Tuesday, May 8, 2018

[SWITCH drama recap] - Episode 21

AIR DATE : Wednesday, May 2, 2018 10:00pm
Writer : Rika Setiati
Photo Credit : SBS, Rossi Yan, Jezreel Jang

A Bird Flies With Two Wings

In the library, Baek Joon-Soo walks slowly towards Ha-Ra and Do-Chan with a very serious look on his face. Asking Ha-Ra if she is aware of the danger she has placed herself in and how is she planning on handling it, Ha-Ra does not answer the question. Instead she asks Baek how he had managed to find them.

Ha-Ra looks at Do-Chan for an answer, then back at Joon-Soo. Do-Chan chortles in a cheeky manner, his laugh almost resembling a snort. Leaning back in the chair, hands interlaced behind his head, he admits to Ha-Ra that he had called Joon-Soo. Not sure to be furious or relieved Ha-Ra calls them both con artists.

Later that evening, Joon-Soo and Ha-Ra stroll together near the river. The noise of vehicles, the light from the lamps and the evening sky accompanies Ha-Ra thoughts. She was worried that Joon-Soo had sold his soul to the devil but is relieved to know Baek is his old self. Baek Joon-Soo explains the reason behind his actions in deceiving Geum Tae-Woong. When Do-Chan had been set up, he needed to save the mission. They both take a deep breathe and continue walking. Soon Joon-Soo falls behind Ha-Ra pace. Suddenly his right hand clutches at his chest, pain written all over his face as he loses his balance and falls against the nearby railing. Barely able to take a breath, he is not able to relay to a frantic Ha-Ra that he is not okay.

After discovering the micro chip inside one of the Janggi tiles, Geum Tae-Woong picks up the board and hurls it against the wall, furious that Do-Chan had been able to accomplish this feat undetected. In his anger, Geum blames Manager Kim for his sloppiness. After calming down a little, he asks Manager Kim to contact Baek Joon-Soo, demanding he comes immediately to the gallery. He wants to determine is Baek was working with Do-Chan.

At the apartment Joon-Soo is asleep in the bed, an intravenous drip giving him fluids while his doctor and the others gather at his bedside. Taking on the responsibility of informing the others of Joon-Soo’s condition, the doctor explains that in the car accident one of the valves in Joon-Soo’s heart was badly damaged, requiring an artificial valve to keep him alive. He has to be careful not to overexert himself or become too stressed. Ha-Ra vows to make Geum pay for this.

Joon-Soo’s mobile phone rings. It is Geum Tae-Woong. Ha-Ra beckons Do-Chan to pick it up. Taking a deep breath, he answers the phone in Joon-Soo’s tone. Geum Tae-Woong demands Joon-Soo visit him. Do-Chan tries to get out of it by telling Geum he is unwell, but Geum is not deterred, desperately trying to calm his temper. Not able to reschedule, Do-Chan goes in Joon-Soo’s place.

Out of practice imitating prosecutor Baek Joon-Soo, Do-Chan prepares himself and visits Geum at his office in the Feel Gallery. Apologizing for taking so long to arrive, Do-Chan enters the room and walks towards Geum, while Geum moves from his chair. He carefully observes Joon-Soo’s appearance and gestures, covering his watchful eye by changing his attitude to that of being very welcoming. It is quite evident that Geum does not trust Joon-Soo. They both sit down, Do-Chan extra careful to behave exactly as Joon-Soo would so not to arouse any slightest hint of suspicion.

Geum wants to know where Joon-Soo was when his king (Do-Young) was being arrested. Why did he not anticipate the arrest. Trying to convince Geum that he did not know Ha-Ra was aware of the murder, Geum, then, questions the microchip he discovered in the Janggi tile. Closing his mouth, Do-Chan thinks quickly, and having prepared before he had arrived, Do-Chan removes a microchip from his phone claiming that he too was being bugged. Seeing this, Geum bursts into laughter, concluding that Sa Do-Chan had bugged them both. Requesting an apology from Geum for his suspicions, Do-Chan is instead given a new task. Still not completely convinced of Baek’s loyalty, Geum gives him a task to complete: to remove Choi Jung-Pil.

