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[SWITCH drama recap] - Episode 28

AIR DATE : Thursday, May 10, 2018 10:35 pm
Writer : Rita Sepulveda Garcia
Photo Credit : SBS, Rossi Yan, Karen Delos Santos

Prime Minister Choi Jung-Pil sits in his living room reading a newspaper. The breathtaking view of the valley from his window spread behind him. Suddenly, strong banging noises are heard in the distance. He raises his head, annoyed. His assistant enters the room and upon Choi’s request, tells her that a company is building a nursing home on the mountain out front. Choi demands she call the borough president to put a halt to the construction; otherwise, he will get him replaced. Despite all the unfortunate events he has recently endured, he still has enough power to make the change. The assistant nods and then tells him that Geum Tae-Woong wants to see him. Choi shows surprise and wonders what Tae-Woong wants.

Retribution feels so sweet...but can be deadly 


As Geum Tae-Woong enters through the front garden and walks towards the house, Choi observes him from behind the window. Geum Tae-Woong stops, and for a moment their gazes clash, giving them the appearance of two cowboys about to face each other in a mortal duel. Inside, the two men sit opposite each other. Geum inquires as to Choi's health has to which he replies well, thanks to Geum’s money and chuckling at the small victory. Choi quickly recalls his phone call with Joon-Soo, who asked him to lie to Geum about possessing the audio recording, and quickly stops laughing in case Geum becomes suspicious. Choi wants to know why Geum came to see him, so Geum Tae-Woong gets directly to the point. He wants to know if Choi gave Sa Do-Chan an audio file of their conversation on how he was planning to dispose of Baek Joon-Soo.

Choi tells Geum that, yes, he did indeed give Sa Do-Chan a copy of the audio file. Geum warns Choi not to begin a fight to which Choi angrily replies, “You took my Namsan Club from me, and snatched away my bank. You are a monster!” Grizzly retorts that all that he knows he learned from Choi during the past twenty years: to deceive, to betray and to take away. He reproaches Choi, telling him that he had promised to leave all of his empire to him, but “I took it a little ahead of time because you weren’t keeping your promise.” Geum continues telling Choi that the only reason he is living in luxury is because he did all the dirty jobs.  At this, Choi raises his hand to slap Geum across his face but stops when Geum recalls that Choi used to think of Geum as his son.

Geum feels that his inheritance from Choi should be useful now, and so he makes use of it.

Knowing the truth about his daughter Min-Ah, Choi accusingly asks Geum if he did kill her. Geum’s face suddenly becomes solemn, not saying anything. Choi continues to reveal he knows the truth, that Geum had killed her, then had the con artist Ma-Chun framed for her murder. Furious at Geum, Choi admits that they both committed various crimes to obtain their goal, but he will never forgive Geum for the death of his daughter. “You are a demon wearing human clothes. When I go to the underworld, I will take you with me. The tower you are building eventually will collapse. I will work with Baek Joon-Soo or Sa Do-Chan in order to take you down,”yells Choi. Incensed, Geum Tae-Woong swipes his tea cup aside, sending it flying to the floor and spilling the remains of his tea.

In Chief Yang’s office, Ha-Ra tells Yang that Simon Jo’s real identity is Jo Sung-Doo, Geum TaeWoong’s undisclosed son. However, Sung-Doo did not know.

Just then, they are interrupted by a visit from Yang’s Uncle who wants his legal advice. As Ha-Ra bids her greeting and prepares to leave, Yang insists she remains, telling the men that she is the best in the office. Thinking Yang would be able to help them manipulate the law around their own deceitful business venture of medical fraud, his Uncle was greatly offended when Yang told them no, what they were doing was a crime. Ha-Ra agrees with Yang. After they had left, Yang let out a huge sigh of relief and thanks Ha-Ra for her help in the matter.

On her way back to her office, she meets Investigator Go who is escorting Sa Do-Chan to the interrogation room for some more questioning by Joon-Soo.

Once again prosecutor and con artist come face to face in the interrogation room. Sitting opposite Do-Chan, Joon-Soo closes his laptop and switches off the audio recording. Putting his glasses in his breast pocket, Joon-Soo tells Do-Chan that he visited Geum Tae-Woong. He explains to Sa Do-Chan about the lie he had told Geum regarding the audio recording. “Consequently, your life is in more danger now. Grizzly will try to kill you at every chance he gets,” he states.

