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[SWITCH drama recap] - Episode 17

AIR DATE: Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Writer: Vita Catherine Ione Isaac
Editor: Jill Fuller
Photo Credit: SBS, Rossi Yan, Jezreel Jang, Vita Catherine Ione Isaac

Jealousy Leads to Rage, and Rage Leads to Mistakes

Outside thunder rumbled and rain patted on the windows in Geum Tae-Woong’s office. Safely inside Geum Tae-Woong tries very hard to maintain the storm within himself. Baek Joon-Soo continues to explain to Geum Tae-Woong that he was being impersonated by a con artist while he was away from work and, thus, playing Geum for a fool. To Tae-Woong’s surprise, Joon-Soo offers him a deal: to sell him this con man. Finally, Joon-Soo reveals this man’s name. Sa Do-Chan.

As Geum repeats the name, he looks like he has seen a ghost. Thinking back, he remembered the meeting with Jung Do-Young, wherein he voiced his doubt abut the true identity of Baek and, then, recalled the bickering between Manager Kim and Jo Sung-Doo about the timing of the car accident. If what Baek Joon-Soo is telling him now is true, it all makes sense. But Geum wants to know why there had been a need for such a charade. Baek reveals that Sa Do-Chan believes that Geum is responsible for his father's death, Sa Ma-Chun. Tae-Woong recalls another memory of playing Janggi with Do-Chan. Do-Chan had asked him about his knowledge of a very well known con artist by the name of Sa Ma-Chun.

Still bewildered at this whole scenario, Geum wants to know why Baek would want to sell Do-Chan to him, but first he wants proof that he is really Baek Joon-Soo. To reassure Geum that he is who he says he is,  Joon-Soo reveals his scar to Geum.

In Do-Chan's apartment, he and the others are lounging around, recounting Baek Joon-Soo’s angry expression. A scary man with blue flames for eyes. Jeon In-Tae casually mentions that Baek may even report them to the police. Sitting upright at the thought, Eun-Ji is shocked to think they could be in danger. Meanwhile, Do-Chan lays back reclined in his chair, eyes closed enjoying listening to music and munching on chips, oblivious to the worries of the others.

Meanwhile, Oh Ha-Ra, on her way home from work, tells herself she believes Do-Chan was set up. Realizing she needs to forewarn him, she executes a U-turn and heads to his apartment, to tell them that it might be a set up.

Back in Gum's office, Joon-Soo buttons his shirt after showing Geum his scar and presents Geum with his worn ID badge. The very one he had with him when his car plummeted into the ocean. Baek Joon-Soo tells Geum that he will be his pawn to do whatever Geum demands. Geum likes the idea of having someone as capable as Baek on his side; it is definitely to Geum’s advantage. Geum, though, asks for further proof of Joon-Soo's suddenly loyalty. In response, Joon-soo pulls out a piece of paper containing the Do-Chan's address and the code required to gain access.

As Manager Kim and his men rush to their cars to go to the apartment, Ha-Ra is also on her way there. Upon arrival, Manager Kim leads the men up to Do-Chan’s apartment. On their way through the lobby, they pass two people guiding a luggage trolley. Suspicious, Kim turns to look back at them but shrugs it off and continues to the lifts. Manager Kim and his men search the apartment, but to their dismay, it is empty. He, the, alerts them to the two individuals who they had passed in the lobby.

While Kim and his men are on their way down, Oh Ha-Ra is on her way up to the apartment. They both just miss passing each other.

Meanwhile, Eun-Ji and In-Tae are moving their luggage out to the street. As Eun-Ji hails a taxi, In-Tae unzips a large lugguge bag so that Director Bong can get out of his hiding place whereupon they get into the taxi, narrowly escaping from Kim. As Kim arrives in the lobby, all that remains are the bags strewn on the footpath.

Up in the apartment, Ha-Ra calls out to Do-chan and Director Bong but receives no reply. She sees Joon-Soo’s wheelchair overturned and calls Reckless Punk - her phone's code name for Do-Chan - but receives no answer.

