Monday, May 14, 2018

[SWITCH drama recap] - Episode 26

AIR DATE : Wednesday, May 9, 2018 10:35 pm
Writer : Priyanka Mohanty
Photo Credit : SBS, Rossi Yan, Jezreel Jang, Priyanka Mohanty

Having returned to his office, Geum Tae-Woong leans back in his chair and sighs with relief, basking in his success at ridding himself of the ghost that haunted him for the past twenty years. Sa Ma-Chun. He reflects back to that time, the day his second wife, Choi Min-Ah, died. On the first floor balcony of the vacation house, Min-Ah had confronted Geum, telling him that she had discovered Geum had only married her to get to her father’s money. Geum was already married and had a child. Min-Ah threatened Geum by saying she would tell her father. When she turned to leave Geum firmly grabbed hold of her wrist. Min-Ah called Geum a con artist, and Geum took serious offense to the reference. As Min-Ah attempted to free herself from Geum’s grasp, they struggled. When Geum finally released his grip, Min-Ah lost her balance and fell against the balcony rails which collapsed, plunging her towards the ground. When Geum looked over the railing, he could see Min-Ah’s lifeless body lying on the ground below, her head resting against a massive rock.

With a plan already in mind, Geum, then, called Sa Ma-Chun, telling him he has a job for him. To be caretaker of the vacation house. A young Do-Chan and Ma-Chun arrived at the house, Do-Chan excited at the luxury of the place. Inside while Do-Chan arranged the kindling in the fireplace, Ma-Chun saw a bloody hand print on the bathroom door. Opening the door he was shocked to discover a woman’s body propped up against the bath, dried blood on her face. Quickly closing the bathroom door behind him, Ma-Chun checked for a pulse. Nothing. Suspicious, he headed back out to Do-Chan. when Ma-Chun heard a car pull up outside, he told Do-Chan they were going to play a game of hide and seek. Do-Chun was not to come out unless his father told him to. While Do-Chan hid underneath the bed covers in the room upstairs, Ma-Chun sat on the couch and waited for Geum to arrive.

Surprised at Ma-Chun’s early arrival, Geum explained that he hadn't gotten the place ready. Ma-Chun asked Geum in a worried tone what he had done. Geum, seeing the bloodied hand print on the door, realized Ma-Chun knows what has happened. As if nothing was wrong, Geum placed a bloodied knife wrapped in a handkerchief on the table and told Ma-Chun to put his fingerprints on the handle. When Ma-Chun did not agree to do this, they got into a scuffle. Finally, with Geum sitting on top of Ma-Chun, his hands around Ma-Chun’s neck shouting at him to ‘die’, young Do-Chan peeks out from beneath the bed covers to see the back of a man whom his father kept referring to as ‘Grizzly’. Struck with horror, Do-Chan was unable to divert his eyes. As the men continude to struggle, Ma-Chun managed to reach the knife which had fallen to the floor, and stabs Geum in his arm, temporarily releasing his grip around Ma-Chun’s neck. In the struggle, Ma-Chun somehow managed to remove Min-Ah’s ring which Geum had placed on his finger. Geum then put his hands around Ma-Chun’s neck again, but then heard a sound from upstairs. Catching him off guard, Ma-Chun threw Geum aside, got up and ran outside to his van. Geum gave chase, leaving a terrified Sa Do-Chan to retreat further under the bedcovers.

Choi Jung-Pil watches the news about Geum Tae-Woong’s attack and begins to chuckle, slightly in admiration, at Geum’s ability to get himself out of so many situations. His assistant enters, announcing to Choi that Jo Sung-Doo has arrived. Uncertain why he was summoned to Choi’s residence, Sung-Doo bows to Choi and respectfully sits down. Choi wants to know if Sung-Do is aware of this father’s identity. Sung-Doo informs Choi that his mother died and he does not know who is father is. Choi, then, places a photo on the table and pushes it towards Sung-Doo. Eagerly picking up the photo, Sung-Doo immediately recognizes his mother and a younger version of himself. The man in the photo is clearly his mother's friend, Geum Tae-Woong. Sung-Doo is shocked when Choi reveals that the man in the photo is his biological father, Geum Tae-Woong! Sung-Doo's eyes are glued to the photo, not blinking and mouth wide open in disbelief. He then laughs, convinced that Choi must be mistaken, or this is a very bad joke. But then he looks at Choi and sees the extreme seriousness on his face and realizes this is not a joke.

Choi Jung-Pil reveals to Sung-Doo that his father left him and his mother in order to become his son-in-law. Looking like all the air had been sucked out of him, Jo Sung-Doo cannot comprehend just how abhorrent the situation is. Choi tells Sung-Doo to be a good son, saying that he would never have forgiven his father if he had done this. Sung-Doo stands up and exits the room, breathing loudly still in shock. Choi’s smile turns into a low chuckle. He has planted the seed for Geum’s demise.

