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[SWITCH drama recap] - Episode 18

AIR DATE: Wednesday, April 25, 2018 10:35pm KST
Writer: Vita Catherine Ione Isaac
Editor: Jill Fuller
Photo Credit: SBS, Rossi Yan, Jezreel Jang

Baek Joon-Soo walks towards a stunned Ha-Ra as she stands up ready to address him. What is he doing here? As Joon-Soo gets closer to her, he notices she is still wearing the scale necklace, despite her clear intention of not wishing to talk to him. She quickly reveals to Joon-Soo that she just forgot to remove it. Joon-Soo insists again that he will arrest Sa Do-Chan and that is why he had followed her. Ha-Ra retorts that they both know Do-Chan did not accept the bribe. Joon-Coo looking reflective in thought lowers his head and removes his glasses. He, then, looks at her with a mischievous grin, relieved that Ha-Ra believed in him. He is Sa Do-Chan!!

Slightly irritated as well as relieved, Ha-Ra yells at him and hits him on the arm. Playfully bantering between two of them, Do-Chan runs off baiting Ha-Ra to catch him. Ha-Ra, wearing high heels runs after him, both oblivious to the cherry blossom falling in the gentle wind.

Eventually the two of them settle into a companionable walk. Ha-Ra tells him she wants him to break into Feel Gallery. When he asks why, Ha-Ra explains about the ongoing investigation into Jung Do-Young. She mentions that Jung may be connected to Feel Gallery and Geum Tae-Woong. She informs Do-Chan that Feel Gallery helps with tax evasion for the rich. Also that six years ago, Jung covered up for Geum Tae-Woong. The mention of six years ago peaks Do-Chan's interest. But no evidence exists of any collusion between the two. In addition, her investigators discovered that Jung visits the gallery alone every Saturday at 10:00 pm, but for what reason they do not yet know. She wants to find out but needs Do-Chan’s help.

Do-Chan teases Ha-Ra, "Aren't you working too closely with a con artist, Prosecutor Oh?" After more bantering about becoming a joint prosecutor - con artist team, she finally settles on, "Prosecutors and Con Artist Combined Forces? It's good right?" Do-Chan grins widely and quietly laughs.

In his office, District Prosecutor Jung signs off on paperwork. He thinks back to the conversation he had with Geum after he had joined the Namsan Club. Geum reminded Jung not to forget the Incheon case six years ago.

At the same time, in their new apartment, Director Bong and Do-Chan discuss a little about the incident that occurred six years ago in Incheon. Do-Chan tells Bong that Ha-Ra is looking into it. Bong looks remorseful.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Nationalist Party and Choi Jung-Pil’s inside man, Lee Gil-Ho, quietly enjoys his meal when Baek Joon-Soo arrives, interrupting him. After introducing himself, Joon-Soo sits opposite Lee. Thinking that Baek is just a nobody, Lee haughtily taunts Joon-Soo, angry at his lack of respect for a superior. As his anger rises, his rhetoric becomes heated, demanding to know why Baek is investigating his family members. Thinking Joon-Soo is just another person wanting money, he throws his wallet onto the table. Calmly, Joon-Soo informs Lee that he is aware of the land he  purchased in Jeju had been illegally converted into a casino. Joon-Soo recalls the drug case earlier in the year, in which Lee’s son-in-law had been found at Dongsung Hotel, the location of many crazy drug-filled parties. Still annoyed, Lee tells Joon-Soo that he has no evidence against him.

Then, still remaining calm, Joon-Soo pulls out Laboratory Test Results from the envelope he brought with him and shows them to Lee. Evidence that his daughter was also taking LSDT on a regular basis. The results revealed through a sample of his daughter's hair. His hands shaking, Lee angrily puts the papers on the table, stands up and buttons his suit. Addressing Baek Joon-Soo formally, he asks Joon-Soo what he must do. Joon-Soo calmly replies that Lee is to resign from the Nationalist Party and retire from politics.

The next day, news of Lee Gil-Ho’s retirement covers the headlines in the news. Oh Ha-Ra enters Chief Yang’s office just as he finishes reading about it in the newspaper. Jung Do-Young can now run for the vacant Assemblyman position in the Nationalist Party. Yang orders Ha-Ra to hasten the investigation, otherwise they won’t be able to act once immunity privileges are granted to Jung. In Jung Do-Young’s office, the prosecutors gather to bid him farewell. He promises to look after them from a political standpoint and tells  a suddenly startled Jin Kyung-Hee to look after Baek Joon-Soo.

