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[SWITCH drama recap] - Episode 23

AIR DATE : Thursday, May 3, 2018 10:00pm
Writer : Yukie Yajima
Photo Credit : SBS, Rossi Yan, Jezreel Jang

Don’t Set a Trap In the Dark

In Viktor Jang’s hotel suite, Sa Do-Chan waits as the gentleman wearing the beige trench coat and fedora hat to close the glass door to the adjacent room. When the man does turn around, revealing his face, Do-Chan is shaken to his core. This man’s face resembles his own father’s face! But he read that his father had died twenty years ago. Now his father is standing in front of him. How is this possible?

Greeting him as Baek Joon-Soo, the man tells him of a legendary con artist named Sa Ma-Chun and asks Joon-Soo if he had heard of him. Admitting he has and adding that Sa Ma-Chun was thought to have died, the elder reveals the greatest con of all is to make those around him believe he is dead. Anguish written all over his face, hurt in his eyes, Do-Chan asks quietly, ‘even his own son?’

Sa Ma-Chun offers to make a deal with Prosecutor Baek Joon-Soo. If he can help with their project, the Door to the Underworld, he will tell Joon-Soo his reasons for having his own son believe he was dead, ‘A pro con can recognize another pro.” Their true identities revealed to each other without admitting it out loud, Do-Chan turns away not sure which emotion is more prominent, anger or hurt. Bending over, he finally bursts into laughter. The Door to the Underworld project, the project he had believed was a scam led by a great architect was in fact lead by this man. His own father. A prosecutor and a con artist, joining together to capture the same target: Geum Tae-Woong.

While driving on his way home, Sa Do-Chan reflects on the meeting with Ma-Chun. Prosecutor and con artist, scheming a big con together. Showing up unexpectedly after twenty years and asking for his help, his father has not changed a bit.

The following day, in the interrogation room, Ha-Ra asks Do-Chan about his meeting with Viktor Jang. For the moment Do-Chan decides not to tell Ha-Ra the truth about the meeting of his father and that it is all a huge heist. The situation is becoming too complicated for her to be implicated in any way. So, Do-Chan shrugs the meeting off as just another meeting, telling her that Viktor is indeed a regular businessman.

But Ha-Ra, head full of street sense, has been around Do-Chan for too long. She trusts his judgement of character and concludea that he has joined an alliance with the con artist, Viktor Jang. Without revealing the details of the meeting, Do-Chan knows Ha-Ra cannot be deceived and he tells her this is a great opportunity to draw Geum Tae-Woong in. The gas industry which will make a huge profit will be too great for Geum to ignore. In order to invest in it, Geum will need to move his assets into one fund. All of those illegally borrowed accounts will rise to the surface and be exposed. That is their opportunity to strike Geum Tae-Woong. At that moment at Geum Tae-Woong.

Later at his office, Geum Tae-Woong and Baek Joon-Soo, cum Sa Do-Chan, are seated at the coffee table. Geum discloses to Joon-Soo that Do-Chan ruined his Faberge Exhibition that he had organized for a long time. All Sa Do-Chan wanted was get to the Terracotta Warriors. Sa Do-Chan wanted the man Jung Do-Young, whom Geum was intending to make king. Explaining his behavior as rational suspicion, Joon-Soo tells Geum he is offended to think that he must again prove his identity. Geum tells Do-Chan that two people can play one person, but one person cannot be in two different places. Do-Chan baits Geum, suggesting he show him the scar on his back. But before Geum can answer his phone rings. Manager Kim answers the phone, revealing its caller. Sa Do-Chan. Passing the phone to his boss, Sa Do-Chan taunts Geum into a game of cat and mouse.

The following day, Geum Tae-Woong drives himself to the Soongui University’s voice recognition studio. Inside he hands a USB to the voice analyzer, asking him to find the speakers individual voice fingerprint. The first voice is that of Do-Chan’s phone call taunting Geum, his ranging from 116 to 129 Hz. The second voice is that of Joon-Soo from the same day, his range 124 to 137Hz. The voices are from two separate people.

