Tuesday, May 8, 2018

[SWITCH drama recap] - Episode 22

AIR DATE : Wednesday, May 2, 2018 10:35pm
Writer : Rika Setiati
Photo Credit : SBS, Rossi Yan, Jezreel Jang

Just as Geum Tae-Woong brings his teacup closer to his lips, Manager Kim reaches into his suit to expose his expandable baton. However, Do-Chan leans forward and confesses that he had lunch of sea bass and mugwort soup with Choi Jung-Pil. Geum slowly lowers his cup, indicating to Kim not assault Joon-Soo. Geum listens as Do-Chan explains that Choi invited him to a private meeting, unaware that Do-Chan and Geum had joined forces. Upon seeing his boss release his hold on the teacup, Kim leaves the baton in his suit. Rising and walking around the room, Geum stands directly behind Do-Chan with his arms on the headrest of the couch behind Do-Chan, both intimidating him and requesting he disclose the conversation he had with Choi. In a simple reply, Do-Chan tells him that Choi wants him to ensure that Geum is removed. Understanding that Geum is rather bewildered by why Joon-Soo is telling him this, Do-Chan continues that until he catches con-artist Sa Do-Chan, he and Geum have the same goal.

Securing his own safety for the time being, Do-Chan watches as Geum sits down again and asks if there was anything else discussed. Do-Chan discusses the importation of gas from Turkmenistan in which Choi is interested. Geum, unfamiliar with the project, carefully listens as Do-Chan lays out his plan to use Choi’s obsession with the project against him. If the project is a scam, it will crumble and ruin Choi; if it is successful, the prosecutors can use the illegal rebate as a violation of foreign investment laws. Do-Chan leaves an impressed but still untrusting Geum alone in the office. When Do-Chan is sure he is out of sight of anyone, he breathes out multiple sighs of relief, recongnizing just how dangerous that situation had become.

Elsewhere in a quiet diner, Sa Ma-Chun and Viktor Jang share a drink and talk with ease, revealing they have a history together. Viktor tells Ma-Chun that the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Director Seo have been thoroughly investigating the Turkmenistan project under Choi Jung-Pil’s orders. Viktor reassures Ma-Chun not to worry. He spent the past ten years with the Royals, bribing them to unwittingly help with the scheme. Revealing the strength their friendship, Ma-Chun grabs hold of Viktor’s hand and thanks him for helping him. Viktor, however, in return shares his gratitude for Ma-Chun saving him from the Russian mafia. Now their aim is to get Choi to move all his assets into one place where they could take it. Once they have Choi’s complete interest, envy will get the better of Grizzly who will not only want to invest but take the profits away from Choi.

Meanwhile, Manager Kim keeps an eye of Choi’s assistant as she departs Korea to investigate Turkmenistan on behalf of Choi-Jung-Pil.

In the interrogation room, snacking on puffed rice, Ha-Ra and Do-Chan review the data they have on the ‘Door to the Underworld’. Do-Chan suspects it is a scam, but Ha-Ra reminds him they do not have the time to investigate because they need to focus on Geum Tae-Woong. Do-Chan, though, suggests that they try to connect Geum with the Turkmenistan case. Since Choi wants to invest in this contract and Geum wants what others have, Geum will observe from a safe distance. If it looks like it will succeed, Geum will try and take over the project which is typical of his behavior. Using the guise of their investigation of Geum, they can swoop in at the right moment. Ha-Ra agrees.

Grabbing a handful of the rice snacks, Do-Chan leans back into his chair and inquires about the popcorn seller, thinking he must have a certain amount of expertise as he doesn’t think he’s ordinary. Ha-Ra looks up at him from her reading and agrees. She adds that he has a prosthetic left hand, certain there is a story behind it. Curious, Do-Chan leans forward to suggest that they have a team gathering at her mother's restaurant.

After work, Do-Chan purposely arrives at the restaurant ahead of the others which gives him a chance to talk to Ha-Ra’s mother alone. Smooth talking Do-Chan pays her many flattering compliments, in addition to remarking how much she resembles Audrey Hepburn...especially her eyelashes! Ha-Ra’s mother is overwhelmed at how friendly and handsome he is, very different from what she had imagined. When the others arrive, Ha-Ra's mother quickly restrains her. She tells her in no uncertain terms not to let Do-Chan go! Ha-Ra, embarrassed, scolds her mother...and joins the others.

Having enjoyed their meal, Ha-Ra shows Do-Chan the popped rice seller's stall. As they get closer the the man in question, Do-Chan puts his arm on Ha-Ra, indicating to give him a moment. Do-Chan beckons the man’s attention. As he turns around, the man is not who Do-chan hoped to see. His father! Once again, his hopes are dashed.

