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[SWITCH drama recap] - Episode 25

AIR DATE : Wednesday, May 9, 2018 10:00pm
Writer : Priyanka Mohanty
Photo Credit : SBS, Rossi Yan, Jezreel Jang, Priyanka Mohanty

So we are now heading towards the end of our beloved drama, Switch, which deserves credit for maintaining the flow of the drama till now with its thrilling plot throughout, excellent acting and direction as well as with its music as a big bonus. Kudos to Jang Keun Suk for proving himself as the ‘best actor’ again and again in every episode and for gaining lots of praises from everyone.

Fury Makes the Heart Beat Fast

This episode begins with the most emotional scene of the drama so far, which left many in tears. Realizing there is nothing he can do to save his father, Sa Do-Chan desperately clings to every second he has left. Holding his father’s hand, hearing his father say his name one last time...all Do-Chan wants is to not lose his father again. Sa Ma-Chun, before taking his last breathe, advises his son Do-Chan to stop conning people as he himself did throughout his life. He asks his dear son to live an average, happy life. With every bit of strength left in him, Ma-Chun reaches up and touches the side of Do-Chan’s face before slipping away. Oh Ha Ra arrives at the seen in time to see Do-Chan leaning over his father’s body, bursting into tears and crying with such anguish, mourning loudly for the loss of his father. It brings tears to her eyes.

Later, Geum Tae-Woong calmly reads his book while sipping at his beverage in his office, when all of a sudden a furious Sa Do-Chan barges into his office. Tears streaming down his face, Do-Chan strides towards Geum, his face fraught with fury.

Looking up from his book, Geum Tae-Woong acknowledges Do-Chan’s arrival, although appearing not the slightest bit interested in the reason for his visit. Shrugging off Do-Chan’s new title for him ‘Devil’, Geum calmly tells Do-Chan that he and Ma-Chun used to get on very well together, working as a team. He being the detective, and Ma-Chun the con artist. However at one point Ma-Chun became an obstacle, and any obstacle in Geum’s way is swiftly dealt with. Allowing his tears to continuously fall, Do-Chan angrily informs Geum he will never forgive him. After putting his book down, Geum opens a drawer and pulls out Ma-Chun’s prosthetic hand, throwing it on the floor at Do-Chan’s feet while sadistically telling Do-Chan he can have his father's hand.

Sensing Do-Chan’s anger, Geum stands up and walks towards Do-Chan, quoting Ma-Chun,‘Does your heart no longer beat slowly?’ Baiting Do-Chan further by standing right in front of him face to face, asking him. ‘Isn’t your heart about to explode out of fury?’ Enraged, Sa Do-Chan lets out a deep primal yell, full of fury while grabbing Geum’s shirt. The two men grapple before Geum trips on the step, falling, and hitting his head on a table leg. The hard thump of head hitting metal, leaves Geum in a wide eyed stupor, blood seeping from his head, eventually rendering him unconscious.

Reeling at the shock of what just happened, and thinking that he had actually killed Geum Tae-Woong, Do-Chan stumbles backwards. He may have deceived many people, but both he and his father were not capable of murder. Turning around, Do-Chan bumbles his way out of the office, pushing a surprised Manager Kim out of his way. Seeing Geum lying on the floor, Kim runs to his aid, while Do-Chan shuffles his way through the nearby woods, running from the security guards and police who are now searching for him. Exhausted, Do-Chan stops for awhile to catch his breath, holding his injured shoulder, before continuing any further.

Meanwhile, Ha-Ra tries to contact Do-Chan but receives no answer. Baek Joon-Soo, worried about the situation, sits up in his bed, still attached to the intravenous drip and begins to think of what he can do.

Recovering very quickly from his accident, Geum Tae-Woong recuperates at Korea University Hospital. With a plan already in motion, Geum tells Manager Kim to release information to the media stating that Viktor Jang and Ma-Chun were plotting a scheme together but when their plan was publicly exposed, they then turned on and killed each other. Ma-Chun’s son had simply misunderstood and thought that Geum was responsible and attempted to kill him that night. When he had realized what he had done, Do-Chan had fled. As requested, the media broadcast the news of the attack, stating that Geum Tae-Woong was in a critical state. Wanted posters and photos of Sa Do-Chan soon circulated important venues.