Meanwhile sitting and drinking tea with Joon-Soo, Geum still suspects Baek’s identity and quizzes him about his favorite artist. Baek replies that he has no real interest in art at which point Geum suggests Mozart. Baek questions Geum that he’s a musician, isn’t he? Geum knows these are different answers from what the fake Baek had told him when they met at the gallery.

Joon-Soo tells Geum he has two objectives. The first one is to clear his name, and the second condition…remains undisclosed. After returning, Manager Kim enters and tells Geum that Sa Do-Cha escaped. The apartment was empty.

Walking home at night along the deserted market street, Ha-Ra, thinking she is safe, hears the caterwaul of a neighborhood cat. Is this another omen? 

As she continues walking beside a high rock wall, suddenly an arm reaches out and pulls her into an dark a masked man. Not having the time to defend herself, the assailant quickly reveals he is no enemy as he puts his index finger to his masked mouth indicating for her to remain quiet. The man, the,n pulls his mask down, revealing he is none other than Sa Do-Chan.

Worried about where everyone went, she queries Do-Chan. He explains that Baek Joon-Soo sold them out. Disbelieving Joon-Soo would stoop so low, Do-Chan tells her he believes that Baek wants his name cleared as he had ruined everything for Baek and the only resolution for Joon-Soo is to elicit Geum's help. Thus, Joon-Soo believed he had no option but to go to Geum. Ha-Ra realizes that Do-Chan is in danger now, as Geum, no doubt, knows that Do-Chan had impersonated Joon-Soo. She is unable to hide her worry.

Do-Chan hands Ha-Ra a phone and tells her to look after it. Just as he is about to leave, Ha-Ra grabs him by his arm. She apologizes for telling Joon-Soo too much and, thus, putting him in this dangerous position. Looking at him with such concern, he reminds her not to look at him with so much affection. While she watches him walk away, he mutters, ‘Sorry, Ha-Ra’.

The following day, Han Ji-Young from K Savings Bank pays the prosecutors' office a visit. In the interrogation room, she proceeds to tell Gil Dae-Ro that the money inside the container she had given to Joon-Soo was not a bribe, that she had lied to him. As she apologizes and accepts full responsibility, Dae-Ro tries to work out how he is going to fix this problem on the paperwork. It will certainly reflect badly on his investigating abilities, as he again did not thoroughly investigate the case. Nevertheless, the charges against Baek Joon-Soo are dropped, and he is reinstated in his former job.

At the front of the Prosecutors' Building, Baek Joon-Soo pauses for a moment and looks up at the height of the building. He gathers his thoughts and composure before beginning the climb up the steps. Oh Ha-Ra meets him as she descends down and immediately castigates him. He has only been able to return to work because he sold out Do-Chan to Geum Tae-Woong. She even went as far as to say he sold his soul to a demon. Not tolerating such disrespect, Joon-Soo coldly reminds Ha-Ra that it was she who listened to a con artist and ruined his position. Joon-Soo warns her to watch what she says. He tells Ha-Ra to leave Do-Chan alone and then proceeds to the foyer. Unlike Do-Chan, Joon-Soo ignores those around him and checks his ID badge without any response, leaving a disappointed Officer Mi Ra in his wake.

Advised earlier by Tae-Woong that Joon-Soo will be loyal to them now, District Prosecutor Jung welcomes Baek Joon-Soo back and hands Joon-Soo his first case which involves Lee Gil-Ho, the leader of the Nationalist Party. Joon-Soo’s task is to find information to force Lee into retirement. He accepts without hesitation while Jung says that they work well as a team.

From a distance, Ha-Ra observes Jung and Baek’s conversation, her curiosity about Jung rising. As Baek enters his office, the others stand to greet and congratulate him, expecting his usual chirpy, happy self. Instead, he just nods to them in a serious, non responsive manner, leaving Inspector Go and Officer Lim to wonder about him.

