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[SWITCH drama recap] - Episode 19

AIR DATE: Thursday, April 26, 2018
Writer: Lorena Rodriguez
Editor: Jill Fuller
Photo Credit: SBS, Rossi Yan

Secrets Blend in While Truth Gets Revealed

With the Faberge egg’s security now established, Baek Joon-Soo arrives at the exhibition to meet with Geum Tae-Woong. ‘He is more fearless than I thought,’ expresses Joon-Soo. He tells Geum Tae-Woong not to worry, as the police captain is his friend and he already has his troops discreetly located around the gallery. Geum asks Joon-Soo what he will do with Sa Do-Chan once he has caught him, and the public prosecutor replies that his only interest is to hand Do-Chan over to the police. But Geum has other plans: he demands Joon-Soo hand Do-Chan over to him and not ask what he’ll do to him.

Suddenly, Oh Ha-Ra enters the room walking quickly over the the two men. Looking rather smug as she overheard their conversation, she asks Geum directly if he’s planning to kill Sa Do-Chan. Geum looks at her and smiles in an arrogant way while Joon-Soo turns away from her glare. But she doesn’t stop looking at them.

Director Bong looks very anxious as he drives the truck that hides Do-Chan, In-Tae and Eun-Ji in the back. In the rear of the truck, the others electronically monitor the goings on that unfold at the Feel Gallery.

As midnight approaches, security warns Baek Joon-Soo that they can ‘see the vehicle approaching’. Joon-Soo leaves the room, heading to the location where the truck sitting. Ordering manager Kim to guard the King Faberge Egg well, Geum joins Joon-Soo, followed by Ha-Ra. Meanwhile, the vehicle driven by an agitated Bong arrives at their own intended destination.

Having arrived at the gallery, the truck is immediately surrounded by Joon-Soo’s special troops, their assault rifles raised and ready. As Joon-Soo, Geum and Ha-Ra watch, the driver slowly exits the car, blinded by the lights. When a uniformed officer approaches the driver, the driver removes his cap and tells them he is here to deliver the lobsters. While Geum tries to make sense of this situation, the lobster truck driver becomes a little excited, asking if they are making a film or movie. Geum is in shock. He, of all people, has been fooled. Ha-Ra is silently relieved while Joon-Soo is stunned.

While Do-Chan and Director Bong assess their own task, Geum and Joon-Soo are in his office, annoyed and trying to understand what happened when Manager Kim enters the room. Russia demands the immediate return of their egg. Not overly worried about returning the egg, Geum, however, is furious at his own gullibility. News of the egg returning to Russia soon reaches the media, alerting In-Tae of its progress. Who would want to steal the egg, In-Tae jokes with Eun-Ji as Do-Chan and Bong join them in the back of the van. They are after a different king. The Faberge egg was merely a distraction.

The following day, retired district prosecutor Jung accompanied by his wife, ceremoniously walk down between a path of honor to say his farewell. Jung promises to be an ‘honest’ assemblyman, and it’s time to put every piece in its place, beginning with acknowledging Jin Kyung-Hee as his replacement. Chief Yang mutters to Ha-Ra that they need to catch him in the open while they still can.

With the formalities over, Ha-Ra goes back to her office to find some gentlemen talking to Officer Lim. A representative from the Cultural Heritage Administration and one from Korea Customs Service. Ha-Ra had asked for their assistance, and she hands them the relevant warrants. Ha-Ra is ready to fight. Meanwhile in the truck, Do-Chan and the others wait patiently. In-Tae writes up some articles at Do-Chan’s request. The new heist is beginning.

Baek Joon-Soo accompanies Geum Tae-Woong to a private meeting with the members of the Namsan Club. Once introductions are completed, they sit down over a meal and discuss Jung Do-Young’s entry into politics. Geum tells the group that those in the Namsan Club should do all they can to ensure Jung is elected, eventually ensuring his Presidency of the National Assembly.