Returning to his apartment, Do-Chan tells Ha-Ra and Joon-Soo that they are safe for the moment. Realizing he can not be a part of this charade any longer, Baek Joon-Soo struggles to open the bedside drawer to retrieve his ID badge. He gives Do-Chan his badge and asks him to do another switch. “This time, you are the real Baek Joon-Soo”.

Arriving at the office the following day, Do-Chan pauses outside the building for awhile before his thoughts are interrupted by Ha-Ra, welcoming him and checking on his appearance. Reflecting on the irony of the situation, he grew up wanting to become a prosecutor but was not able to, he is now again being thrust into the role, first by Ha-Ra and now Baek Joon-Soo. Ha-Ra smiles and asks him to not tell Chief Yang Ji-Soong.

They both walk in together, Do-Chan acknowledging Pretty Mi-Ran with the hand gesture of a love sign and once again enjoying the sound of his ID beeping at the scanner. Mi-Ran stands staring at Do-Chan, absolutely besotted that he is really back.

Inside the office Do-Chan greets the others in a chirpy manner, alerting them to his change in mannerism. The others feels the same. Investigator Go and Lim are so happy the cheerful Baek Joon-Soo is back. They could sigh a sigh of relief. Sensing the mood, Do-Chan says it’s been a while since they met last. But Investigator Go paraphrases the greeting, stating they saw each other yesterday.

Smooth talking Sa Do-Chan tells them, “even if it has only been one night, if you miss someone, that night feels long,” glancing in the direction of oh Ha-Ra. This, then, leads the office into a realm of speculation about why the tension between Ha-Ra and Joon-Soo was previously cold. Now that they are talking to each other means they must have made up. Ha-Ra, trying to convince the others it was only because of a misunderstanding, only made things worse as Officer Lim gave them her personal experience. Much to Ha-Ra’s horror, Lim continues to reveal that the more a couple bickers, the stronger their relationship grows.

On their way to attend the prosecutors briefing, Ha-Ra hears Gil Dae-Ro belittling her from behind, commenting how desperate she must be rise through the ranks that she needs to take out a fellow prosecutor. Others in the meeting leer at Ha-Ra and question why she should even be allowed to remain at work. One elder even turns around, looks at her and asks her if she even ‘respects the position of district prosecutor.' Chief Yang, who is sitting next to him, tries to calm him down. As a strong independent woman, Ha-Ra musters the courage to respond, ‘the authority the district prosecutor holds has become a way of abusing power.’ Interpreting her response as insolent, the other prosecutor stands to confront Ha-Ra, but newly appointed District Prosecutor Jin Kyung-Hee enters the room. She reminds them all to behave so that they can restore public's confidence again. All eyes are on Ha-Ra.

With the briefing over, Yang, Do-Chan and Ha-Ra gather in Yang’s office to discuss the last few days and to exchange apologies for excluding each other. Their focus now on the capture of Grizzly. Before leaving the office, Yang apologizes to Joon-Soo for the comments he had made to him a few days ago about Do-Chan’s personality. Without alerting Yang to his true identity and spiking his interest, Do-Chan encourages Yang to repeat what he had said. Ha-Ra looks at Do-Chan, surprised at the audacity he has in allowing Yang to pamper his pride so openly. As Yang repeats what he said, Ha-Ra desperately tries to conceal a smile while glancing at Do-Chan who is basking in Yang’s praises.