Drinking alone at a diner, Jo Sung-Doo recalls the first time he met Geum, at his mother’s funeral. Moon-Sik arrives, disheartened at the state his friend is in. Sung-Doo tells Moon-Sik what he learned, his hatred towards Geum visible. His plan is to pretend not to know, to do his very best and be grateful, until he can kill Geum Tae-Woong with his own bare hands.

Walking home alone after work, Ha-Ra sees a man walking towards her. He wears a black leather jacket, jeans. and baseball cap pulled low over his face. Could this be Sa Do-Chan? When he gets closer, Ha-Ra stops, half afraid. As the man reaches for his cap, Manager Kim and his men run out from behind Oh Ha-Ra and give chase to the man. Thinking he is Do-Chan, Ha-Ra begins to run after them but is quickly pulled aside by Sa Do-Chan himself! Ha-Ra, looking at Do-Chan with concern, warns him that Geum is looking for him. Do-Chan informs her that he fell for Geum’s trap and is now a target, but he insists he must get arrested if he is to regain control of this situation and prevent any harm from coming either to her or Joon-Soo. Do-Chan asks Ha-Ra to remember the time at the vacation house when he had told her not to get too close to him. Do-Chan exits, leaving Ha-Ra to wonder why Do-Chan told her that. Meanwhile, the man Manager Kim chased reached a dead end. Removing his baseball cap, he reveals to Kim that he is not Sa Do-Chan.

Elsewhere in a cafe, Director Bong, In-Tae and Eun-Ji are sitting down, waiting. They are all relieved to see Sa Do-Chan join them. Bong insures Do-Chan is hidden from sight while Do-Chan tells them of his plan to get back at Geum Tae-Woong.

Baek Joon-Soo remains at the office with officers Lim and Go. Trying not to arouse their attention, Joon-Soo raises his hand to his chest, obviously in pain. Slowly he stands up, just managing not to collapse, and ever so slightly limps out of the office. In the restroom, he takes his medication, knowing his time is growing short. After the medication takes effect, Joon-Soo visits Chief Yang in his office. He remarks that Joon-Soo does not look very well and is worried that his own previous comments about Do-Chan’s abilities may be affecting him more than he realized. Baek Joon-Soo looks at Yang and tells him that in order for them to catch Geum legally, Sa Do-Chan must die. Shocked by this sudden announcement, Yang remains silent. Joon-Soo continues telling Yang that Do-Chan is an obstacle for Geum and because Yang, Ha-Ra and himself worked alongside Do-Chan, they are in danger. If they are to finally see justice given to Geum, Prosecutor Baek Joon-Soo must maintain his position, but in order for that to occur, Sa Do-Chan must disappear. Joon-Soo pleads with Yang that when that time arrives, he must lead the investigation.

The following day, with their Asia Transport Van tucked safely away from sight, In-Tae contacts an old hacker friend called Jack. Jack is surprised and relieved to see his friend ‘Spookie’ is not in the FBI’s custody. In-Tae asks if Jack still has the program that allows them to hack into the FSB server and if so, could he give it to him. Jack does not hesitate to give In-Tae the program, and once installed, In-Tae is able to access the Financial Stability Board data, giving him access to Geum’s bank account details. They breathe a sigh of relief when they succeed in transferring the first one hundred million dollars.

Reading a book in his office, Geum suddenly receives an alert via a text from his bank, notifying him that one million dollars has been successfully transferred. In disbelief, Geum goes online to check his bank records, only to find a notification telling him of the same transfer. Then he receives another text message and another one online, informing him that another one million dollars was been successfully transferred! With panic written all over his face, Geum yells for Manager Kim and tells him to investigate how his money is being withdrawn from his secret bank account.

Safely hidden away in the van, Eun-Ji and Bong congratulate In-Tae on the success of the second transfer of money. At the same time, manager Kim informs Geum that they have located the hacker’s Korean IP address, and he and his team will find the thief. Shortly after Kim leaves, Geum receives a phone call from Choi Jung-Pil. Choi blackmails Geum by telling him if he wants the two million dollars back, he must bring the ledgers to the vacation house. Not trusting this old man, Geum opens his desk drawer and removes the ledgers along with the expandable police baton that was in the drawer. Driving himself, Geum heads to the house.

Manager Kim and his men arrive at the location of the IP address to find an Asia Transport van parked among the trees. As Kim waits behind, the other men search the front of the truck, but find it empty. Once Kim has given them the okay signal to open the rear doors of the van, instead of finding the hackers there are only brood boxes. Lifting off one of the lids, the men are curious as what they are. After one man lifts up one of the panels, they realize they are in-fact brood boxes for bees! Angered at being disturbed, the bees turn on the men who quickly run away towards the car, passing a not very impressed Manager Kim...while elsewhere In-Tae, Eun-Ji and Director Bong enjoy their sodas. Their part played very well.

Looking out of her office window, Ha-Ra waits for the others to arrive. As soon as Go and Lim arrive, they head out of the office. Choi Jung-Pil finished his phone call to Geum, and began thinking of the previous conversation he had with Sa Do-Chan: a way to get his two hundred million dollars back from Geum Tae-Woong.