In his office, Chief Yang confirms with Ha-Ra that Do-Chan was really responsible for this attack. She informs Yang that his fingerprints were found at the scene of the crime. As well as being charged with attempted murder, Do-Chan will also be charged with impersonating a civil servant. Ha-Ra informs Yang, who is in utter disbelief, of the seriousness of the situation and about Geum’s serious condition. It is reported that he had lost a lot of blood and was now in a coma. Chief Yang encourages Ha-Ra to endure this stage. They both must stay strong if they are to win in the end. After Ha-Ra leaves Yang’s office and walks along the corridor, she can hear colleagues muttering slurs behind her back.

Watching the news on the television, Ha-Ra’s mother cannot believe how gutsy Sa Do-Chan was to impersonate a prosecutor! But she soon recalls the conversation she and Ha-Ra had had at breakfast a while ago…..Ha-Ra had replied to her that she’s not dating that con man. Was her daughter referring to Sa Do-Chan?

In their office, Investigator Go argues aloud that there is no way Do-Chan could have deceived them all while Officer Lim believes that a con artist cannot be so educated about the law. Pointing to his own eyes, Go assures the others that his eyes in particular cannot be fooled, yet they are dumbfounded by how much he resembles Baek Joon-Soo.

Gil Dae-Ro visits Jin Kyung-Hee in her office. They discuss how Geum Tae-Woong was close to being conned and that the con artist had fled. She shows Gil a photo of Do-Chan, but Gil thinks it is Joon-Soo. Jin asks Gil to investigate and find out how much Chief Yang and Ha-Ra were deceived by Do-Chan...or whether they were actually in on it together.

Arriving at the interrogation room, Ha-Ra opens the door to find Gil Dae-Ro sitting down. He asks her if she knew anything about this situation. Ha-Ra quietly scoffs in his face, telling him that whenever he gets a new case, he does not research it thoroughly to know of all the facts. She tells him that she has only been working with Baek Joon-Soo. Gil, not yet convinced, asks her if that’s the case, where is the real Baek Joon-Soo now?

In bed recuperating, Baek Joon-Soo removes his own intravenous drip, and against his doctor’s suggestion, Joon-Soo begs his doctor to understand his request. Informing Joon-Soo of the facts of his condition, that his heart valve is very inflamed an the his situation is critical, Joon-Soo knows that either stress or the pain medication he was taking would kill him. Nevertheless, he tells his doctor that this is his last chance to fight and that he wants to die fighting with all the remaining strength he has. Arriving at the Prosecutors' Building, Baek Joon-Soo walks steadily through the media and into the office. Meeting with Jin Kyung-Hee, Joon-Soo tells her that Sa Do-Chan must have known they looked identical and used that to his advantage. He tells the District Prosecutor that he will catch Do-Chan himself in order to regain his honour.

Later as he sits behind his desk, Ha-Ra approaches him questioning why he is so cold towards Do-Chan who is going through a difficult time. Joon-Soo tells her that because of Do-Chan’s mistake they are now all in danger, so he must now fix things. They both know that Do-Chan is vulnerable and may be unstable, causing him to possibly act recklessly. However, neither of them can reach him.

With his face plastered all over the city as a WANTED criminal, Sa Do-Chan carefully avoids being recognised as he wanders the streets. After the incident with Geum Tae-Woong at his office, Do-Chan fled and ended up beside a lake. 

Looking over the calm surface of the lake, Do-Chan reflects on the conversation he had had with his father at the children’s playground. How his father had said his hand was big enough to catch Grizzly and also big enough to protect him, his son. Thinking of the times his father had protected him both at the vacation house when he was little and just recently when his father maneuvered the bucket of the excavator to cover him before he was killed. Recalling, too, the last thing his father told him before he died, that he was sorry. The calmness of the lake giving Do-Chan some sense of comfort.

Meanwhile Chief Yang receives a phone call, informing him that Geum Tae-Woong awoke from his coma.

Baek Joon-Soo visits Geum at the hospital. Remarking how quickly Geum  recovered, Joon-Soo finds Geum practicing his golf putting in his room. Walking towards Joon-Soo so that he stands directly right in front of him, still holding onto his golf club, Geum rests the golf club on top of JoonSoo’s shoulder and asks Joon-Soo whether or not he should check for a scar, wondering a loud if he needs to check Joon-Soo’s identity. Joon-Soo tells Geum that a man hunt is out looking for Sa Do-Chan and he will catch him himself. Geum still demands that Do-Chan be handed over to him. He believes that Joon-Soo and Ha-Ra have played their parts in this game, and he will ensure they all pay for their roles. Baek Joon-Soo returns the promise that he will ensure Geum is prosecuted for his crimes. As Geum returns to his golf, he suggests to Joon-Soo that Ha-Ra should have a bodyguard, alerting Joon-Soo to the fact that Geum is indirectly making a threat on her life.