Geum brings out his fountain pen and unscrews the top, revealing it is an actual listening device. He hands it over to the analyzer, asking to see if it will match with either of the two voices they have just identified. The voice was recorded when Baek Joon-Soo visited him at his office, offering to sell Sa Do-Chan to him. As they listen to the recording, the computer analysis indicates that it belongs to the first man on the left, Baek Joon Soo. Geum now knows he has been deceived. Once outside the University, Geum is wary of revealing his feelings in public but is clearly livid. Declaring playtime is over, Geum plans to bundle the prosecutor and con artist together and be rid of them both.

Later at Geum’s office, Do-Chan arrives wanting to know what is so urgent. Geum tells him he is interested in the Turkmenistan project. As Viktor had declined his previous offer, Geum suggests to Do-Chan that he may need to charge Viktor with something in order for him to accept his offer of investment. In other words, bribe him with any means necessary. Putting his hand on the side of DoChan’s shoulder, signifying partnership rather than the authoritarian top of his shoulder grip, Geum suggests they become partners to make this investment happen.

Do-Chan immediately meets with Viktor Jang and his father, warning them that he suspects Geum is onto something. Nevertheless, they all agree to meet with Geum the following day.

At Geum;s office, Manager Kim announces Joon-Soo and Viktor Jang’s arrival. Placing his micro recording fountain pen device in his inside suit pocket, Geum greets them and offers them a seat. Viktor makes himself clear that he is here only because Prosecutor Baek had blackmailed him. Baek Joon-Soo attempts to dismiss himself from the meeting only to be told that he must remain as he and Geum began this meeting together in the beginning. Geum gets straight away into business offering  to invest 100 million dollars. Viktor raises it to 200 million, as he will need an excuse to tell Choi Jung-Pil. Geum agrees to the 200 million dollars. However, Viktor adds that the money must be delivered in unregistered bonds, i.e. bonds without the investor’s name. Insulting Viktor by remarking that this implies he is going to break the contract at some stage, Viktor tells Geum that if he doesn’t agree the contract offer is off and he will return to Russia. Viktor, standing up to leave, stops as Geum agrees to both conditions. Viktor, smiling, tells Geum he has two weeks to come up with the bonds and leaves the office with Do-Chan.

Staring at the closed door, Geum smiles while Manager Kim expresses his concern at the large amount of money they need to find. Geum reveals to Kim that it was Sa Do-Chan who was with them just now, impersonating as prosecutor Baek Joon-Soo. Viktor and Do-Chan had arranged for this whole set up.

At the apartment, Baek Joon-Soo sits on the edge of his bed holding his chest in pain. Standing up to obtain his medication he shuffles to a chest of drawers and picks up the bottle of tablets. Just as he pops open the lid, he falls unconscious to the floor, tablets scattered over the floor. Oh Ha-Ra slides open his bedroom door intending to talk to Joon-Soo, but finds him on the floor. Horrified, she runs to him cradling his head in her arms desperately shouting for him to wake up. When there is no response she calls for his doctor. When he arrives, Joon-Soo is again given an intravenous drip, while the others wait patiently by his bedside.

Meanwhile in his house, Choi Jung-Pil’s assistant updates him on the natural gas progress, announcing that there is a problem. Viktor Jung has informed her that he will also sign the contract with Geum Tae-Woong. Like a kettle ready to blow its top, the fury rises in Choi Jung-Pil. In the midst of his rantings, he clutches the back of his head and collapses to the floor, aided by the quick thinking of his assistant.

