Thursday, May 10, 2018

[SWITCH drama recap] - Episode 24

AIR DATE : Thursday, May 3, 2018 10:35pm
Writer : Yukie Yajima
Photo Credit : SBS, Rossi Yan

Sitting alone on the park bench, Do-Chan is accompanied by his father. Still adjusting to seeing his father with a prosthetic hand, his father comments that his other hand is big enough to catch Grizzly and protect him, Do-Chan. Do-Chan laughs but thanks him for the thought. Spying on them and taking photographs of Do-Chan and his father is Officer Lim who sees no sign of a woman. Back at the office, Lim hands Ha-Ra the developed photos, quietly informing her was no sign of a woman. Ha-Ra looks at the photos and recognizes the kettle corn seller. Could it be?

In the market place, Ma-Chun meets the new kettle corn seller to say hello. Ha-Ra’s mother approaches Ma-Chun, greeting him and telling he looks such a gentleman in the suit. Asking if he was going away somewhere as he looks so well dressed, Ma-Chun replies that he will have to go away soon.

Geum Tae-Woong calls Joon-Soo at the office. Before Joon-Soo answers the phone, he signals to the group to remain quiet. Geum reminds Joon-Soo that the Door to the Underworld meeting is tomorrow and that he must join them at the meeting. As Geum reminds Joon-Soo that he is a main contributor to this deal, he must accompany Viktor to join in the celebration. Ha-Ra nods her head in agreement, and Do-Chan agrees to Geum’s request.

In the interrogation room, Ha-Ra and Do-Chan go through the planned scenario for tomorrow’s meeting. In Viktor’s suite, Geum will present the unregistered bonds. Viktor will authenticate them and hand over the contract for Geum to sign. When Geum signs the contract, that is the time when Do-Chan will signal to the team with a device hidden inside his sleeve, alerting the team it is time to enter the room and arrest Geum Tae-Woong. While Ha-Ra shows Geum the arrest warrant Geum is handcuffed and escorted out of the room, while Do-Chan hands over the bonds. Ha-Ra tells Do-Chan the bonds will go to the government as evidence but not before hiding some of the bonds up his sleeve. Ha-Ra scolds him to which Do-Chan replies, "just dreaming out loud," much to Ha-Ra’s amusemen.t

Confident that the plan seems to be under control, Do-Chan recommends that they release Viktor as he is cooperating in this case. Knowing that something is going on with Viktor, Ma-Chun and Do-Chan but wanting Do-Chan to admit it to her himself, she asks him if there is anything else he wants to tell her. Not wanting to put her in any more danger, he simply tells her no but after the case is over they will talk.
Later that evening, Do-Chan visits Ma-Chun and Viktor to confirm tomorrow's arrangement. Meanwhile, Geum Tae-Woong listens to Mozart’s Requiem, preparing himself for the meeting he has planned. Recalling his first meeting with Do-Chan at the art gallery, Do-Chan had told Geum that whenever he listened to Mozart’a Requiem he envisaged the portrait of a man dying painfully. With an evil smirk, Geum is eager to begin.

The next day, Ha-Ra sits at her desk, worried because something does not feel right. She quickly announces to the team that they did not find any evidence of Geum buying the unregistered bonds. Is this Geum’s trick? Ha-Ra requests Chief Yang contact his friends int the FIU, Financial Information Unit, and ask for their help in finding out where Geum changed the money into bonds.

At their apartment, Eun-Ji tries to draw Director Bong’s portrait when In-Tae interrupts them, telling them he received a message from Jo Sung-Doo needing help. The arrive at the hospital where Sung-Doo directed them,  but as they get closer to locating the room, Bong has an uneasy feeling.  He suddenly orders Eun-Ji and In-Tae to go and buy some apple-mango juice for Sung-Doo. Bewildered by his request, Bong demands that they do as they are told. Ensuring they are out of sight, Bong enters room 201 cautiously. Sliding across one bed curtain he finds that bed empty. Just as he is about to open the second curtain, Sung-Doo and his men reveal themselves to Bong, taking him by surprise. It is a trap! Having received a few blows, Bong manages to escape to the balcony, but there is only one way out. He bravely climbs the railing and jumps off to the ground below, injuring his arm.

Meanwhile at the FIU, time is running out for Ha-Ra. They cannot yet find any evidence of Geum exchanging money for bonds. Ha-Ra calls Do-Chan and tells him he will have to go to the meeting without knowing if Geum has the bonds.

Do-Chan arrives at Viktor’s suite, the original meeting place, but there is no sign of Geum Tae-Woong. Manager Kim calls Viktor, informing him of a new location in Incheon as a result of Geum’s hectic schedule. On their way out, Viktor tells Do-Chan to be sure to make up with his father when this is all over. Driving to Incheon, Do-Chan informs Ha-Ra of the change of venue and that he will text her of the address.

Shortly after, the team of the FIU discover the location of the money. It has all gathered in Liechtenstein which is famous for allowing companies to avoid tax. The account is owned by WCON Company in Switzerland and the CEO’s name is Simon Jo.

Meanwhile an injured Bong tries to find their van which suddenly appears. Eun-Ji helps him in and they drive to a safer location.

Do-Chan and Viktor Jang arrive at the warehouse. As soon as they enter, Manager Kim orders them to hand over their mobile phones and directs them to the center of the warehouse where Geum Tae-Woong waits for them, sitting in his throne of a chair.

