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[SWITCH drama recap] - Episode 20

AIR DATE: Thursday, April 26, 2018
Writer: Lorena Rodriguez
Editor: Jill Fuller
Photo Credit: SBS, Rossi Yan

Sitting on the staircase with Do-Chan by his side, Bong Man-Ho recalls the event that happened six years ago in an Incheon warehouse. After seeing something horrendous inside a warehouse where his brother works, Bong ran out, closely chased by a then young Manager Kim and his thugs dressed in black. Desperately trying to find somewhere to hide, Man-Ho manages to secure himself in a room that has a door built like those on a ship. He was able to lock himself in. Quickly he gathers whatever strength he has and calls his friend Do-Chan on the phone, who is just about to take his final bar exam. Hearing Man-Ho’s distress, Do-Chan takes a taxi and goes to Man-Ho’s aid. At the sight of Do-Chan, Man-Ho falls into his arms, sobbing from grief. Bong cannot express how sorry he is for preventing Do-Chan from becoming a real prosecutor. Do-Chan reminds him that they have more fun now. Just like then, Do-Chan now has his arm wrapped around Director Bong, supporting his dear friend.

In Jin Kyung-Hee’s new office, she replaces the previous artwork with a new one that says, ‘tend to the whole heart.’ She tells the gathered group that every task in the department is important. Chief Yang inquires as to who will be given the position of Assistant District Attorney, to which he is told that the minister will take his time in deciding.

Later, while having a drink together, Geum Tae-Woong asks Baek Joon-Soo to do what is necessary to free Jung Do-Young. Find any legal way to prove Jung innocent. Jin Kyung-Hee contacts Jung, informing him that Baek Joon-Soo was assigned his case.

Arriving at the Prosecutors building, a group of reporters, eager to know anything of the case, greet Jung Do-Young. At the top of the steps, Jung turns around and briefly addresses them, telling them that he has not done anything illegal and that he is prepared to co-operate with the investigators. Inside the lobby, Chief Yang escorts Jung to the interrogation room.

Baek Joon-Soo pays Jin a visit, informing her that if there is evidence that the buyer thought that the terracotta warriors were replicas when they were brought, the charge of smuggling cultural artifacts cannot be mentioned.

Baek Joon-Soo and Investigator Go wait for Jung to arrive in the interrogation room. Shortly after Jung arrives and tells them not to make the meeting too short because reporters are watching, his lawyer enters the room. Meanwhile Chief Yang watches in the observation room. Jung’s lawyer proceeds to show Baek and Go a signed receipt for the purchase of the replicated warriors, paying $1,000.00 each. He adds that if they had been authentic, they would have cost much more. The interview is suddenly interrupted by an official holding analysis results from the Administration of Cultural Heritage. Baek Joon-Soo reads aloud the results, confirming that they are, indeed, replicas. Realizing he had been grifted out of the real statues, Jung is relieved he cannot be charged but, at the same time, shocked by the results.

Just as Jung and his lawyer prepare to leave, Oh Ha-Ra enters along with Officer Lim. Holding a large bundle of paperwork wrapped in pink material, she addresses Jung as Jung Do-Young, just like she would for any normal criminal. Surprised by her lack of respect, Jung is taken aback when Ha-Ra announces that this is only the beginning. It is now her turn to interview Jung. District Prosecutor Jin, observing the goings on from her office, has no idea what Ha-Ra has in mind. As a result, she demands Chief Yang come to her office.

Waiting in their apartment, Do-Chan and the others speculate as to whether Ha-Ra can pull off the interrogation. Do-Chan tells them that Ha-Ra is more impressive than she appears. While Ha-Ra proceeds with the interview, Director Bong revisits his memory of the incident of six years ago.

When he walked into the warehouse, he could see his brother Man-Kyu being rolled over by some men. His brother was lifeless, blood seeping across the floor to the base of one of the statues. Absorbing the shock, Bong witnessed the faces of Manager Kim and Jung Do-Young. Geum Tae-Woong cleverly remained still.

Previously, Jung Do-Young had called Geum, pleading for his help. When Geum and his men arrived, Jung was sitting on the floor against some crates; the body of the man lying on the floor. Jung claimed the man attacked him and, in self defense, he hit back. Manager Kim suggests they make it look like a car accident. Enter Bong Man-Ho, searching for his brother.

Oh Ha-Ra informs Jung that he is now a suspect in the murder of Bong Man-Kyu which occurred six years ago. Despite controlling his emotions, his nose flares in a combination of anger and fear at the same time that Jin Kyung-Hee looks on in horror. Chief Yang, still in the office with Jin, advises her to continue watching.

Ha-Ra shows Jung the receipt from Bong Man-Kyu for the replicated artifacts. Informing Jung that even though the man apparently died in a car accident, she produces blood analysis reports of the incident at that time as well as the blood found on the terracotta warriors found in his home. According to the DNA samples, both belong to the same individual, Bong Man-Kyu. Not prepared at all for this, Do-Young crumbles in shock while Officer Lim tries not to laugh and Ha-Ra hides a smile of victory.

Reporter Oh So-Ra announces this latest update on the news, allowing Do-Chan and his team to celebrate and bring some comfort to Director Bong for his brother's death.