Leaving his office, Ha-Ra and Do-Chan continue with their conversation in the safety of the interrogation room. As soon as she closes the door, Ha-Ra playfully punches Do-Chan on the arm and reminding him to be more careful. Telling Ha-Ra that Yang had a great judge of character, and playing on the compliments Yang had given him, Do-Chan acts cheeky in a cute way, with that little mischievous chortle that causes Ha-Ra to grin. Because the members of the Namsan Club meet that evening, Oh Ha-Ra checks Sa Do-Chan’s preparation. He assures her that he has already absorbed the information from Baek Joon-Soo. “Let’s put them in one basket and get rid of them at once,” says Oh Ha-Ra, full of spirit.

As Do-Chan descends the staircase at the Namsan Club, he scours the room, recalling the information Joon-Soo gave him about each individual member. Seated with the others, they await Geum Tae-Woong’s arrival. After Geum arrives, but before sitting down, he tells the members that Jung is not longer a candidate for their king, the president of the Nationalist Party, and suggests Baek Joon-Soo replace him. As appointing young men in high positions appears to be a trend in Europe, the other members do not have an issue with Geum’s suggestion. But is this a way for Geum to trap Joon-Soo?

After the meeting, Do-Chan joins the other members, excluding Geum Tae-Woong, for traditional tea where they can talk among themselves more openly. They begin discussing when they will be handing over the shares they have in K Savings Bank to Geum Tae-Woong. Do-Chan learns that these shares originally belonged to Choi Jung-Pil, and when Geum Tae-Woong took over the bank, they each signed a contract to hand over their individual shares. Searching for information, Do-Chan asks the group if they think Choi will just allow this to happen. One member tells them that with Choi’s new investment, the Door to the Underworld, Choi will fight to regain his position.

Now with a new avenue to explore, Do-Chan and his team investigate into what the Door to the Underworld is about. Promoted by Viktor Jang, the CEO of Russian Kijev Limited, this project will drill for natural gas from Turkmenistan and import it into Korea. As Korea has no natural gas access, those investing in this project are bound to make a fortune. Spinning his fidget spinner, Do-Chan is certain there is something more to this...something just doesn’t add up. He tells the others that ‘we’ll either hit the jackpot, or we will find a clever architect.’

Geum Tae-Woong calls Jung Do-Young’s attorney to his office. As Manager Kim leaves the two men to talk alone, Geum expresses to the attorney that Jung should be released soon, showing concern for Jung’s well-being if he remains in jail. In response, Jung’s attorney relays a message to him and reinforces that Jung wants an immediate reply. ‘If his request is denied, he will approach someone else. If that happens, there will be no secrets’. Taking Jung’s demand as a threat, Geum responds by telling the attorney that he will deliver a present to Jung shortly. That present being Manager Kim’s ability to quickly eliminate a threat while remaining undetected.

News soon reaches the prosecutors' office and the headlines. Jung Do-Young was found dead inside Detention Center. It is claimed he committed suicide. While shocked at losing their only lead to Grizzly, the prosecutors are also aghast to realize no one is safe. News reporter, Oh So-Ra announces that there were no signs to suggest murder, therefore it must have been self inflicted. The stress on Jung being on trial for the murder that occurred six years ago is thought to be the reason for his suicide. The pressure was simply too great.

Old Man Bbeong, sitting at his stall reading of Jung’s death, overhears passersby talking of the simplicity of it all: the man became too greedy and paid the ultimate price. If it were only that simple. Geum Tae-Woong also reads the news. Reflecting, he simple says to Kim ‘Good job’, then requests an update about his bank. The full take over of bank, still filled with supporters of Choi, had been delayed, so Kim employed a new set of executives and is now ready for Geum to take his seat in the head office. With the whereabouts of Sa Do-Chan unknown, Geum wants Kim to locate Jo Sung-Doo, who has now taken to stealing from wealthy, vulnerable women.

The following day, Ha-Ra leads the team in a discussion on how they are going to catch Grizzly, a madman who is knowledgeable of the law and knows how to deceive. His modus operandi is ‘murder with a clear motive, disguised as suicide’.