Director Bong, Jeon In-Tae and So Eun-Ji sit on the couch, staring at an advertisement poster for the Faberge egg. Eun-Ji is flabbergasted at the egg’s exorbitant price considering it is only just an egg. In-Tae educates her about the famous eggs by Russian jewellery designer, Carl Faberge, and that they are a work of art. This egg, the King of Faberge, is encrusted with exquisite jewels and is worth fifty million dollars. It’s exhibit schedule at the Feel Gallery allows them the opportunity to design another heist. Still mystified on the differentiation between conning and stealing, Bong gives her a visual example and smoothly cons her out of some money.

Having previously studied the egg and what they are going to do with it, Do-Chan joins the others, camera in hand and tells them to begin. Do-Chan takes photos of a simple egg in an egg cup, at varying angels. Then having the egg nestle in a pile of white substance possibly salt, he video records a rock being dropped onto the egg. All this for an advertisement they're creating.

While the others are photoshopping the egg, Director Bong enters the room dressed in a trench coat and broad rimmed hat, holding a briefcase in his hand. He tells them he is off to meet his spy. At a bus terminal, Bong sits down on a bench, places his briefcase beside his legs and begins to read a paper. Not long after, another man sits beside him and also places a briefcase on the ground next to Bong’s brief case. As Bong stands up to leave, he grabs the brief case which is furthest away from him and walks off. Jo Sung-Doo remains sitting on the bench with Bong’s briefcase at his feet. Jo takes the case, and once in his car, opens it. His driver Moon-Sik and Jo are ecstatic to find the briefcase full of money.

Back in the apartment, Director Bong’s briefcase contains architectural blueprints of the Feel Gallery. Do-Chan and his team study the plans in detail. Feel Gallery is a fortress! Requiring more information about the gallery’s security system, Bong, In-Tae and Eun-Ji visit the gallery in disguise. In-Tae and Eun-Ji are a newly wedded couple at the gallery for their wedding photos, while Director Bong is their artistic, yet bumbling, photographer. With no explanation as to why his camera is automatically taking photos without his knowledge, the team is able to provide Do-Chan with the security information he needs.

Journalist Oh So-Ra, Ha-Ra’s sister, hounds Gil Dae-Ro for the truth behind Baek Joon-Soo’s return to work. Telling So-Ra that the witness had rebutted her previous statement, he makes it clear to So-Ra that he is not taking sides in the case. Anyway, he continues, if she had bribed him to become friends with a prosecutor, why would Baek have left it in the car.

As So-Ra walks away her mind is troubled. Why would Han Ji-Young believe him to be a prosecutor when she knows he’s a doctor. Realizing something is amiss with Baek Joon Soo, she goes to visit Ha-Ra. Knowing that Ha-Ra is bound legally not to reveal details of any case without permission, So-Ra has to get her answers indirectly. Telling Ha-Ra she needs help with the title of her next article, she taunts Ha-Ra with various choices. As soon as So-Ra mentions prosecutor Baek Joon-Soo and con man in the same sentence, Ha-Ra takes notice. So-Ra tells Ha-Ra of her suspicion that Prosecutor Baek Joon-Soo has been posing as a doctor. Begging her sister not to report this, Ha-Ra realizes that So-Ra is getting too close to the truth. Ha-Ra takes So-Ra into the interrogation room where they can talk more in private, all the while So-Ra threatening Ha-Ra with going ahead on the article. Ha-Ra, then, decides to tell So-Ra the truth.

That night, a drunken District Prosecutor Jung visits the Feel Gallery alone. Having his own set of ID cards to allow him entry, he descends the stairs to a storage basement to visit his beloved items. Ten Terracotta Warriors from China.

The opening day of the Faberge Egg exhibition finally arrives. Geum Tae-Woong looks very excited about his event as he welcomes the honourable guests and introduces them to the main exhibit. Manager Kim approaches Geum and asks to speak with him in private. Away from the visitors ears, Kim shows Geum a advertisement which directly makes a threat against the Faberge Egg, ‘I will take your king. by SDC’. The advertisement ends with the smashing of the egg. It does not take long before the advertisement to go viral. The present guests also saw the threat and worry for its safety.

