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[SWITCH drama recap] - Episode 27

AIR DATE : Thursday, May 10, 2018 10:00pm
Writer : Rita Sepulveda Garcia
Photo Credit : SBS, Rossi Yan, Karen Delos Santos

Between Apathy and Passion

Arrested on the grounds of the attempted murder of Geum Tae-Woong, Baek Joon-Soo interrogates Sa Do-Chan, trying to convince Do-Chan to join him in a new con. Switching one last time so the real Baek Joon-Soo will be killed by Geum Tae-Woong’s men who will believe they are ending Sa Do-Chan´s life. “If only one of us must live, it has to be Baek Joon-Soo; that’s why I have to kill you”, the prosecutor says to Do-Chan. Joon-Soo’s plan is to assume Do-Chan´s identity so everyone thinks it is he who is killed. “I will die as Sa Do-Chan. Please live as Baek Joon-Soo”, he pleads to Sa Do-Chan. Of course, Joon-Soo’s plan does not seduce Do-Chan, who refuses to accept. Joon-Soo resigns himself to the fact that Do-Chan will not change his mind, he says he has no other choice than to proceed his own way without the help of Do-Chan.

Oh Ha-Ra and Chief Yang, who are unable to hear the conversation between the two men, finally manage to enter the interrogation room. Oh Ha-Ra senses something is going on that she has been left out of and demands both of them to tell her what are they up to. Officers Go and Lim also enter the room. Without answering Ha-Ra, Joon-Soo tells Go to send Do-Chan to the detention center, under the indictment for attempted murder of Geum Tae-Woong. Ha-Ra tells Joon-Soo that she feels bad for Do-Chan and that she will get an attorney to get him out as soon as possible.

Engrossed in his work and deliberately avoiding Ha-Ra’s questions, Joon-Soo ignores her. As Ha-Ra opens the door to leave the office, she sees Do-Chan handcuffed, being escorted down the hallway. He stops for a minute, just long enough to tell Ha-Ra, “You weren't upset because I was only looking for pretty Mi-Ran, were you? I won’t see you for a while, pretty Ha-Ra,” while both look into each others eyes. Looking over Ha-Ra’s shoulder at Joon-Soo, both men exchanges glances. As he is escorted out of the building and into the van, Do-Chan turns around and has one last look at the Prosecutor’s Building, with a hint of nostalgia. Will he see it again?

From behind a nearby concrete wall, Do-Chan’s confederates watch him being taken away. Worried about how long he may be in prison, In-Tae calculates that for attempted murder, fraud and being up against Geum Tae-Woong, it may be ten years. Distraught at the thought of not seeing her oppa, Eun-Ji cries out loud in disbelief while Director Bong and In-Tae try to contain her outburst. She begins to run after the van, but the other two manage to catch her just in time before they were seen. Even Director Bong cannot understand why Do-Chan took the blame for everyone. Eun-Ji is mad at Ha-Ra and Joon-Soo for turning their backs on Do-Chan to which In-Tae replies, using one of Do-Chan's favorite maxims, that you can’t trust prosecutors.

Meanwhile at Korean University Hospital, Geum Tae-Woong, who is actually injured this time, lies on the bed while holding a cold compress to his bruised cheek that Sa Do-Chan repeatedly hit. Manager Kim enters the room and informs him of what has happened with Sa Do-Chan and that he may be charged from one to ten years for impersonating an prosecutor as well as attempted murder. He also suggests to Geum that the prosecutors may try to cover their own involvement by giving Do-Chan the maximum sentence. This doesn’t seem to be enough for Grizzly. Mad at Do-Chan for trying to kill him, Geum removes his compress and tells Kim that the prosecutors found out about the two million dollars. “I can’t let him live." he mutters and asks Mr. Kim to call in his lawyers. Alarmed that Do-Chan had actually attempted to kill him, he decides to deal with Do-Chan once the money issue is settled.

Back at the Prosecution building, Chief Yang, Ha-Ra and Joon-Soo present to District Prosecutor Jin Kyung-Hee the case file on Do-Chan, outlining the charges against him, indicting Do-Chan for impersonating an office and attempted murder. Seeing Jin impressed with Joon-Soo’s work, Ha-Ra hands over a request to investigate Geum Tae-Woong for suspected money laundering. When Jin asks Ha-Ra on what grounds, Chief Yang steps in and tells Jin that, while pretending to collect money for the Turkmenistan gas contract, Geum instead closed all his borrowed accounts and sent the money into an overseas account. Specifically to Liechtenstein which is famous as a haven for tax evasion. Yang informs Jin that they have evidence provided by FinCEN that he has a secret account. The account´s holder name is Simon Jo, who they believe is linked to Geum Tae-Woong. Jin approves Ha-Ra’s request.

