Sunday, May 6, 2018

[SWITCH] Jang Keun Suk's Filming Locations - 2018-05-06

Switch has been filmed in numerous places in and around the city of Incheon, which lies just east of the Incheon Airport, most particularly including Ganghwa Island. In itself, Incheon is an ancient city with many historical markers...and was the site of the combined US - Korea forces invasion against the Japanese occupation of Korea in WWII.

In the scene where Sa Do Chan, who again takes over for a bed-ridden Baek Jun Su, meets with the other members of the Namsan Club and begins to learn of Geum Tae Woong's plot and takeover of the K Savings Bank, the scene was shot at the Ganghwa Sochang Experience Center on Ganghwa Island.

To see more photos of the filming and learn about the Center, click on this link.

In addition to the Ganghwa Sochang Experience Center, Switch also filmed at the Haedon Museum.  In Switch, Geum Tea Woong is the CEO of an art museum. The Haedon Museum, on Ganghwa Island, was chosen as the museum he owns. The real museum features the works of many great artists and, thus, became a perfect location for Geum Tae Woong'a art gallery.

The gallery blog and home page show several photos from the shoot.


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