Joon-Soo unveils the scheme he concocted to help Do-Chan escape. Explaining to Do-Chan that whenever there is a prisoner who is in a critical medical condition, the prison transfers him to a general hospital. He will find a way to make Do-Chan ill, so that he is taken to the hospital. While en route to the hospital, Sa Do-Chan will escape from that ambulance, being replaced by Baek Joon-Soo. Joon-Soo pretending to be Do-Chan will flee from the ambulance, followed by Manager Kim and his thugs. Knowing that once Geum discovers that Do-Chan has escaped, Geum will do anything he can to have Do-Chan killed. However, the one who will really die is Baek Joon-Soo. Chuckling and leaning back in his chair, Do-Chan tells Joon-Soo he has an entertaining plan.

As Investigator Go escorts Do-Chan out of the room and down the corridor, Do-Chan wonders to himself, "Let's see if it's finally your scenario or mine that gets played out”.

In Geum’s office, Manager Kim reminds Geum that Baek Joon-Soo will not give up searching for evidence to incriminate him. Geum tells Manager Kim that Joon-Soo is getting on his nerves. Geum tells Kim to get rid of the con artist discreetly, just as he did with Jung Do-Young. Kim, though, worries that if he uses the same method, it will arouse suspicion. Geum tells him to think of another plan that will work to rid him of Do-Chan.

At the correction center, Do-Chan and his cellmates receive a mid-day snack of bread and banana milk. Do-Chan keeps the milk while the giving the bread to other three. Keenly aware the milk might be tainted, Do-Chan exhales puffing out his cheeks, steadying his nerves, and peels off the lid to the banana milk. He drinks as much as he can in one long swallow. Before he finishes half the bottle, however, he collapses to the floor unconscious, the remaining milk spilling over the floor. Quickly the other inmates rush to his aid, calling for help.

At the same time Do-Chan drinks the drugged banana milk, Director Bong receives a call from Joon-Soo, alerting him of Do-Chan’s medical situation. Bong fears this is part of Geum’s machinations, but Joon-Soo says “I did it. Please come to the detention center and take Do-Chan with you. He agreed to this. I already talked to the guards.”

While Director Bong and the others speed off, Joon-Soo and Investigator Go leave in another ambulance. Meanwhile, Do-Chan is taken to the medical clinic at the correction center, where the medical staff determine that his condition is too critical and he needs to be admitted to a general hospital. The attending guard hurries out to call Manager Kim to inform him of the incident.

Kim apprises Geum Tae-Woong that Do-Chan collapsed and is being transferred to a hospital, but he believes it is a plan to escape. He tells Kim to follow the ambulance and tail Do-Chan, and to be sure Kim knows just what is at stake,  he warns, “If you let him go again I can’t forgive you."

When the ambulance leaves the correction center, with Baek Joon-Soo inside, Manager Kim and his thugs has follow behind. As they drive along the highway, the ambulance misses its turn off to the hospital, confirming Kim's and Geum’s suspicion that Do-Chan's sudden illness is a rouse to help him escape. They continue to follow the ambulance, unware that now they also are being followed by a black van, driven by In-Tae. Inside the ambulance, Joon-Soo now dressed in Sa Do-Chan’s inmate clothes when an anxious Investigator Go asks him if this is really necessary. “Please take care of the rest,” responds the Prosecutor. Investigator Go abruptly stops the ambulance by the side of the road at Joon-Soo insistance. Joon-Soo slides open the ambulance door and climbs out and runs towards the woods. Go deliberately trips over while Kim and his thugs pursue who they believe to be Do-Chan.

Meanwhile, Director Bong drives their ambulance containing an unconscious Sa Do-Chan. He pulls up in front of an undercover car park, awaiting for the door to open before driving through. A few minutes later they exit the car park in a different van, heading to their apartment.

