Wednesday, May 16, 2018

[SWITCH - Photo} Jang Keun Suk SBS Drama Picks Americas Poster Winner - 2018-05-16

Remember a couple of weeks ago when SBS' Switch announced a poster contest? Well, a lot of eels applied with their best graphic arts. At last, SBS published the finalists:

But the number one winner...the best of them all...came from Mexico. Yahoo, Mexico!!! An American Eel!!!

Julieta (@JulietaTJ) from Tijuana, Baja California (that's just south of the US-Mexico border on the Pacific Ocean) won for the best poster.

Forgive me please if I sound overly excited. It's not often someone from the Americas wins praise from Asia. So, this is kind of a big deal for all of us in the Americas.

Congratulations, Julieta! We are so proud of you.


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