Saturday, May 12, 2018

[Switch] Jang Keun Suk X Switch - the Actor - 2018-05-12

Okay, I admit I'm a big fan of Jang Keun Suk's acting prowess. To be honest, I don't think he's lived up to his full acting potential until he began working on Jackpot, the Royal Gambler. And even that drama let him down, metaphorically speaking.

He really is a much better actor than most people give him credit for being. Even he admitted that his previous dramas were not his best, that he was capable of so much more...that his best was yet to come. He showed much of that yet to come in Jackpot, the Royal Gambler. However, the script's second half failed to show his superior acting talent.

However with Switch, Jang Keun Suk has found the right vehicle to showcase his astounding acting talent.

But for reasons that are beyond my ken, Switch has failed to deliver the audience it should for a unique and thoroughly entertaining drama. Perhaps one of the greatest and most unique features about Switch is that the main characters, ie. Sa Do Chan, Beak Jun Su, Oh Ha Ra, and Prosecutor Yang, do not indulge in any of the Kdrama stereotypes. They are unique characters who, fittingly enough exemplify the Moon administration, choose truth and honor over political gain.

The drama, Suits, began on April 25 and thus far his led the Wednesday - Thursday ratings, after the end of Queen of Mystery 2 which air opposite Switch in the same time zone.

As a fan of the original Queen of Mystery, I found the drama's second series - part 2 - depressingly boring. As a result, I fail to understand why it led Switch, a unique and thoroughly entertaining drama, in the ratings.

Now we have Suits airing opposite Switch, and again leading in the ratings...if only now by a slight margin. Suits is a remake of an American series. While one of the better American TV shows, it nowhere near holds a candle to Switch in terms of plot, characters, or acting.

To be honest, I fell asleep watching the second episode of Suits. I have never done that with Switch because Switch kept my interest going and intrigued me. The plot - and sudden changes as well as the humor - kept my attention throughout.

So, now we're down to the final four episodes of Switch, with so much yet to be resolved. The PD and Writers have done a masterful job of keeping the suspense going...however, these final four episodes will challenge their skills as they bring Geum Tae Woong to justice.

Nevertheless, Jang Keun Suk has done a magnificent acting as both the free-wheeling, charismatic and calculating con artist as well the upright, honest and serious prosecutor. Not only are the two  doppelgänger characters totally different in personality, their attitudes towards the law significantly depart from each other.

It's that switch - that change of characters - that makes Switch such an intriguing drama: we just don't know where it will go next, no matter how hard we try to figure it out...or think we have, only to be foiled again,

So, now we're down to the last four episodes of Switch. How and who will win...and who will remain alive? 



  1. You pretty much nailed it. I have been itching to say this. Thank you. "Switch" is such an amazing drama

  2. I find the emphasis on ratings meaningless as an indicator of quality. Some of the best dramas I have seen have done poorly in the ratings.


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