Meanwhile at Joon-Soo's bedside, Eun-Ji finishes taking Joon-Soo's blood pressure. She remarks his blood pressure is high and advises that he needs to focus on himself, not the others. Joon-Soo looks at Eun-Ji, pleading with her not to reveal his condition to Ha-Ra. Eun-Ji is rather embarrassed because he reminds her of Do-Chan and her feelings for him. Just then her phone rings, it’s from ‘witch’ (Ha-Ra). Keeping his secret safe, Eun-Ji tells Ha-Ra that he is stable and resting.

At the office the next day, the team, including Chief Yang, congregate and review the Turkmenistan file. In the background is a projector image of Viktor Jang. Trying to distinguish whether this is a real project or an elaborate scheme, the team discovered that Viktor entered the country in March and has been staying at the Western Hotel ever since. Not thinking Viktor a con artist, Investigator Go believes that a business man who is that wealthy must be an honest man. However, this is precisely why Do-Chan thinks it is a scam. Seeing the confusion in their faces, Sa Do-Chan explains the five stages involved in a successful con: Bait. Create trust. Incite ambition. Derail. Finish off and flee.

Do-Chan continues to explain, with a little help from Ha-Ra who quickly catches on.

1 - Bait - the exclusiveness of the contract for the natural gas;

2 - Creating trust - who would question a successful businessman who only meets with certain clientele, one who only stays in luxurious homes, and has connections to a Royal Family;

3 - Incite ambition - if this project succeeds they will make billions of dollars;

4 - Derailment - in order for this project to succeed, the con artists must break the law by violating foreign exchange laws.

All of this is why Do-Chan believes it’s an elaborate scam.

Chief Yang tells them, though, that they have no proof. You cannot arrest someone just for thinking about of a scam; the act needs to be carried out in order for it to be an actual crime. The room goes quiet for awhile. The team, trying to find another angle on which to approach this dilemma, are reinvigorated when Do-Chan asks them if Viktor is a dual citizen. Officer Lim is surprised to find that Viktor possesses both Russian and Turkmenistan passports.

Do-Chan tells the others he believes Viktor entered Korea on his Russian passport, making a lot of noise, having an entourage, and a welcoming event in order to draw attention to himself.

If he arrived with the intent of pulling a con, he would have quietly arrived in Korea earlier, using his Turkmenistan passport to set up the scam. In other words, he would have gathered whatever information he needed and then left again. Ha-Ra asks Officer Lim to check customs records.

Sa Ma-Chun and Police Investigator Kang meet up for a drink. While discussing Do-Chan’s progress, Kang explains that Do-Chan worked out that Viktor arrived secretly in Korea earlier on a boat. Remarking on how impressive Do-Chan is, Ma-Chun reflects on the chances of him getting caught which reminds him of when they were younger. A time when the young Do-Chan told his dad he will be a prosecutor and one day may even catch him! That conversation led into a playful game of tag.

Meanwhile in his suite in the Western Hotel, room service arrives for Viktor Jang. Eun-Ji is disguised as a concierge while Director Bong is a waiter, pushing a cart laden with coffee and food. Wonderfully playing the bumbling waiter, Bong, in his attempt to pour coffee, spills it over Jang. Eun-Ji rushes over to help. As she grabs tissues from the desk, she secretly plugs one of In-Tae’s downloading devices into Viktor’s laptop which is open on the desk. While it is downloading to In-Tae, Eun-Ji proceeds to help Bong clean up the mess. On In-Tae’s okay, they grab the hacking device and leave.

Deciphering the data back in the safety of their apartment, Do-Chan and his team analyze their next move. Geum and Choi are Viktor’s target. Photos of Geum and Choi taken from Viktor Jang’s hard drive had been taken in February, before he officially arrived. Do-Chan’s proof that this project is a very elaborate con. Spinning his fidget spinner, Do-Chan comes up with a plan.

The following day Do-Chan, Geum Tae-Woong and Manager Kim visit the Turkmenistan Consulate in Seoul. As the representative informs Geum about the project, they also discuss the requirements and period of joint cooperation between the two countries, ensuring a level of trust is established.

Meanwhile in a Middle Eastern diner, Eun-Ji meets with reporter Yang Shim-Moo. As a representative of EKAF PR Agency, she invited Reporter Yang to meet a very important person, the third nephew of a Turkmenistan Prince. Director Bong, disguised as the nephew, is interpreted by In-Tae. Handing over an envelope containing documentation of the natural gas project to Yang, they also present him with a money envelope, asking him to release this news to the public. Reports in the media about the possible importation of natural gas into Korea cover the press the following day.