Running through the rugged terrain, Joon-Soo struggles to catch his breath, the pain in his chest worsening. Panting, he stops for a moment before gathering whatever strength he has left and continues on. Coming across a trail, Joon-Soo follows it but soon succumbs to the pain in his chest, falling to the ground and gasping for breath. Kim and his thugs find Joon-Soo nearly unconscious on the ground. Kim walks to him and kicks him in the face, rendering Joon-Soo unconscious. Kim, then, pulls a knife from his jacket pocket. Grabbing Joon-Soo by the collar of his prison overalls, he raises his hand, the blade of the knife pointing downwards towards Joon-Soo’s throat.

Oh Ha-Ra sits at her desk, when Officer Lim barges in, announcing that Sa Do-Chan had escaped. The press has already gathered outside the Prosecution building, trying to get the latest news and question Ha-Ra and her team as they leave the building. Meanwhile watching the news at home with her mother, So-Ra suddenly jumps up informs her mother that this is breaking news and leaves the house.

Waking up coughing and breathing hard, Do-Chan tries to focus on his surroundings, not quite sure where he is. Eun-Ji, who has been nursing him, calls out to Director Bong who comes quickly into the room. Do-Chan asks about Baek Joon-Soo. He knows that what Joon-Soo and he discussed in the interrogation room had occurred. Joon-Soo’s plan had come true.

Recalling when his team had visited him in the prison, Do-Chan now feels relief that they anticipated Joon-Soo’s stubbornness. “Joon Soo is the type to do what he sets his mind to, right?” “Just like a stubborn mule,” adds Bong. “Then we need to set something up,” says Do-Chan. “It’ll look like Joon-Soo’s scenario is being played out, but I’ll make a few adjustments ahead of time.” Do-Chan asks In-Tae to follow the ambulance that carries Joon-Soo and gives him further instructions.

Not having the strength or the will to continue, Joon-Soo had already accepted his fate when he devised his plan. Nevertheless, just as Kim's knife edges closer to Joon-Soo's throat, about to slit it open, the black van driven by In-Tae pulls up. Seeing Kim kneeling over Joon-Soo and surrounded by his men, In-Tae and his team exit their van and cars. Armed with steel bars and heavy wooden bats, they manage to take Joon-Soo away while Kim and his thugs escape.

In Do-Chan´s bedroom, Director Bong, In-Tae and Eun-Ji complain about how dangerous the operation was. It was too risky for them all. Do-Chan says to himself: “Joon Soo, don’t be too disappointed. It went according to my plan. I won’t lose anyone else anymore. Not Ha-Ra, and not you.”

Later at Feel Gallery in Geum’s office, Manager Kim informs Geum that Sa Do-Chan had escaped. An enraged Geum punches Kim in the face and mid-section multiple times, knocking Kim to the ground and screams at him to get out. Sung-Doo arrives just in time to enjoy Manager Kim being mistreated. Geum’s manager removes himself from the room while Sung-Doo smiles and then straightens his back from the obsequious bent form he took when entering the room.

Another Knight falls...


Drinking alone in a bar, Kim painfully comes to the realization that he has only been used by Geum Tae-Woong. Although Geum claimed Kim was like a son to him, Kim now understands that Geum had just used him. Not sure of what his next more will be, Kim knows he has to play it carefully as he has the winning card. He remembers when Grizzly handled him a USB memory stick  extracted from  Nam Seung Tae and asked him to burn it. However, Kim did not destroy it. Recorded on the device is an incriminating video of Geum Tae-Woong accepting smuggled drugs in exchange for money -- proof that he was smuggling drugs into the country via diplomatic bags. Kim, having replayed the video after coming to the conclusion that he's been used by Geum, now possesses it.

In a medical faculty, Baek Joon-Soo lies on a bed. He remains unconscious with an oxygen mask on his face and attached to a controlled morphine drip to ease his pain. An unidentified individual in a white coat enters the room and closes the blinds.

Presumably the next day, Sa Do-Chan, impersonating Baek Joon-Soo once more, climbs the stairs of the Prosecutors' building. Mi-Ran grins as she greets him, but disappointingly she only gets a cool greeting in return.

In their office, Oh Ha-Ra asks Investigator Go to check the criminal records of the detainees at the Detention Center, and for Officer Lim to check the surveillance videos from the prison and nearby highways.