Released from the hospital and back in his office, Geum meets with his lawyers to figure out a way to retreive the $200 million stashed away in  Liechtenstein. The first lawyer suggests he create a trading company to avoid any justification for bringing in such a large amount of money all at once. He should buy used high-end luxury cars cheaply, then sell them back to collectors and buyers overseas at exorbitant prices. The second lawyer recommends setting up a paper trail immediately overseas before any cars are bought. In addition, they recommend Geum hire an attorney who is very competent and well informed about international law.

Geum Tae-Woong asks Manager Kim to find such an attorney as soon as possible and informs the legal advisors that one of his employees already owns a trading company.

Another Knight, Choosing Disguise to Live...


Geum Tae-Woong and Manager Kim then visit WK Trading Company, the property of Jo Sung-Doo. However, instead of usually finding him lying on the couch, disheveled and with litter over the place, the office is clean and tidy. Sitting reading at his desk armed with a yellow high lighter, Sung-Doo quickly stops what he is doing and greets his visitors with prompt attention and respect. He knows that if he is to seek revenge on his father, he must be smart.

Surprised a little by the change in Sung-Doo, Geum says to sit and asks Sung-Doo if he is still engaged in gambling. Sung-Doo quickly replies that he is clean now. Confusing Sung-Doo a little, Geum Tae-Woong replies, “The history of men who bet their fate on uncertainty is the history of gambling. Gambling is fun, but legal gambling is more fun.” He wishes to teach Sung-Doo how to gamble legally. Manager Kim looks on with surprise as Geum instructs Sung-Doo to buy used luxury cars and then sell them to collectors abroad.

At the Trustworthy Correction Center, Do-Chan is extremely relaxed reading a book, ‘Conversing with Confidence.’ Amusingly, he focuses in particular on the section regarding the opposite sex. Wearing light beige colored overalls, his inmate number is 408. Do-Chan stops at the “Happy talk that earn points from your love interest” chapter, which suggests to boast when in the presence of an amorous interest. “Boast," he reads out loud. “Aish! I didn’t know about this.”

His cellmates, who observe him from a distance, reproach him for impersonating a civil servant, calling him “the worst”. Do-Chan says their comments are a little harsh and questions one of the inmates. “You worked at the City Hall, right? This is not the way to treat a colleague”. They civil servant scoffs at Do-Chan who promptly tells them he is a prosecutor, and the reason he is inside, is that he and the judicial system have a disagreement. Being a very well educated con artist, Do-Chan informs one of the inmates how he may be able to have his sentence reduced. Eager to receive Do-Chan’s wisdom and advice, the other three inmates take turns sitting in front of him to have their cases reviewed...especially about how they can get their sentences reduced or dropped!

Later that day, his team visits Do-Chan. Director Bong, In-Tae and Eun-Ji are all eager to talk to him and find out if he is okay. Eun-Ji seems devastated and claims, “you've lost weight!” He assures her that he has been resting and eating well. Director Bong nods and agrees that Do-Chan is able to make the best out of every situation, saying, “Even on a desert island, our Do-Chan will scam the seagulls and have them deliver fish to him.”

Leaning forward, Do-Chan softly asks the team if they found out what Geum's moves are. In-Tae replies that Guem is meetings with his lawyers and Sung-Doo’s suddenly purchasing used luxury cars. At first Do-Chan looks confused but then he realizes what Geum is doing and how he intends to bring his money back into Korea. Knowing that Geum will need a trading company and a lawyer familiar with international law, Do-Chan asks his confederates “Shall we set it up?”, while broadly showing a sly grin.

The plan is for In-Tae to pose as a partner of a reputable law firm, Roy and Royce. In-Tae will impersonate a lawyer named Park Hyeok, the best in his area and with whom Manager Kim had previously arranged to meet. When Park Hyeok leaves his office for lunch, Director Bong will stop the office doors from automatically locking with his mop, allowing In-Tae and the others inside the office. Once inside, Bong places personal memorabilia around the office, while In-Tae readies himself. Manager Kim arrives at the office, apologizing for being early, and shakes hands with In-Tae. They sit down and discuss the terms of their agreement. Kim is not sure about In-Tae’s demand for a high commission rate of twenty per cent and wants to contact him at a later stage.

Meanwhile keeping an eye on the real lawyer, Eun-Ji attends to a sample-survey stall outside the diner where Hyeok has his lunch. Unexpectedly, Hyeok finishes earlier than Eun-Ji anticipated. Quickly thinking on her feet, she stalls Hyeok by forcing him to try her product and complete a survey just to gain some more time for In-Tae.

Waiting at the law firm’s door, Director Bong sees Hyeok returning from his lunch break. Thinking quickly he mops the floor, deliberately getting in Hyeok’s way. When that doesn't prove effective enough he knocks over a  bucket of dirty water. With water splashed all over his nice suit, Hyeok leave for the restroom, giving In-Tae some more time. Their mission complete, the only thing Hyeok notices about his office is that his door is slightly ajar. Seeing that nothing seems to be out of place, he thinks no further of it.