While the team and Ha-Ra await for Joon-Soo to wake up, Sa Do-Chan strolls through a laneway on the way to meet with his father. On the way, he reminisces of the day twenty years ago, when he was sitting on his front porch waiting for his father to come home. On that particular day, the lady that he and his father had helped get her money back from the loan sharks visited him with some food to help Do-Chan and to say thank you. Telling her he will save them to share with his dad, she leaves. As a young Do-Chan has a look in the bag, a father and son walk past chatting happily, the boy holding a bunch of brightly colored balloons. Sighing, Do-Chan clings onto the plastic bag as if it too were balloons. Suddenly two men appear at the gate and walk towards Do-Chan. Inquiring as to who they are, the men introduce themselves as members of the Police Department, wanting to know if anyone else is at home. Realizing the terrible situation they are in, the plain clothe dressed officer hands Do-Chan an envelope that contains a Death Certificate. Wanting to know what it is, Do-Chan accepts while the officer looks away. Giving this news is terrible to an adult, it is even worse giving it to a child, so he chooses not to reply to Do-Chan’s question. Do-Chan reads the piece of paper and lets out a gasp as he reads the cause of death: suicide. With tears streaming down his cheeks, Do-Chan continues to read, or attempt to reads every detail on the paper as if to savor any last remains of his beloved father.

Returning back from his memories, Do-Chan enters the diner and joins his father at the table. Do-Chan tells him that Geum has been introduced to Viktor. Ma-Chun reminds Do-Chan to be careful as Geum is very wary. Do-Chan reminds Ma-Chun that because of that man, he had to live without a father. Breaking the awkward silence for a moment, Do-Chan asks how Ma-Chun’s got the prosthetic hand. Ma-Chun tells him that it is a lesson: a lesson that the end of a con can never be pretty. It’s a lesson he wants to tell his son, if he gets to meet him. For now, Ma-Chun needs to focus on catching Geum Tae-Woong. He cannot afford to acknowledge that his son is sitting in front of him. He bids his farewell and leaves the diner, a baffled and hurt Do-Chan sitting in his wake.

It’s another day at the prosecutor’s office. Do-Chan informs Ha-Ra that Geum did take the bait but tells her that Geum accepted too easily. Something is not right. Ha-Ra’s team have collected the asset reports that Geum reported to the National Tax Service. If the team can add them all up, collectively the total should reveal that Geum has two million dollars worth of assets. This amount is short of the 200 million dollars he requires. Ha-Ra believes that soon, Geum’s undisclosed accounts will surface, and that K Savings Bank will be the easiest source to pool the money.

Officer Lim has the task of collaborating with the Financial Supervisory Service, the FSS, to investigate if K Savings Bank offers illegal loans to suspicious companies. At the same time, Eun-Ji and In-Tae follow Manager Kim who visits a real estate agent, seeking to sell Geum’s property assets. Once they notify Do-Chan of the address, Investigator Go has the task of looking into the liquidation of those assets.

They also suspect that Geum will have to sell millions of dollars worth of stocks as well, so they also need the co-operation of the National Tax Service to access records and monitor the stock markets. After obtaining their information, they can see that there is a change in the stock market and now they need to find out if there are any sales or purchase worth millions of dollars.

Suddenly, the door to their office vibrates. Someone tries to gain entry. Quickly the team change the projector image and shuffle papers to appear as though they are discussing another case. Gil uses his ID badge to unlock the door. He enters the room in the hope of finding clues to report to Geum, but finds the officers talking about problems they are having with a related gang group. Letting them continue with their work, Gil leaves the room. They all release huge sighs of relief that they were not discovered.

Later that evening in the apartment, Eun-Ji relaxes in the massage chair while In-Tae and Director Bong chatter about how wealthy Geum Tae-Woong is and what will happen to his money as he has no children. With a gleam in his eye, In-Tae says that won't be a problem after they take it all from him. After he enters, Sa Do-Chan asks them if they have had any word of Jo Sung-Doo’s location. In-Tae tells Do-Chan that Sung-Doo will no doubt contact them when he runs out of money.