Once Joon-Soo leaves the room, Geum recalls his successful con. Once he fled the warehouse, he anticipated that a furious Sa Do-Chan would visit him. Preparing for this, Geum and Manager Kim set up a scam, using a bag of blood which can be opened with a remote control.

Next to his desk is a pedestal supporting a globe of the world. Strategically placing the bag underneath the pedestal before Do-Chan arrived, when Geum fell against the table leg, all he had to do was push the bottom of the remote control and the bag would open, seeping blood out onto the carpet. Thus, making it appear he was bleeding profusely.

Meeting Baek Joon-Soo in the interrogation room, Ha-Ra inquires about whether Geum Tae-Woong is really okay. Joon-Soo tells her that it is a relief and that it was all just an act. Even though Do-Chan fought with Geum, he did not actually hurt him. Ha-Ra, still frustrated at the legal system, tells Joon-Soo that it doesn’t change the fact that Do-Chan is still being hunted for attempted murder. She tells Joon-Soo that she wants to bring in Geum Tae-Woong for the murder of Sa Ma-Chun. Joon-Soo rebukes her by saying they need concrete evidence and a warrant so that he doesn’t just slip through the system. He tells Ha-Ra that he wants Geum just as much as she does, but they must be thorough. Angry, Ha-Ra disagrees, allowing her emotions to rule her decision making as she walks out the door, With her team, she leaves to go and arrest Geum Tae-Woong.

Ha-Ra and her team enter Geum’s hospital room. After introducing herself, Geum, already despising Ha-Ra, tells her that she makes him sick inside and to come back with a warrant. Ha-Ra reads him his rights. With his arms defiantly crossed against his chest, Geum approaches Ha-Ra with a severe menacing look, telling her he’ll go with her. But, if she has no hard evidence, he will make her regret it. Finally arriving at the prosecutors office, Geum plays the injured victim in a wheel chair  to the hilt, wearing a face mask, a neck collar and his head heavily bandaged. Using the presence of reporters to take photos, he exploit the predicament he’s been placed in. One reporter asks Oh Ha-Ra why they brought the victim in for questioning.

When Jin Kyung-Hee discovers Geum's presence in the interrogation room, she reprimands Chief Yang for allowing Ha-Ra to arrest Geum Tae-Woong without cause. Yang tells Jin that because he was at the scene of the crime, he is at least a witness and needs to be interviewed, pleading with her that they will do their best.

Meanwhile, on the rooftop of a hotel, a man wearing a black suit and fedora hat sits alone, enjoying the sunshine and reading the news on his iPad. It is none other than Sa Do-Chan. Surprised that Geum is alive, Do-Chan ponders how. A smile slowly erupts on his face. Recalling how he and his team had faked Director Bong’s death, he realizes that Geum Tae-Woong did the same. Geum had set him up! Do-Chan decides it’s time to meet with the team again and walks out through the hotel lobby.

In the apartment, the team feel relief to hear that Geum Tae-Woong is alive and well. Director Bong has been beside himself with worry while In-Tae believes that Geum set up this whole scenario.

Seated opposite Ha-Ra in the interrogation room, Geum Tae-Woong slumps in his wheelchair. looking very pitiful. Faking a cough, he occasionally dabs a handkerchief to his mouth, effortfully telling Ha-Ra that if she wants to talk it will need to be through his lawyers who are on their way. While they wait, Ha-Ra produces and shows Geum the Turkmenistan gas contract found at the crime scene in the warehouse, with his name on it. She also shows him a surveillance photo of a car which is registered in his name, parked in the vicinity of the warehouse. Geum’s legal team arrive. All four of them circle around behind Geum. While one representative informs Ha-Ra that bringing a man in such a critical condition may not even be legal, Ha-Ra tries hard not to laugh. Another lawyer hands over paperwork proving that Viktor Jang and Sa Ma-Chun entered the country under false identities. They insist that these two men died at each others hand. He points out that because Geum Tae-Woong suspected the contract was a scam, he had not signed the contract, therefore giving him no motive for killing them.