Reading the press reports, Choi worries that too many investments may create mayhem so he wants to act swiftly. Geum, on the other hand, carefully reads the papers, discovering the possible massive profits to be made from such an investment. Manager Kim returns to Geum’s office to inform him that Choi’s assistant and her team have returned from Turkmenistan. His contacts have assured him that the project seems genuine. Worried that Choi may hit jackpot, Geum requests a meeting with Viktor Jang.

At the Western Hotel, as planned Eun-Ji and In-Tae discreetly have coffee in the foyer where they observe Geum and Kim enter the Hotel to visit Viktor Jang as Do-Chan suspected he would. At their apartment, Do-Chan relaxes in the massage chair when Bong enters, relaying Eun-Ji's message about Geum’s location.

Up in Viktor’s suite, Geum tries to convince Jang to allow him to invest, by increasing the rebate offer. Viktor, trying to incite Geum’s desire to obtain what is withheld from him even more, refuses the offer by saying he deals with those with whom he has trust. He tells Geum to leave but not before telling Geum he is a business man, not a con man. Feeling rejected, Geum sets up a meeting with Gil Dae-Ro to ask for information on the happenings in the Prosecutors' Office. Gil informs Geum that Ha-Ra is investing him in the suicide or, possibly, murder of former District Prosecutor Jung.

Walking alone on her way home, Ha-Ra comes across Geum Tae-Woong, who was waiting for her. Like a bully waiting for his target, Geum leans against his car. As she approaches his car, Kim turns on the headlights, highlighting Ha-Ra’s silhouette. Walking towards Ha-Ra, Geum projects a menacing atmosphere. He suggests that she is working too hard and the stress may cause her to collapse. She must think how her family would feel. In other words, Geum threatens Ha-Ra’s life, her family, and ensures Ha-ra know she is now a potential target. After revealing she knows what he is attempting to intimidate her, Geum tries to persuade her to join him and Baek in capturing Do-Chan and seeing the other side of corruption. She tells him she has no time for that side. As he bids her farewell and leaves, a strong willed Ha-Ra, who knows that a prosecutors life is filled with the prospect of danger, suddenly recongnizes how frightful that vulnerability actually is.

At work the following day, Do-Chan asks Ha-Ra if anything had happened on the way home from work. Staunchly denying anything, Ha-Ra continues on her way, but later pauses. Should she tell Do-Chan?

Later after work while driving in his car, Do-Chan’s heart finally beats faster. He is meeting Viktor Jang, the so called head of this scam. However, Do-Chan knows he is not the man in control of it all. There is another architect in play...that Do-Chan must meet.

While Geum looks through the Turkmenistan mining photos, Manager Kim enters the office and quickly approaches Geum to tell him that Jo Sung-Doo is there to see him. Entering his office, Sung-Doo is almost unrecognizable. A disheveled, forlorn and teary Sung-Doo pleads Geum to give him one last chance. Not sure at all what to do with him, Geum looks away while Manager Kim is certain he knows what he would do.

In his hotel suite, sure enough the actual architect talks with Viktor Jang. A knock on his door alerts the guest to hide in another room. Introducing himself to Viktor, Do-Chan walks in whereupon he sees two coffee cups. He was right!the  There is another person involved. After showing his ID, he tells Viktor that he is under arrest for littering on the street. Not believing a prosecutor would come all this way for such a misdemeanor, Do-Chan reveals he knows about Viktor’s scheme.

When Viktor denies all knowledge of what Do-Chan is talking about, Do-Chan shows the paperwork that proves Viktor had arrived in Korea with his entourage from Russia. He continues to tell Viktor that ten days prior to that he had entered Korea on a cruise ship from Vladivostok under a Turkmenistan passport. He wants to know why. When Viktor doesn’t answer, Do-Chan tells him he knows that he is only a roper and doesn’t want to know his identity, but rather he wants to know the identity of the mastermind behind the scheme.

As he says this, the silhouette of a man in a trench coat and a fedora hat appears from behind closed glass doors. The frosted glass door opens, and the man walks into the room, keeping his head down.

Do-Chan’s emotions change initially from disbelief that he is actually meeting the architect to utter demoralization. With his lower lip trembling, he is unable to utter a single word as the man removes his hat and tells Do-Chan, ‘it’s nice to meet you, Baek Joon-Soo.’ Tears gaher in Do-Chan eyes. The architect is his father. His abeoji!


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