In between exhibit tour groups, Geum speculates on who is behind this prank. Manager Kim reports that it is not possible to trace who uploaded the video, but SDC, could it stand for Sa Do-Chan? Geum advices Kim to contact Baek Joon-Soo to send more police assistance and secure around the gallery’s vicinity. Thinking he will be setting a trap for Do-Chan, Geum plans to allow Do-Chan to attempt to steal the egg and then close in and catch Do-Chan himself.
Meanwhile those at the prosecutors' office feel like it is only a warning, though Jung personally panics as is he worried about his soldiers. As a precaution, he asks Baek Joon-Soo to investigate. On his way out of Jung’s office, he is confronted by Ha-Ra who wants to talk with him. Following her into the interrogation room, she reveals that she is investigating District Prosecutor Jung, but Joon-Soo is in her way. Ha-Ra warns him that this is his last chance, that if she needs to take actions against him she will. Joon-Soo replies that he will go on his own path and catch Do-Chan, so do not get in his way. Oh Ha-Ra, trying to find the Baek she once knew, asks him if this is really who he is, but Joon-Soo just walks away, leaving Ha-Ra alone in the room and trying to fight back her tears. In the corridor, Joon-Soo stops for a moment and recalls the second condition he had with Geum Tae-Woong: Geum is to guarantee Ha-Ra’s safety. Before the next exhibit tour group arrives Geum, wearing white cloves, checks the security of the egg casing. Inside the case are special gas pressure sensors. All seems to be okay. He, then, asks manager Kim to re-check the security cameras inside the room.

When the next group arrives at the exhibit, a gentleman inquires about the egg's security, considering the recent threat. Geum reassures the visitors that Feel Gallery has the top of the line security, even having arranged special security from America. The group enjoy the egg and take many photos. Suddenly the lights in the room begin to flicker. Inside the egg casing, electrical currents begin discharging. Then, just as suddenly, steam begins to billow around the egg, quickly filling the case and seeping outside its perimeters. Manager Kim calls immediately for security while Geum cannot belief what is unfolding in front of his own eyes.

While the Feel Gallery is under attack by the mysterious events around the egg, Do-Chan and his team wait in their apartment. Bare foot, sitting on top of the couch staring out the window, he begins spinning his fidget spinner. He spins and stops. Spins and stops again but this time with a smug smile on his face. Looking out the window he mutters if it will rain.

With more security now in the room and the gas beginning to dissipate, a mortified Geum can breathe a sigh of relief now that the egg is visible to those around it. However, there are condensation droplets inside the eggs protective security casing! As the weather outside begins to change, the drops of water begin to fall onto the Faberge egg. As the condensation drips onto the egg’s lid, the lid begins to open. Inside the egg is a piece of paper. Written on the paper is the word ‘Today’ and underneath is a profile picture of a brown grizzly bear. Just at this time, Do-Chan, still sitting on the couch, stops his fidget spinner. It’s time for them to go.

News reports quickly spread about the happenings that occurred at Feel Gallery. For the safety of the egg, the gallery temporarily cancelled any further tours and closed. Prosecutor Jung, upon seeing this update, fears for the safety of his Terracotta Warriors.

Geum Tae-Woong is furious! The Faberge exhibition has been cancelled, and both Geum and Manager Kim are in Geum’s office. Kim discovered that the Manhattan Security from America had not even arrived at the gallery. They returned days ago, apparently having been tricked. Moreover, Russia demands that Feel Gallery return the egg by midnight. Manager Kim tries to break the tension by commenting that at least the egg is not damaged. However, this only infuriates Geum even more. Geum feels completely humiliated, saying he will not forgive the one responsible.

With an hour left until midnight, Baek Joon-Soo arrives at the gallery. Joon-Soo reports to Geum that the police have been discreetly positioned around the gallery. As they wait for Do-Chan to make his move, Geum asks Baek Joon-Soo what he intends to do with Do-Chan once they have him. Joon-Soo says he will hand Do-Chanover to the police. Geum corrects him: Joon-Soo is to hand Do-Chan over to him and not to ask any questions of Do-Chan’s where about afterwards. Unbeknown to either of them, Oh Ha-Ra arrives at the gallery and overhears their conversation. She confronts Geum about what she just heard.

Meanwhile, having left their apartment, Do-Chan and his team depart in an Asian Refrigerated Transport truck, with Director Bong behind the wheel. In the back of the truck, Do-Chan listens on the monitoring system, while In-Tae has his mouth stuffed with hard boiled eggs, cracking another over Eun-Ji’s head. In retaliation Eun-Ji cracks one over In-Tae’s head while Do-Chan smiles. Director Bong, however, looking ever more worried.

Only ten minutes remain until midnight. At the gallery everyone anxiously waits for signs of DoChan’s arrival. Thinking he has control over the situation at hand, Geum laughs, curious as to how Do-Chan could ever pull this heist off now.


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