Saturday, May 12, 2018

[SWITCH - Twitter] Jang Keun Suk Drama Intrigues HelloKPOP - 2018-05-12

We're heading down to wire on Switch. Only four more episodes remain...and still so much to solve.

Will Jun Su live? The last we saw of him, a doctor Kim Hyun Jong entered his private, secure room. But is he a real doctor working to save Jun Su or a plant out to kill the supposed Sa Do Chan?

Will Manager Kim, who realizes now that he's been misled and used, hand over the USB that shows Geum paying off the murdered State Department Diplomat as well as confess the many crimes he committed on behalf of Geum?

Will Jo Sung Do take his revenge on Geum for abandoning him and his mother by confiscating the $200 million...and maybe revealing more?

Will Choi Jung Pil confess his crimes to destroy Guem, the monster who killed his daughter?

And what about Do Chan, who continues to keep both Prosecutor Yang and Ha Ra in the dark about his latest switch with Beak Jun Su?

Lastly, how will Do Chan play all his pieces, since one by one, he's removing or eliminating all of Guem's forces. No more knights, rooks, or pawns remain on Geum's side. They've all been captured, one way or another.

The last four episodes are going to be very interesting!


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