The team at the FIU finally confirm that no one had bought two hundred million dollars in bonds. It’s a trap! Ha-Ra leaves the office and drives to Incheon herself, frantically trying to notify Do-Chan that Geum has set up a trap. But he can not answer her calls.

In an isolated parking area, Eun-Ji attends to Director Bong’s injuries. In-Tae tries to contact Do-Chan but to no avail. Bong fears that Geum may be trying to get rid of them all in one go, much to the horror of the other two.

Reaffirming that Baek Joon-Soo has played a major role in this venture, Geum continues to assert his arrogance. Viktor takes out the contract from his briefcase and places it on the table in front of Geum who signs it. Saying it's time to celebrate, Geum has Manager Kim remove the cloth covering a bottle of champagne. Viktor asks why he wants to open the bottle before the deal has been finalized. Geum replies, ‘what do you mean not finalized. We gathered at the same place,’ and places the glasses down in front of his guests. Geum pops the cork and fills the three glasses, all the while glancing at Do-Chan. Clinking his glass with first Viktor’s and then Do-Chan’s, Geum raises his glass and announces that ‘it was an incredible switch’. Playing dumb, Do-Chan just looks at Geum. Then Geum slowly pronounces,  "Sa Do-Chan". Geum swallows the rest of his beverage, then smashes the glass against his briefcase.

At the sound of the glass shattering, Geum’s underlings come out from their hiding spots armed with weapons. Viktor and Do-Chan both stand up, ready to protect themselves. With an evil grin, Geum mocks Do-Chan's trying to trick him, then laughs, temporarily congratulating him for his slight success. Trying to remain in character, Do-Chan asserts he has no idea what Geum is taking about and does not appreciate the disrespect. Geum rapidly becomes furious. Beginning with the little boy whom he fed to now losing money, his drug business and political candidate as a result of the switch Do-Chan and Joon-Soo have been pulling off, Geum’s anger turns into a demonic rage.

When Do-Chan fails to admit the switch, Geum requires he show them his scar. When Manager Kim begins removing his jacket, Do-Chan fights back. While Kim detains Viktor, Do-Chan madly uses anything he can to defend himself. Geum watches with amusement as Do-Chan is finally struck on his shoulder, injuring his arm, and causing him to fall.

Meanwhile as Oh Ha-Ra desperately tries to arrive at the warehouse as fast as she can, all the while trying to contact Do-Chan, the thugs gather around Do-Chan who is leaning up on the ground. Geum leans in telling Do-Chan he will be happy to reunite him with his father. Suddenly, they all hear a peculiar noise.

The garage door to the warehouse opens and positioned in the entrance is a hydraulic excavator! To the surprise of everyone, the driver hurtles into the warehouse. The thugs are taken aback, not quite sure how to fight against something so huge. As it ventures past Do-Chan, he is able to see a glimpse of the driver. Sa Ma-Chun, his father. Geum, too, cannot believe what he sees. Ma-Chun died; how can he be here.

Certain he has put enough distance between the thugs and his son, Ma-Chun swings the excavator’s arm around so that the bucket hovers directly above Do-Chan. Ma-Chun gives Do-Chan a nod of his head, then slowly he lowers the bucket completely over his son like a big hand protecting him, trapping him inside. Even though Do-Chan can not escape, the thugs can not get to him either.

Knowing his son is safe, Ma-Chun gets dragged out of the excavator and fights with the thugs, who eventually overpower him. Hearing what is happening around him and not being able to help his father, Do-Chan screams in anguish. Finally after twenty years, Ma-Chun meets Geum Tae-Woong in person again. On his knees in front of Geum, Geum guesses that the Door to the Underworld was his scam. Ma-Chun tells Geum it was his gift to him in order to destroy which Geum again yells his demonic laugh.

At Guem's signal, his underlings again beat Ma-Chun while his son madly screams to not hurt his father.

As the convoy of police and Ha-Ra get closer, Geum removes his tie and begins to strangle Ma-Chun. Do-Chan can hear Viktor, yelling out an agony for his friend, and becomes frantic. Just as Ma-Chun collapses, Geum hears police sirens approaching. He and his men escape but not before dumping Ma-Chun’s body in another area of the warehouse.

Detective Kang enters the warehouse first and hears Do-Chan’s cries for help. After a contractor removes the excavator’s bucket and once Do-Chan’s eyes readjusts to the light, he searches for his father.

Finding his father, Do-Chan runs toward him, collapsing at his father's side. Shaking him, Do-Chan yells at him to wake up. Spluttering a little, Ma-Chun barely opens his eyes and looks at his son. Reaching out and holding onto Do-Chan’s hand, Ma-Chun is relieved he is finally able to say his son’s name.

Not prepared to give up on his father, Do-Chan orders him to get fight to live. Due to the extent of his injuries, however, Ma-Chun knows he is not going to survive this battle. Ma-Chun tells his son he thinks he will goes to hell because of the many sins he has committed and tells Do-Chan not to live like he has done. Ma-Chun quietly utters that the biggest con in life is winning over another person’s heart completely. Love. He wants Do-Chan to live an average, happy life.

Ha-Ra arrives to find Do-Chan bent over his father, crying in anguish. Tears quickly well in her eyes as she silently looks on.

Finding it increasingly harder to breathe, Ma-Chun barely manages to raise his hand to touch his son’s face. He then slips away. Do-Chan yells at his father to not die and screams in devastating anguish and sorrow.



  1. Loving this drama! And all the subtle ways JKS differentiates his portrayals of SDC as himself, SDC as BJS, BJS as himself, and BJS as SDC. Thanks for the recaps!

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