With the meeting over, Manager Kim drives Geum to his next destination. Diverting from his drive, Geum instructs Manager Kim to visit Jo Sung-Doo to ensure he is working hard. Instead of finding an office full of busy activities, the office is filthy, rubbish strewn everywhere and Sung-Doo asleep in a chair. Geum is disgusted. While Geum disgustedly tells Sung-Doo he is pathetic, Kim even looks at Sung-Doo withloathing. Geum sits down while Sung-Doo stands up, looking very disheveled. Reminding Sung-Doo of his inabilities, Geum heatedly points out his mistakes: gambling the companies money and getting caught trying to sell drugs against orders. He demands to know when Sung-Doo will he become a decent human being. As he continues belittling Sung-Doo, Geum’s temper soars, causing Sung-Doo to flinch with fear.

Not wanting to associate with this incompetent individual, Geum tells Sung-Doo if he doesn’t not want to work, then he is to get out as they are no longer friends. Jo Sung-Doo begs Geum for his forgiveness and promises not to make any more mistakes. Geum spits out that Sung-Doo needs to accept responsibilities for his own life, not blame them on his past. He also need to behave and act as though he is working hard, someone any father would be proud to call their own. Geum angrily leaves the office, with Kim following.

Exhausted from the constant parenting of Sung-Doo, Geum recalls how he had met him one year ago, at a funeral. After hearing the news that a friend from his hometown had died, he came as quickly as he could. From the redness in his eyes, she was obviously someone very important to him. Waiting in the room was a very sad looking Jo Sung-Doo. Revealing their identities to each other, Geum is shocked at discovering his friend had had a son. While having a drink they chat, Sung-Doo reveals that his main goal in life is to find the man who is his father and kill him. Any man who abandons his wife and child is no father. Geum eventually offers Sung-Doo a job to work for him. Was this an offer out of sympathy, or a case of keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer?

On her way out of the office, Ha-Ra meets reporter Oh So-Ra, who informs her sister that she’s going to Candidate Jung Do-Young’s house. In a public relations move to build his candidacy, he invited the press to his house to show them how he lives. Ha-Ra strongly reminds So-Ra that he has more things to reveal and to remember to ask the right questions. She needs to ask the right questions, don’t hold back. Thinking Ha-Ra rather overly concerned about her skill as a reporter, she heads off to join the rest of her group.

The reporters arrive at Do-Young’s home. Inside he has deliberately prepared some scenes in an attempt to move and conquer the Korean public. Showing them what a loving husband he is: turning the pages for his wife while she plays piano, cooking food and serving to his wife. His wife asks for a break and leaves the room with Do-Young following behind. In their bedroom, obviously tired from the pretense and acting, his wife sits on the bed, saying she only wants a quiet life. Jung Do-Young lifts his arm in anger,  causing her to flinch. Seeing her reaction, he lets his arm fall, annoyed that she cannot support him for this short period of time.

Unaware of a hidden camera in their home, Jung and his wife continue entertaining the media with aspects of their home life. In the back of the truck, Do-Chan and his team listen. It’s time to execute their plan! Do-Chan gives In-Tae the cue to post a ‘rumor’ in the papers, implying the candidate, who used to be a district prosecutor, had smuggled terracotta soldier artifacts.

The reporters become surprised at this latest update with Jung completely unaware of the news. Oh So-Ra grabs this opportunity to ask Jung if he knows about the Terracotta Army. The look on his face is priceless!

Jung denies knowing anything about the article or what is implies. Suddenly as if right on cue, the basement room, housing the army warriors, fills with smoke. The smoke wafts out into the hallway alerting those present. Jung reassures his guests that he’ll take care of it and asks that nobody follows him.

After descending the stairs and being completely overwhelmed by what is happening, Jung wanders aimlessly around the room. The reporters initially obey Jung’s request, but their curiosity gets the better of them, They all head towards the basement. Right on cue, Do-Chan and his team turn on the fans, extracting the smoke and revealing the terracotta army in full view.

The combined stampede of reporters, with Jung trying to ward them off, compels Jung backwards, knocking into one of his soldiers. The soldier topples over onto another, smashing into pieces as they hit the ground. Jung lies on the floor in utter despair while the press continue taking photos and video recordings of all they see.

