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[Event] Jang Keun Suk "I Will Promise You" Fan Meeting - 2018-05-28

Jang Keun Suk held two Fan Meetings in Seoul for DOOTA Duty Free which were specifically created specifically for Japanese Eels.

The following photos, videos and news reports are from those two Fan Meetings, including photos with the MC Kim Tae Hee, a special audience winner, and a female who was invited by a friend of hers and whose photo was taken with JKS.

Tree J Twitter:
We’re under the same sky..
As we have this magical word,
we’re always together

This text is what JKS told the audience:

- JKS said: I don’t know exactly when I will be enlisted. I wanna make good memories (meaning having a good time with fans) before joining the army. I’ve also prepared for something you can enjoy while I’m in the army, so please look forward to it.

- For the past 3 months l lived as Baek Joon Soo and Sa Do Chan, losing myself, JKS. Now the drama is over, so I’m doing what I wanted to do, one by one, in order to regain myself.

- Things I wanted to do are.... ① traveling with my family ② getting my hair dyed blond which I always do in summer... I did it a little early this year, though. ③ getting back to be real JKS, “so JKS” can be in front of my eels

- After I finished Switch, I traveled around in Gangwon Province with my parents for a week. I enjoyed golfing, too.

- After coming home from traveling in Gangwon Province, I have been having meetings about Team H’s new album with staff members from Japan!

- I got my hairstyle changed 4 days ago and had been trying hard to hide it. But before the fan meeting started today, I posted a photo with my new hair style to the Instagram, thinking that I should show it to everyone. When I went out, I wore a hat to hide my hair and waited to show it to everyone. here first.

 - This year I had a great job at the Korea Olympics and I also enjoyed meeting with everyone at the February show. The air of the now that is making the eel and jks like today back to the actor after a long time, I'm not beautiful? Last one still doesn't suit you....

- Joining the army is a mandatory duty for Korean men, so I’m always ready to be enlisted. But I haven’t received a call-up notice yet.... so I don’t know yet when exactly l will be enlisted.

- The title of today’s fan meeting says “The last fan meeting” but JKS said “last” means “the last fan meeting with Doota Duty Free,” so if I renew the contract with Doota, I may have more fan meetings.....

The special winner, meeting JKS in person for the first time.  She was so excited she feared she hugged JKS too tightly. She added that she never, ever thought she'd be this close to JKS.

JKS with MC Kim Tea Hee:

And with a friend of a VIP guest:

During the Fan Meeting, JKS received a special award - an appreciation plaque - from the Korea Tourism Organization for his efforts to promote tourism, especially among Japanese, to Korean and especially Gangwon-do. Jang Geun Suk said, "This award is not the award I received, but the award that fans made." KTO said he was given this plaque for his contribution to the promotion of international friendship as well as the attraction of foreign tourists. In addition, he did not forget to say hello to the Korea Tourism Festival Tokyo event on June 12th.

Besides talking and singing, JKS introduced PD Nam Tea Jin, who directed Switch. Eels are already hoping for a Switch 2. Nevertheless, his military service awaits him.

...TE: What is season 2? G: I also want a switch drama, a new American drama license (planned? ) remake (? ) appointments. I want to be in the cast too: wow: No, I wish I had.

After all this, he sang a number of songs:

I wil promise you
Bye bye bye
For you (The reason why I can hang in)
Save me
Don’t be afraid
Indian summer
Nature Boy

And finally....
photo credits: Korean media andvarious uploaders on Twitter, Facebook, IG and Weibo
Translation credits from Twitter posts: Marchnecko and Suni Love



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