In her Chicken and Beer diner, So-Ra’s mother very proudly watches her daughter report the news. Likewise, Choi Jung-Pil is delighted to see Jung, a traitor, face punishment.

On the other hand, when Geum Tae-Woong hears the news, he becomes irate. Manager Kim enters and confirms that Jung was arrested and the prosecutor is Oh Ha-Ra. Geum ponders for a moment and recognizes that Ha-Ra and Sa Do-Chan must have been in on this together. Kim mentions that the two always seem to be one step in front of them. Geum eyes the Janggi board and recalls playing Janggi with who he now knows was the fake prosecutor. Why had Sa Do-Chan replaced the Janggi pieces with new white ones…. 'The demon is in the details.'

Seating himself at the coffee table, Geum picks up one of the pieces, looking at it while remembering what Do-Chan said. ‘The point of Janggi is to approach the king one by one.’ As if assuring his fears, Geum throws a tile against the stone wall, causing it to shatter. Manager Kim picks up a piece of the broken tile and shows Geum the contents: a micro chip. Almost growling like an anger bear, Geum puts the chip in his mouth, ripping it apart, and menacingly chews it before spitting out the now minute pieces.

Back at the Prosecutors' Department, an officer takes Jung Do-Young to his jail cell to await his trial. Where he once proudly walked and talked, he is now a shrunken man, barely able to stand up on his own. Mumbling to himself, he still cannot believe the statues were replicas. He was tricked by Geum. His lawyer, to no avail, reminds him that he has been charged with murder.

Alone in his cell, Jung recalls how he was conned into this whole situation. Geum told him a Chinese legend that said whoever owned the warriors was destined to become King. Geum promised him that he could bring the artifacts to him. Despite Geum cheating him out of the authentic warriors, it was Jung’s own greed for power that deceived him.

Sitting under a bridge next to the Han River, Detective Kang tells Old Man Bbeong that Jung was arrested for murder. Sa Mu-Chan replies that he, himself, swapped the warriors. He explains that he spent years in China crafting the replicas. Moreover, he asked Bong Man-Kyu to arrange a meeting with Geum Tae-Woong, during which he told Geum he could smuggle in the real statues. Geum took the bait and, once the figures were bought, Bbeong planned to tie Geum to illegal smuggling. However, Jung Do-Young changed the plan and messed things up for him. Despite Jung paying for his crime, Bbeong vows that while he is still alive he intends to reveal to the world all of Geum’s crimes.

As the sun sets, Sa Do-Chan, Eun-Ji, In-Tae and Bong Man-Ho gather on the shoreline, staring out into the horizon. The ocean lies calm before them, as if it knows that Man-Ho’s brother can now rest peacefully. Man-Ho tearfully speaks aloud to his brother, ‘Let your pain go and rest in peace, please.’

Up to his usual tricks, Jo Sung-Doo gambles away all the money he received from Sa Do-Chan. His addiction, making him desperate.

In his office, Chief Yang signs off on some paperwork and thanks Ha-Ra for a job well done and for having the courage to see it through.

Elsewhere in an empty warehouse, Sa Do-Chan and Baek Joon-Soo meet, both looking very serious. Joon-Soo congratulates Do-Chan on his success. Do-Chan replies, with a cheeky smirk, that it was all because of Joon-Soo’s incredible set up! Do-Chan, then, compliments Joon-Soo, saying he is a good actor...which elicits the tiniest of smiles from Baek Joon-Soo.

Back when the money was discovered in the back of his car, Do-Chan had his ID taken from him. While apologizing for ruining his career to Baek Joon-Soo, who still remained in the wheelchair, Do-Chan explains that he thinks Geum set him up. Baek agrees. To show Do-Chan his progress, Baek stands up and tells him that the only way to make things right is for him (Baek) to return to work, approach Geum and to sell out Do-Chan.

Baek Joon-Soo and Sa Do-Chan were in cahoots together ever since that day!

After work Oh Ha-Ra meets with Do-Chan. She congratulates him on performing such an incredible switch. The truth, which was hidden for six years, finally exposed, and Director Bong was now able to put his brother to rest. Now all that remains is Geum Tae-Woong, aka Grizzly. Ha-Ra adds one more person: Baek Joon-Soo.

Unaware that Baek is working with Do-Chan, she believes that Joon-Soo will stand in their way. Ha-Ra warns Do-Chan to be careful of him. Just then, Baek Joon-Soo approaches the two. Ha-Ra stands up, looking directly at him. He asks Ha-Ra if she carried out his plan, knowing how dangerous it was, and how is she going to manage it all. Her only reply is to ask him how he knew where they were.

Meanwhile, Geum Tae-Woong, sitting at his desk, wonders if the prosecutor and the con artist are working together to deceive him. His expression drastically changes. Realizing the ingenuity of their actions, Geum begins to smile almost in admiration at their boldness. But that smile soon turns to disdain. He will not let them get away with this.

Leaning back in his chair with a wide grin plastered on this face, Do-Chan admits that he called Baek Joon-Soo. Ha-Ra looks at him, clearly confused. She doesn’t understand what is going on.

She alternately looks at both Do-Chan and then Joon-Soo, wondering what is going on. Joon-Soo smiles slightly, giving it all away. They had both been in on it together.


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