Geum Tae-Woong is welcomed at K Savings Bank by the staff, then proceeds to his office. Geum instructs the directors to run the bank as they have been.

Meanwhile, Choi Jung-Pil recieves word that Geum Tae-Woong now has the position of Chief Director. Choi is exasperated with the news and, as he attempts to stand up, he is unable to due to the shock. He requests his secretary arrange a lunch meeting with Beak Joon Soo.

That night after work, Do-Chan accompanies Ha-Ra home. When a motorcycle steers close by them, Do-Chan suddenly pulls Ha-Ra out of danger, forcing them to temporarily embrace. After the shock begins to fade away, they both discretely pretend that nothing happened. Ha-Ra nervously touches her hair while Do-Chan rubs his ear. Ha Ra protests she's perfectly capable of taking care of herself. In reply, Do-Chan forcefully announces he only behaved that way on JoonSoo’s orders, comically making light of the situation.

At her front gate, Ha-Ra smiles and opens the door and tells him good bye. Do-Chan turns around and begins walking away. Before Ha-Ra closes the door, she peeks out to get one last look at Do-Chan. Sensing her action, Do-Chan quickly turns around and catches her, just as she pulls her head back. Sa Do-Chan turns back and continues walking, smiling happily that Ha-Ra had acted that way.

Having accepted the invitation, Do-Chan meets Choi Jung-Pil at a Japanese restaurant. Choi confesses to Do-Chan, believing that if he is upfront and honest, he will earn Joon-Soo’s trust. The 100 million dollars that disappeared from the K Savings Bank was on his orders. He was intending to use that money to invest in the natural gas from Turkmenistan contract; however, Geum stole the money and, then, the president killed himself. He begs Baek Joon-Soo to prosecute this case. In his desperation, he promises to give Do-Chan enough of the profits made from the contract, enough to have a comfortable life. Reminiscing about his childhood eating mugwort and bass, Choi encourages JOon-Soo to enjoy his meal. Exiting the restaurant, Choi and Do-Chan bid each other goodbye, unaware they are under the watchful eye of Manager Kim.

Aware that he had asked Baek Joon-Soo to build a case against Choi Jung-Pil, Geum remains suspicious of Baek’s loyalty when Manager Kim informs Geum of Baek’s lunch meeting with Choi. Taking Kim down into the basement, he searches for the right tool to give Kim. First selecting a hammer Geum figures it’s too small. He then reaches for and swings up a sledgehammer, effective but messy. All the while talking to Kim about the worst kind of torture which he believes is isolation and having no one to love or trust. Geum, then, picks up an expandable baton and flicks his arm so that it extends. It’s strong, will get the job done quickly, and is small enough to hide. The only glitch is it requires something hard to smash against in order for it to retract. It retracts with ease, perfect. He hands it over to Kim and tells him that the signal to attack Baek Joon-Soo is when Geum places his teacup to his lips. They then leave the basement.

Do-Chan arrives at Geum’s office, under orders and is rather fed up of this man’s demanding nature. Shaking his head and getting into character Do-Chan arrives and enters the office joining Geum for tea. Manager Kim lurks near the door. Trying to get information without arousing his suspicion, Geum asks innocently the types of food Joon-Soo likes so that they may go out to dinner at some stage. Replying that he usually has cafeteria food, Geum asks if he had lunch there today, knowing full well he was at lunch with Choi.

Not yet revealing the location of his meal and very carefully selecting his choice of words, Do-Chan tells Geum he had a very fragrant mugwort soup and sea bass sashimi. Geum Tae-Woong holds his teacup in his hand, ready to raise it to his lips. Having this delicate arrangement of food is not typical of a cafeteria which causes Geum to again suspect that Joon-Soo is deceiving him. He looks at Kim to ensure his readiness. Kim reaches inside his suit jacket as Geum’s teacup comes ever closer to his lips. Will Do-Chan be able to save himself in time?



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