Back at the detention center, Oh Ha-Ra visits Sa Do-Chan with his lawyer, Mr. Jung. Mr Jung leaves the room to let the two talk alone for awhile. As they look at each other, it becomes impossible not  to perceive the affection they both mutually share, despite their attempts not to show it. Do-Chan says smiling, “Don’t tell me you came to hear me say you’re pretty? Don’t you remember? I said you were pretty from the first time we met.” Ha-Ra recalls that day in the elevator and smiles shyly. She apologizes for putting Do-Chan in this situation. In reply he comforts her by telling her to “eat regularly, work hard and never go home alone at night."

Do-Chan leans forward closer to Ha-Ra and tells her to listen carefully to what he is going to say.

‘My father left me an inheritance of two hundred million dollars. He told me who owns the two hundred million dollars. It’s Simon Jo.’ Ha-Ra informs Do-Chan that they had already figured that out, but they do not know who Simon Jo is. Trying to make Ha-Ra understand, Do-Chan again tells her that it's his father's legacy to him. Simon Jo is Jo Sung-Doo. Do-Chan warns Ha-Ra to be careful of him as he is more treacherous than he appears. Seeing that Ha-Ra still does not understand the whole situation, Do-Chan tells her that Sung-Doo is Geum’s son. Because Geum had abandoned Sung-Doo, Sung-Doo is now Geum’s weak link. Geum Tae-Woong will never come clean about his son, because of his pride. He asks Ha-Ra to let Sung-Doo know that he is the owner of that money, so that a division will be made between them.

Sung-Doo discusses with a car dealer about buying a car as Geum wanted when Investigator Ko and Officer Lim suddenly appear and ask that he accompany them to the prosecutor's office. Worried about what he may have done now, he agrees.

While waiting in the interrogation room he wonders what he did wrong this time. Oh Ha-Ra enters the room and after placing a case file on the table, she sits down. Ha-Ra tells Sung-Doo that his foreign account has been flagged by the FSS and that he needs to verify the account. Sung-Doo, shocked speechless to learn that there is such an account in his name, can’t believe he has such an amount of money in an account he knew nothing about. Ha-Ra hands over the paperwork, confirming what she said, while Sung-Doo desperately tries to comprehend it all.

At nearly the same time, Manager Kim informs Geum that Sung-Doo was taken in for questioning while in the process of buying a car. Angered, Geum tells Kim to contact District Prosecutor Jin. Once released, Manager Kim intercepts Sung-Doo outside the office to ask him what the Prosecutors wanted. Sung-Doo tells Kim they didn’t charge him, instead they told him he had a foreign account in the name of Simon Jo, alerting Kim that trouble is ahead.

Alone in his office, Joon-Soo is finishing up his work when suddenly his vision goes out of focus. He clearly is not feeling well. Thinking of it only as tiredness, he pushes himself on.

Back in Geum’s office at the Feel Gallery, Manager Kim gives Geum an update on the international lawyer and his meeting. Kim tells him that he has met with a few of them, but there is one that is clearly very skilled, but he demands a higher commission that the others. Geum, not interested in cost, only wants to get his money back. He demands Kim not to waste time and hire that firm before Joon-Soo finds any more information.

At the apartment, the team stand nervously around glass cabinet, full of mobile phones which have all been labelled, each with a different name of whom they are to impersonate. Eun-Ji wonders aloud if they asked too much of the commission and that is why Kim is taking so long to reply. Suddenly one of the phone rings. In-Tae grabs it and looks at the caller ID. It is Manager Kim wanting to speak with Park Hyeok. He wants them to meet again. The trio celebrate!

Baek Joon-Soo meets with Geum the following day at the Feel Gallery. Geum sarcastically comments that Joon-Soo does not look so well. Instead of answering, Joon-Soo lets Geum know that he realizes Geum has various prosecutors acting as his puppets. He warns Geum that he will investigate and uncover all his money laundering and bribery and once he has uncovered all the monetary aspects, he will focus on who he had paid to commit murder and smuggle in drugs.

Grizzly states that he will take that as a declaration of war and admits he will fight back. He tells Joon-Soo that he feels more comfortable now knowing who his enemies are head on. Geum threatens Joon- Soo saying that once the war is over, he will make Joon-Soo pay for the damage he has done. He will hold him accountable for colluding with a con artist and prevent him from working as a prosecutor ever again.

Counterattacking, Joon-Soo responds by telling Geum that he knows Geum ordered Manager Kim to cause the car accident he had when he was on his way from Sokcho to Seoul. He tells Geum that he also knows Geum reported that plan to Prime Minister Choi. Baek Joon-Soo then informs Geum that Choi had recorded the entire conversation and later handed the audio recording to Sa Do-Chan, “I don´t know where the recording file is yet, but there is no way he took it with him to prison”. Geum Tae-Woong laughs, showing himself confident and in control of the situation, but internally he knows that if this is true, it will most certainly be the beginning of his end.


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