Upon entering the vacation house, Geum Ta-Woong finds it empty. Expecting to be meeting with Choi Jung-Pil, Geum calls out his name. Then he hears footsteps coming down the stairs. Arrogantly smiling, Geum turns around to face Choi, only to find Sa Do-Chan. His smile quickly changes to a furious glare.

Sa Do-Chan, despite looking tired, is still full of rage. Geum throws the ledgers at Do-Chan’s feet. As Do-Chan picks up the ledgers and flicks through them, he finds them empty. Geum tells him he wasn’t going to fall for this trap. Do-Chan reveals to Geum that he was present in this house when this all began twenty years ago, and it needs to end now. Surprised that Do-Chan knew of this so long ago, Geum recalls the noise he had heard all those years ago, allowing Ma-Chun to escape. The noise had been made by young Do-Chan.

Enraged from losing his father twice to the same man, Do-Chan steps closer to Geum who reaches inside his suit jacket to retrieve the baton. Flicking out the extension and with the intent of killing Do-Chan this time, Geum lunges at him with the baton. After Do-Chan receives a few strikes, he manages to give Geum a right punch, sending Geum to the floor. Straddling over Geum holding him down with his left hand, Do-Chan continues to strike Geum’s face with his fist. Once punch for selling of drugs, one for having people killed. Do-Chan’s primitive rage rising, as he tells Geum that he will uncover Geum’s crimes and will not forgive him. Geum baits Do-Chan that he and his father are dumb con artists because they can not make the kill, so Do-Chan will not kill him. Do-Chan places his hands around Geum’s throat, assuring him that he is not like his father. Geum, suddenly recognizing his peril, pleads with Do-Chan for his life.

Just at the precise moment, Ha-Ra and her team enter, just in time to stop Do-Chan from committing murder. As Investigator Go and another officer drag him off Geum, Do-Chan screams with absolute rage and fury. Geum tries to regain his breath, then laughs as only a devil could. Oh Ha-Ra lookz on with hurt for Do-Chan and utter disgust at Geum. She tells the officers to arrest Sa Do-Chan, who then cuff Do-Chan and take him back to the office.

Reporting the latest news, Oh So-Ra announces that Sa Do-Chan was arrested for the attempted murder of Geum Tae-Woong. The media and Baek Joon-Soo wait at the curb side of the prosecutor’s building for Do-Chan to arrive. Having arrived and exited the van, the media are intent on asking Do-Chan questions, while So-Ra cannot believe the similarities between Joon-Soo and Do-Chan. Standing in front of each other, the two identical individuals stare at each other, allowing the public to witness their charade.

Inside the interrogation room, Joon-Soo looks at Do-Chan while Investigator Go gets ready to type out Do-Chan’s statement. Do-Chan, still handcuffed, calmly bites his fingernails, intent on playing the game. Behind the one way mirror, Ha-Ra recalls her street side meeting with Do-Chan. When Do-Chan pulled her aside the other night on her way home from the office, he told her he was going to lure Geum to the vacation house and just as he is about to kill Geum, she and her team were walk in and arrest him. While being interviewed, he will claim he acted on his alone and to ask he be given him the maximum penalty. If they are to capture Geum Tae-Woong, Baek Joon-Soo must remain a prosecutor. Chief Yang enters the room, interrupting her thoughts and joins her to watch the interview while Jin Kyung-Hee observes from her office.

Sa Do-Chan is not going to make this interview easy for them, initially telling him his name is Baek Joon-Soo and that his occupation is a prosecutor. Finally, he reveals his name as Sa Do-Chan and his occupation is a con artist, gloating that he managed to fool everyone in the office and that he was working alone. He states that he did not try to kill Geum. Knowing the law, Do-Chan informs Joon-Soo that he is aware of the sentencing he could possibly get. Baek Joon-Soo says  he cannot believe Do-Chan would stoop that low to which Do-Chan replies that someone as ‘cold hearted as you wouldn’t understand.’ Infuriated with Do-Chan, Joon-Soo stands up and throws a file at the wall just missing Do-Chan’s head. Joon-Soo asks Go to leave them alone for a moment.

After Go leaves the room, Baek Joon-Soo tells Ha-Ra and Yang that he is stopping the recording for a while. Joon-Soo, then, locks the doors to the room and turns out the lights leaving Chief Yang, Ha-Ra and District Prosecutor Jin startled and wondering what is going on. Jin calls Yang to find out what is happening, worried that Joon-Soo may hurt Do-Chan, but when Yang tries to enter the room, he finds the door locked.

Just as suddenly as the lights had gone out, they came back on, both Joon-Soo and Do-Chan still in the room. Although the recording was still inactive, they could see Joon-Soo leaning over the table asking Do-Chan if he planned this arrest.

Telling Do-Chan that Joon-Soo must be the one to survive, he says that he is going to kill Do-Chan. Wondering what they could be talking about, Ha-Ra is worried because they both look so serious. She quickly exits the room and heads down the corridor towards the interrogation room.


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