In the truck, the team celebrate their accomplishment. All except Director Bong who looks troubled. Do-Chan tells Ha-Ra over the phone that his plan was a success and now it was her turn to act. Ha-Ra instructs the men from the Customs Service to investigate Jung’s house. With warrants in hand, they are seize the Terracotta Army.

While this was going on, Secretary Kim interrupts a dinner between the Namsan members, including Baek Joon-Soo. They were discussing the incident at the exhibition and how the threat of theft had been nothing but a hoax. Having a sense of relief, Geum continues eating until Kim informs him of what happened with Jung Do-Young. Geum, then, realizes what Do-Chan is really searching for. The other king. Geum’s plan to place Jung in the Presidency (king), and Do-Chan had just played check mate.

Back in their apartment, and feeling more relaxed, Eun-Ji and In-Tae talk happily about their actions while watching the news updates. Jung claims that the Army are only replicas, but the authorities from the Cultural Heritage Service are working together with China to check their authenticity. While this is all happening, Director Bong broods, worrying about a terrible situation that took place six years ago that is closely related to Jung.

The officer who had helped Ha-Ra locate Do-Chan in the beginning, arrives at the market where Old Man Bbeong usually sells his kettle corn. He is also the officer who has been helping Bbeong and keeping him updated about Do-Chan. He finds Bbeong in a diner drinking alone. He sits down and pours a drink for Bbeong. He asks Bbeong how long does he intend to stay away from his son, Do-Chan. Bbeong reveals he can never show his face, considering how much he has ruined Do-Chan’s life. Ha-Ra and Do-Chan are not the first con artist and law enforcer to work together!

After the dinner, Geum returns to his office, livid. He throws his expensive suit jacket on the chair and realizes it wasn’t the egg they were after. The king he was going to make was their goal. Others, he states, do not deceive him! Manager Kim temporarily breaks the tension by telling Geum that Jo Sung-Doo is the cause of this disaster. He continues to inform Geum that a week ago Sung-Doo had visited the gallery office, asking for some documents that the gallery architects required. Kim was informed that Sung-Doo photocopied these documents and took them with him. After contacting the architect, Kim discovered that Sung-Doo had lied. Geum Tae-Woong cannot believe what Manager Kim is telling him! To add further insult, Manager Kim suggests that maybe Sung-Doo is working alongside Sa Do-Chan. Geum demands Kim find Sung-Doo.

Manager Kim and his men raid Sung-Doo’s office, but it is empty. Finding only an upturned chair and Sung-Doo’s desk plaque on the floor. Now Manager Kim is livid!

Meanwhile, sitting alone on the stairs of the apartment, Director Bong huddles by himself, as if trying to seek a form of comfort. Confiding in Do-Chan, Bong Man-Ho feels he has no right being here. The memory of what unfolded six years ago is too fresh in his mind. He feels shame, remorse and unworthy of having such a good friend as Sa Do-Chan.

Six years ago, Sa Do-Chan was a very successful student, studying very hard. The day before the final bar exam Bong Man-Ho greeted Do-Chan after class with a dinner of sundaes and Tteokbokki. Do-Chan's final bar exam was the next day, and Man-Ho just finished casting for his movie as a film director. This was a celebratory meal. Bong tells Do-Chan that tomorrow he will have to visit his brother, Man-Kyu, as he fears Man-Kyu is involved in smuggling.

Man-Ho’s fears were warranted. While they were eating at the university, at the warehouse, a younger Jung Do-Young meets with Bong Man-Kyu. Jung requests that the shipment of Terracotta Warriors from China be given to him, rather than delivered to Geum Tae-Woong. Using his position as a prosecutor, Jung blackmails Man-Kyu into selling them to him. Conning Man-Kyu, Jung suggests that Man-Kyu write a receipt for the smuggled warriors, stating they cost $1,000.00 each, ensuring any investigation would see they are replicas. However, they are worth ten times as much each. Unfortunately for Man-Kyu, he wrote the receipt first so that Jung only had to pay $10,000.00 for the lot.

The following day Bong Man-Ho visits his brother at the warehouse. Upon opening the door, Bong steps inside and immediately retreats out again, screaming in horror. What has he witnessed?


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