While Gil Dae-Ro and Chief Yang watch from behind the one way mirror, Ha-Ra tells Geum and his legal team that Geum wasn’t even going to sign the contract! Ha-Ra reveals to the men that the Financial Information Unit has been able to trace Geum’s money. They discovered that he liquidated his real estate, buildings, stocks and bonds and transferred them to a secret bank account in Liechtenstein under the name of Simon Jo. Geum had no intention whatsoever of exchanging his money into unregistered bonds. Ha-Ra, then, poses the question: If Geum had no intention of signing the contract, why did he go to the warehouse? Was there another reason? Did Geum go with the intention of killing the con men?

By now, Gil Dae-Ro has enough of Ha-Ra putting words into Geum’s mouth. He exits the room, closely followed by Chief Yang. They both go to see District Prosecutor Jin. Gil informs Jin that Ha-Ra’s interview is unreasonable, and Jin agrees. She tells then to wrap up the case as there is nothing to indict him with. When Yang tries to speak, she simply tells him to leave.

Gil, then, enters the interrogation room and tells Geum he is free to leave. As Ha-Ra gives him a disapproving look, Gil continues that this is on orders of the District Prosecutor. As Geum is wheeled out, Ha-Ra tells Geum that she will see him in this room once more. Geum gives Ha-Ra a perilous look and tells her ‘sure’. Completely frustrated with the situation, Ha-Ra sits down and sighs. Chief Yang walks in and puts a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

Once inside the security of his hospital room, Geum Tae-Woong steps out of the wheelchair, hurling aside the rug covering his legs and ripping off his neck brace. Seeing Gum's infuriated rage at Ha-Ra’s wild actions, Manager Kim asks what he can do. Geum tells him they need to find Sa Do-Chan. Through him they can find out just how much Ha-Ra is in on this scheme. Then they can build a case against Ha-Ra and Joon-Soo, stripping them of their jobs. For now, Manager Kim is instructed to watch every move Ha-Ra makes.

At the office, Oh So-Ra pulls her sister aside. Ensuring they can not be overheard, she asks Ha-Ra if she has known about Do-Chan all along. Ha-Ra tells So-Ra that they will talk later on.

Later that night in a diner, Ha-Ra meets with Officer Kang. Pouring him a drink, Ha-Ra listens to Kang talk about when she initially asked him to find Sa Do-Chan for her, at the very beginning. During their conversation, Ha-Ra discovers that Kang had known Ma-Chun for a very long time. When Do-Chan begun working as a prosecutor, that’s when Kang informed Ma-Chun where his son was. Kang continues telling Ha-Ra that it was he and Ma-Chun who rescued Do-Chan from the Hongdae drug kidnapping at the warehouse. Wanting to know why Ma-Chun had not told Do-Chan about his existence, Kang reveals that Ma-Chun was too ashamed. The terracotta warrior scam was Ma-Chun’s idea in an attempt to catch Geum Tae-Woong. Because Jung Do-Young’s involvement caused the death of Director Bong’s brother, Do-Chan missed his final bar exam. Thus, he had ruined his son’s life.

Final bar exam? Ha-Ra is not sure if she misheard, but Kang informs her that Do-Chan would have become a real prosecutor if he had taken the exam. Sa Ma-Chun believed that he could only face his son after having served justice to Geum Tae-Woong. Ha-Ra reaffirms her belief in her determination to help convict Geum Tae-Woong on behalf of Do-Chan and his father.

Later while getting ready for bed, Ha-Ra applies cream to her hands and forearms. As she rubs the cream into her skin, she reflects on her encounters with Sa Do-Chan. The first day when she ran to him and gave him a hug while yelling, "Sunbae" and Do-Chan thanking her in the elevator. Waking up at her desk after falling asleep to see his handsome face suddenly making a goofy facial expression. When he grabbed her in the alley way, telling her not to look at him with so much affection. And at the vacation house when he warned her not to delve too deeply into his life. She recalls the sadness and despair Do-Chan must have felt seeing his dad die. Not yet realizing her emotional attachment for Do-Chan are becoming stronger, she tries to call Do-Chan. But again he does not answer. Getting into bed, Ha-Ra turns out the light and snuggles down for the night.

As Ha-Ra sleeps Sa Do-Chan, holding his hat in his hand, walks alone along a street.


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