Sa Do Chan as the solemn Joon-Soo enters the room, as usual greeting no one. Only Inspector Go suspects or perhaps knows of the switch...and he only looks at Jooon Soo, aka Do-Chan, worriedly.

Ha-Ra complains that he has been hard to reach, but Joon-Soo ignores her. Later, he goes into the interrogation room and observes his reflection on the mirror. He takes the glasses off and voilĂ , Sa Do-Chan appears, congratulating himself on being so good at fooling people. Quickly putting his glasses back on when he hears the door handle being turned, Ha-Ra enters the room. Ha-Ra looks miserable. She is worried sick about Do-Chan as well as surprised that he has not yet contacted her. Plus she's scared that Geum may really have done something bad to him. Joon-Soo tells her that she looks very worried to which she replies, isn’t it obvious? Telling her that given his personality, Do-Chan will be fine. Behind Joon-Soo’s appearance, Do-Chan's concentrated expression shows how much he's touched by Ha-Ra’s sincere distress. She says, more to herself, that at first she thought Do-Chan was only an unreliable con artist, but she recently realized he was acting like a reckless punk on the outside; that he, indeed, is a good man. Oh Ha-Ra failed see the slightest of smiles on Do-Chan’s face at her final words.

Later. sitting alone on a park bench, Oh Ha Ra mentally revisits all the good Do-Chan did to help them, recalling all the tender moments she had with him. Remembering the fun that they had in the park when she discovered he had tricked her into thinking he was Joon-Soo when it was really Do-Chan who arrived, and the time he orchestrated CEO Hwang Beom Do's flour bags to be replaced with the drugs, and then again walking her home at night to protect her. Was she finally accepting her growing emotions for Sa Do Chan? Was love breaking through to her heart who looked so much like her first love, Baek Joon-Soo, but was so different in so many respects?

Nevertheless, Oh Ha-Ra returns to the office and sits at her desk to begin her paperwork. Investigator Go’s phone rings, the caller informs him that he has been sent an anonymous video. Hanging up the phone, Go quickly gets everyone’s attention and clicks on his email. Someone called saying, ‘I’d like to make a report’, sent him a video recording from a dash cam, recording Manager Kim and his thugs standing around Baek Joon-Soo who they presumed to be Sa Do-Chan. Moreover, from the video, Manager Kim holds a knife to Do-Chan’s throat. Joon-Soo suggests that it was sent by Sa Do-Chan, giving them the opportunity to arrest Manager Kim. Ha-Ra immediately grabs her phone to call her sister, offering her the exclusive story.

On the television, Oh So-Ra reports an exclusive update on the escaped prisoner case. Her report exposes the video wherein Kim attempts to kill Sa Do-Chan. Meanwhile. Geum Tae-Woong, Jo Sung-Doo and Manager Kim himself watch the news in disbelief. Knowing that Manager Kim is linked to Geum Tae-Woong, the public will now know their association. Jo Sung-Doo is stunned at the news. Geum furiously rebukes Manager Kim for his mismanagement of the situation when they are suddenly interrupted by the arrival of the prosecutors. Kim

At the medical facility, a man, wearing a doctor's coat, enters Baek Joon-Soo’s room. His credentials read Dr Kim Hyun-Jong. He stands over Joon-Soo’s unconscious body.

Back at Geum's office, as soon as Joon-Soo is close enough to Manager Kim, he tells Kim that they are arresting him for aggravated assault. As handcuffs are being placed on Kim, he looks at Geum, obviously pleading for help.

Left on his own, Geum denies any knowledge of Kim’s behaviorr. Before leaving the room, Ha-Ra stops in front of Geum and promises that he will be next. Sa Do-Chan slyly smiles at Geum, the man who killed his father.

The noose around Geum's neck is finally beginning to tighten.


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  1. "Behind Joon-Soo’s appearance, Do-Chan's concentrated expression shows how much he's touched by Ha-Ra’s sincere distress. She says, more to herself, that at first she thought Do-Chan was only an unreliable con artist, but she recently realized he was acting like a reckless punk on the outside; that he, indeed, is a good man. Oh Ha-Ra failed see the slightest of smiles on Do-Chan’s face at her final words.
    I rewound twice to watch that amazingly slightest of smiles again and again. JKS is really an impressive actor.


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