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[SWITCH -Article] Jang Keun Suk's drama Han Cinema Spoiler - 2018-05-11

[Spoiler] "Switch - Change The World" Han Ye-ri Loses Jung Woong-in

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On the latest episode of the SBS drama "Switch - Change The World", Oh Ha-ra (Han Ye-ri) arrested Geum Tae-woong (Jung Woong-in) for the murder of Sa Ma-chun (Son Byung-ho).

Oh Ha-ra ignored Baek Joon-soo's (Jang Geun-suk) advice to move with proof and arrested Geum Tae-woong who appeared at prosecution in a wheelchair and looking burned out.

Oh Ha-ra looked at him and said, "You are such a mudfish". When a reporter asked her why she was questioning Geum Tae-woong, a victim, she didn't answer.

However, all she had was her gut feeling and no proof. The chief prosecutor told her to let him go because she had no proof and Geum Tae-woong was released.

Oh Ha-ra had been cornering Geum Tae-woong with contracts and fund handling but she had to let him go. She was sure she'd be able to call him once again for questioning and Geum Tae-woong laughed at her.

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