Meanwhile in a new apartment, Do-Chan and his team have a new hideout. When Eun-Ji remarks that it looks much like the old apartment, Director Bong replies that it is one of many Do-Chan has. With Do-Chan no longer returning to play the role of prosecutor, the team is happy to be back to normal.

In his office, Chief Yang and Baek meet. Yang finally feels there is some normality returning to his life. Baek’s name has been cleared which means Baek can get back to work. Yang wonders aloud what will happen to Do-Chan. He tells Baek that Do-Chan has a great mind and was cute when he played dumb. He continues that if he had of been educated and taken the bar exam, he would have been one of the top five prosecutors in the nation, unintentionally rubbing salt into Baek’s pride. Keeping his thoughts to himself, Joon-Soo excuses himself, just as Ha-Ra enters the room.

Ha-Ra tells Chief Yang of her concerns and suspicions about Jung. Upon reflection of their previous cases, she recalls that Geum has been one step in front of them. Why was their department given a drug case? Had Joon-Soo been singled out just because of a previous case he had managed? Somehow, they had known when the prosecutors were about to search either their luggage or property. As Ha-Ra continues, speculating that the death of the bank’s president had been a cover up for suicide and that Han Ji-Young had been coerced into lying, Chief Yang gives Ha-Ra a look that expresses, ‘Oh no! Not again’. Yang stands up and walks over to the window, shocked at the realization that what Ha-Ra is telling him could very well be the truth.

Turning to face Ha-Ra, he firmly tells her that if she is wrong her whole life will be ruined and that she cannot handle that consequences. He orders her not to investigate of her own accord. Admirably, Yang, then, orders her to only investigate under the condition that he is to take full responsibility should the case fail. Leaving him with a bow, Ha-Ra closes the door behind her while Yang inhales with a terrified look, contemplating the danger they will be facing. Outside in the hall, Ha-Ra blesses Chief Yang.

Across town at Choi's residence, Choi Jung-Pil and Lee Gil-Ho drink tea. Choi wants Lee to be his eyes and ears in the Namsan Club. At the right moment, they will turn the tables around and strip Geum of his position. Choi tells Lee he wishes to meet with Baek Joon-Soo.

Later at Namsan Club, Geum Tae-Woong meets with the members and tells them to merge their stocks into one, under his control, and thus they will gain control of the bank. Manager Kim provides them each with a folder containing the relevant paperwork ready for them to sign.

Back in the apartment Do-Chan and the team lounge around while trying to choose the next case to work on. Do-Chan chuckles that it reminds him of the prosecutor meetings but reassures the group he does not want to be one again. The talk of prosecutors seems to be a cause of concern for Director Bong. He appears to have something else on his mind.

Meanwhile, Baek Joon-Soo and Oh Ha-Ra diligently investigate their assigned cases. Investigator Go assists Joon-Soo with his case against Lee Gil-Ho while Officer Lim aids Ha-Ra build a case against Jung Do-Young. Both Go and Lim are sworn to confidentiality. Neither Baek nor Ha-Ra want the other to know what they are up to.

Taking their work seriously, they work hard day and night, ensuring their findings are safely locked up in their individual filing cabinets.

However, all this hard work takes a toll on Joon-Soo’s health. As the paperwork continues to pile higher, they must work harder in order to meet deadlines. On at least one occasion, he has to hide in a storage cupboard in order to manage the pain in his chest and to take his medication. On the other hand, Ha-Ra shows a satisfied smile. She has found something!

Arranging to meet with Do-Chan to discuss her findings, Ha-Ra waits on a park bench surrounded by cherry blossoms. He is running late. As she looks around the park, she becomes annoyed at the couples displaying their affection in public. Muttering to herself, she wonders if she should arrest them for obscene public displays.

Pouting with a rather jealous or lewd smirk, Ha-Ra makes a few facial expressions when she suddenly sees Baek Joon-Soo heading towards her.


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