In an empty prosecutors' office, Ha-Ra reflects on Do-Chan’s attitude, having noticed that it has changed. He was convinced Viktor was a con artist, but now it appears he is an honest businessman. Ha-Ra asks Officer Lim to follow Baek Joon-Soo. Find out if there is anything suspicious or if he meets with anyone, and to take photos too. Lim misunderstands Ha-Ra’s request, thinking Ha-Ra is jealous that Joon-Soo many be interested in another woman. Shocked, Ha-Ra tries to convince Lim that their friendship is not that way inclined. But to no avail. Lim tells Ha-Ra that when Joon-Soo looks at her there is a hint of love and if there is another woman, she will break Joon-Soo’s legs for misleading Ha-Ra.

Ha-Ra’s mother enters the kitchen in her Chicken and Beer restaurant, startled to see Ha-Ra preparing chicken for her mother. While Ha-Ra covers the chicken with batter, her mother apologizes that although she grew up without a father, she studied and worked so hard to become a prosecutor. Both teary, she thanks Ha-Ra for being such a wonderful daughter and gives her a hug.

In a Japanese restaurant, Geum and District Prosecutor Jin Kyung-Hee meet. Geum Tae-Woong bluntly asks Jin stop Oh Ha-Ra.

Walking along Heart Street ahead of Ha-Ra, Do-Chan seems to be in a very reflective mood. Ha-Ra quickly catches up to him and playfully slaps him on the shoulder, asking him if he’s had lunch. He replies that he's not feeling very hungry so they walk slowly over decorated tiles in the shape of a heart. Ha-Ra recalls the description Do-Chan uses, heat beating slowly. What does it actually mean? Do-Chan ponders and tells her that it’s something his dad had taught him when he was younger. He thinks it might have something to do with having a calm mindset and not allowing yourself to get worked up no matter what the situation.

Soon a father and son walk past, the son holding a bright yellow balloon. Do-Chan turns his head to watch them while Ha-Ra looks on, curious at his response. He tells Ha-Ra that when he was younger the most hated day for him was Children’s Day because that was the day he received news of his father’s death. Moreover, everyone else went to the amusement park and ate cotton candy, but he had no one to play with. With a cheeky look on her face, Ha-Ra tells Do-Chan she will go with him to the amusement park next Children’s Day. But Do-Chan leans towards her and says he now has someone to go with, a secret he will tell her after work.

Resting quietly in his hospital bed, Choi Jung-Pil is interrupted by a visit from Sa Ma-Chun. Recognizing the name the past, Choi reaches for his glasses and recalls that Geum had told him Sa Ma-Chun had killed his daughter. Seeing Choi’s anger rise, Ma-Chun requests that Choi listen to what he has to say and then decide his fate.

Confusing Choi at first by using a bomb in a taxi as a metaphor, Ma-Chun tries to warn Choi that a trap has been set for Geum Tea-Woong, and he is about to be exposed.

Sa Ma-Chun explains what had really occurred all those years ago. Before Geum had married Choi’s daughter, he was already married and had a child. Full of greed for money, he sought his daughter purely to obtain access to Choi’s wealth. Choi recalls when Geum as a detective asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Instead of showing proof of his hard work and worthiness, Geum provided Choi with proof of his underhand abilities. After Geum and his daughter had married, his daughter discovered Geum was already married and they had a child. Geum then killed her and put the blame on Ma-Chun. As proof, Ma-Chun removes a silver ring encrusted with an amethyst gem from the inside of his suit jacket, telling Choi he obtained this from Geum’s finger. He hands it to Choi who recognizes it as his daughter's.

Alone in his office, Geum Tae-Woong leans over his couch staring intently at the painting of Saturn Devouring his Son which hangs on his wall. A reminder to himself of what he may need to do in the future, providing he can truly do it.

Meanwhile sitting alone on a park bench at a playground, Sa Do-Chan observes a father encouraging his son on the play equipment, unaware that his own father is approaching him from behind.

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