs Oh invited him to sample her new recipes. On the table is an arrangement of delicious looking chicken dishes. As Bbeong tries one, he compliments the dish, but says it needs a finishing touch: his kettle popcorn. Just then Oh Ha-Ra enters the shop, greeting her mother, and notices she has company. Before her mother can properly introduce Ha-Ra to Bbeong, Bbeong reveals how much he already knows about Ha-Ra. For a prosecutor, that can be a cause for concern. Once Ha-Ra sits down to join them, Bbeong hands her a bag of the rice biscuits, asking her to try them. He effortlessly tells them the process of how the rice cakes are made. For such a simple snack, he manages to make both women smile and giggle. This man certainly knows how to smooth talk a sale.

Returning home to his apartment Do-Chan is convinced he can wrap up this aspect of the case in a day or so. Eun-Ji, with a hint of jealously, announces that she hopes it will be over by tomorrow. When Do-Chan tells them there is kimchi in the boot of his car, Eun-Ji retorts that she hates kimchi, exiting the room.

On his way to the office the next morning, Do-Chan is forced to pull over due to a police road block. Apparently they are stopping and searching cars. Knowing he has still left the container of kimchi in the boot, Do-Chan does not worry. From his side mirror he sees a man wearing a baseball cap walking away from his car. Thinking he is an officer, Do-Chan thinks nothing of it. The officer gives Do-Chan the okay to continue on.

When Do-Chan arrives at work, he finds Ha-Ra and the team munching on the rice biscuits. Ha-Ra recapturing what old Man Bbeong had told her about the transformation of the single rice into the biscuit, to the team. Just as Ha-Ra is about to explain to the group about ‘you press on it and heat it for awhile and……” Do-Chan buts in and finishes the sentence…once its endures the pressure and heat, it is reborn in a new form.’ Ha-Ra expresses shock that Do-Chan said this exactly as Bbeong had. Do they know each other?

After work, Ha-Ra and Do-Chan walk out together to their cars, still eating the rice biscuits. HaRa’s sister suddenly comes running up to them. She tells them the media has hold of a hot issue and asks if Do-Chan really took the bribe. Ha-Ra and Do-Chan look at each other bewildered. They have no idea what So-Ra is talking about. She, then, shows them the media report on her ipad. They see an article with photos taken of Ji-Young giving a parcel to Do-Chan who places it in the boot of his car. The article reports that Ji-Young had confessed that Do-Chan forced her into giving him a bribe. Ha-Ra is clearly upset that Do-Chan had acted without reporting to her first. He tells Ha-Ra that he did in fact meet with Ji-Young last night and that she had given him some kimchi. Just as So-Ra is about to whisper to Ha-Ra about seeing Do-Chan at the hospital, they are surround by numerous cars.

Meanwhile Geum Tae-Woong is at his favorite fishing spot. He feels confident that he is going to catch a big fish. Geum waits patiently and quietly waiting for the right moment.

Upon the arrival of numerous cars, hoards of reporters explode on Do-Chan. Regaining his composure and after the initial crowd calms down, he tells them he is innocent and all that is in his car is kimchi. Walking to his car he opens the boot to reveal the parcel wrapped in yellow material. Unwrapping the materia,l he unclips the lid of the container and lifts it off. To his astonishment, the container is full of money. Not kimchi, but wads of money.

At the exact moment Do-Chan removed the lid of the container exposing the money, Geum TaeWoong’s fishing line catches a fish. He explodes with success!

Realizing that the police road block had been the diversion needed to exchange the container in his boot, Do-Chan comprehends that he is the victim of an incredible switch. Now he will have to endure a time of heat and pressure.

Chief Yang, Oh Ha-Ra and Sa Do-Chan stand in Director Jung’s office. He is evidently angry and explains to them that he cannot let this go unpunished. He demands Do-Chan's ID and badge and suspends him. Do-Chan has no alternative but to comply.

Later in Chief Yang’s office, the three of them reflect the situation at hand. Yang feeling guilty for letting Joon-Soo down, by allowing Do-Chan to stand in for him. How can he face Baek Joon-Soo now.

Afterwards, Sa Do-Chan walks into his office reflecting on the sentiments of the room and of being an actual prosecutor, even though it was as a fake prosecutor. Not only has he lost the ability to obtain his personal goal, he is at loss as to how to face Joon-Soo.

At Do-Chan’s apartment, they have all gathered to apologize to Baek Joon-Soo. Sa Do-Chan, Oh Ha-Ra, Chief Yang, Director Bong, Jeon In-Tae and So Eun-Ji. All of them feeling a sense of remorse, but nothing could possible compare to how Baek Joon-Soo is feeling. Being a prosecutor, one who completely abides by the law has been utterly and completely betrayed. It hurts deep into his heart. All of them wait quietly for Joon-Soo to say something.

He tells them that he cannot accept any explanations for this incident. Ha-Ra tries to help Joon-Soo understand, but he strikes back at her, disapproving of her taking Do-Chan’s side. Tears form in HaRa’s eyes as his words hurt. Baek continues that Do-Chan is making a mess of everything and that he had warned Do-Chan his method would come back to bite him. Slowly and surprising everyone in the room, Joon-Soon begins to stand up from his wheelchair. Ha-Ra quickly goes to held him steady himself, when he throws her arm off him. stating he will do it on his own. Joon-Soo, then, clearly states that he will take back his position.

While outside there is thunder and lightening, inside the tension rises. Joon-Soo walks over to stand directly in front of Do-Chan and forcefully tells him to get out of his sight.

Afterwards, Do-Chan and his team head to their meeting place. The three of them eager to drown their sorrows in alcohol while Do-Chan lags behind deep in thought.

Geum Tae-Woong is looking out of his office window at the stormy weather, believing that Baek Joon-Soo will soon be fired from his job. Assuming Manager Kim has just entered his office, he is surprised to see that it is actually Baek Joon-Soo. Perplexed as to why he is here and not at a disciplinary hearing, Baek tells him that he is here to sell Geum a man.

Geum scoffs and tells Baek it’s place for the buying and selling of artwork, not people. Prosecutor Baek then reveals his trump card. The man he is wanting to sell is the fake Baek Joon-Soo. Geum, not sure if he is to feel admiration for how successful the fake Joon-Soo was for tricking him, or completely livid at his audacity, is rather at a loss as to how to respond to this news. Baek reveals the fake man's name: Sa Do-Chan.


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